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  1. My Elite II is also a dream. Mine is in my JBJ45 in the second chamber on the left (facing the tank). Also want to comment on the customer care provided by CAD Light. I needed to replace the pump -- mine started making all kinds of noise -- took the pump apart and did not find any broken parts. CAD Light has offered to replace the pump (free of charge) even though there is no evidence of a malfunction. Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the folks there at CAD Light -- Eric and Scott have both been very helpful. So, with a great product and 1st class customer service -- why shop elsewhere 🙂
  2. Heard WWC will be relocating this summer. Moving their show room to the location where the grow their corals. Still in Orlando. Hoping there will be a big sale just before the move!
  3. Well, it's only been 2 weeks and the my CAD skimmer is working beautifully. Still not pulling a ton of stuff out -- but, that's largely due to a fairly clean tank. I do have the obligatory diatom bloom -- but, it will run it's course soon. I'm hearing (reading) more and more satisfied users of this skimmer in tanks like mine. Seriously, it would be hard to find a better skimmer. If you research the issues of maintenance on the Tunze 9004 you'll quickly appreciate the design of this skimmer for long term use. I have no affiliation with CAD -- this is simply and honest evaluation based on my personal experience.
  4. Just installed the CAD skimmer. What a beautiful piece of equipment. Reminds me of the one I had on my 125g years ago -- just on a smaller scale. Placed the skimmer in my JBJ45 on the left in the second chamber. Fit perfectly. First chamber houses my upgraded InTank media chamber. Will post an update as the skimmer breaks-in and starts to pull out gunk. So far, my tank is fairly clean (Tank was set up in July of 2018 -- so currently only 4 months old). The folks at CAD seem to be caring and interested in my success. Thanks, guys!!!
  5. I decided to visit WWC in Orlando. Wow! I was like a kid in a candy store. I have also visited the two stores in Ocala. While their size and offering can't compete with WWC, the staff is very accommodating and will get anything you want. I guess the hobby is just not large enough in this area to justify more stores or large inventory.
  6. Whoops. As I typed the above note I received a reply to my email. Skimmer is on the way. Thanks CAD!
  7. Today is 11/7/2018 and no word from CAD on when my order might be shipped. Sent an email via their website but no response. Is this typical?
  8. Placed my order (paid shipping -- could not find a discount code -- oh, well). Will provide an update after installation on my JBJ45
  9. Was a bit surprised to find that I had to pay shipping for a skimmer that's over $150. I hate to sound cheap -- but, with Amazon and so many other online retailers setting the bar on shipping -- it just seem a bit surprising.
  10. Thank you so much for this link. It completely changed my decision on the Tunze. I like the ease of cleaning as well as the performance of this skimmer. Thanks again!
  11. I've been researching a skimmer for my JBJ45 rimless. So far I'm down to the Tunze 9004 DC. Came across this thread and have been intrigued. Anyone have any experience with the Elite II in a JBJ45? Thanks, -gene
  12. Stopped by Marine Warehouse today. Nice selection and fair prices. Tank is not yet cycled so no purchases just yet but nice to see my options. They claim they quarantine their fish. Failed to ask how long. Like most stores they run their tanks bare so the can medicate everything.
  13. I only have about 10 gallons of saltwater made so far. Just put my rock in the tank and was going to add the sand now -- not sure that's a good idea since I can't fill the tank. Of course, I wouldn't add ammonia until I have a full tank (45gallons). Would adding the sand now with the 10 gallons be okay?
  14. Thanks, guys! Gonna pick up some PURE ammonia at Ace today. Thought about using a raw shrimp -- decided against the possible stink (actually -- my wife decided :))
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