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  1. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Not Eating, Acting Weird

    You’ve sold me on this...I started reading up more on macro and it’s really starting to excite me. The landscapes will be fun to add to my aquarium. Here’s a link I came across that’s interesting. https://www.reefcleaners.org/macroalgae-care Ive decided to start over. I’m gonna tank my rocks out and keep them heated in saltwater while I add a different substrate to my tank. A coarser one. I’m only going an inch. After I put in my rocks I’m going to find some macro to scape in my tank. I really like the brown and green blends I’m seeing. Thanks again for the suggestion!
  2. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Not Eating, Acting Weird

    What do you keep on when there isn’t a fish in there? Heater and pump? Do you have a light cycle? Do monthly WCs?
  3. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Not Eating, Acting Weird

    That macro stuff looks cool. Do people keep stable QT tanks up and running all the time? I mean I guess you have to if there’s an emergency. My MT is 10g. I’m running a 20g HOB, with a Koralia 240. I have a lot of good circulation with no substrate disturbance. The benefit of me removing the dead fish, I vacuumed out some sand, now I’m only at 1-1 1/2 inches. I do 10% water changes weekly. I use RODI water. I test twice a week. Waited 6 weeks before I added the clown, and less than 2 weeks it died. I wanted this to be a clownfish, YWG and pistol shrimp tank. Sort of a stepping stone before I go bigger. (It takes time to convince the wife)
  4. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Not Eating, Acting Weird

    Unfortunately the fish died this morning. Reason I asked to remove him was so that my MT didn’t have a host for anything. Now I’m going to be more proactive with a QT. Just started the hobby again, and this was the first fish I purchased in over a decade. Kinda bummed.
  5. RedPhotog

    Cycle new tank with old Biowheel?

    Can I still use the old biowheel? It’s been in a plastic bag for a month. Wasn’t sure if it being used and dry meant anything for the water health if I were to use it. Should i I get a new one? The QT will be used to QT and treat fish before I put them in my MT. Was gonna use some of my main tank water along with One and Only to get things started.
  6. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Not Eating, Acting Weird

    The clownfish did not make it. Found the little guy spinning around tail up at the bottom of the tank this morning. When I observed him in my hands his right gill was cloudy, and that side’s eye was bigger or higher than the other side’s eye. I hope I can count this up to an unlucky LFS purchase. I am now in the process of setting up a quarantine tank, which I’ve never done before in the hobby. Using this as an opportunity to amplify the hobby, I’ll be quarantining and treating all fish, before going in my main tank. Gonna have my main tank sit fish free without a host for anything for awhile. Does anyone have a rule of thumb for time, or any methods/products to quarantine new fish before adding to a main tank? This aspect is all very new to me, but I’m excited to get proactive and learn more about this hobby. Any exchange from fellow hobbyists would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hello. I need to set up a quarantine tank fast. I took out my old biowheel from my first tank after it cycled, I’m wondering if I can use it to cycle a QT tank, and how long it will take.
  8. Hello. Just started a new 10g tank. Waited a month with LR and LS before I added my first fish, which is my only fish now. A clownfish. Everything seemed normal until today when I came home from work, it’s not responding to my presence near the tank and it’s not eating. Flake or mysis shrimp. This weekend he would be in the tank for 2 weeks. I was hoping to get my final fish a YWG and shrimp. I posted a pic below that shows his face, there’s a small translucent patch on the side of his face that I’m concermed with. Could this maybe be the reason he’s acting strange and not eating? He’s staying to the bottom of the tank, completely unaware there is food flying around. Bumping into his head and stuff. Everytjing else about the clownfish is fine, other than the translucent area on his face and him not eating right now. No spots on the body, no deterioration of scales. Just him not eating with a weird face patch. Should I start freaking out now? Could this be a parasite? Should I remove him from the tank?
  9. RedPhotog

    Vacuuming LS Beds?

    I guess my confusion lyes in thinking 2 inches of sand is deep, but it’s not no? DSB is usually a term for 4-8 inches when a different biological chemistry occurs? There is no point of going deeper for me. I’m just looking for a natural poop and pee dissolving cycle. But I am not going further than 2 inches. I think my ignorance and lack of connection with be hobby and science is creating some confusion. For me at least. I really appreciate the last thread post you sent me, it’s very educational. Thank you.
  10. RedPhotog

    Vacuuming LS Beds?

    Can you explain to me the layers of substrate, and levels of substrates where different chemistry happens? 2 inches is too much? I thought the worse conditions were due to lack of oxygen, and 2 inches was clear of that. Forgive my ignorance, again. But a complete explanation on the chemistry between waste, food, etc, and what kind of sand bed conditions are best, and what happens and you go deeper 4-8 inches? I’m sure different cleaning methods are preferred for different depths.
  11. RedPhotog

    Vacuuming LS Beds?

    I believe my sand is the lowest grade sand. It’s very sugary, light, and easy to disrupt, I believe it’s .5mm. But I was able to position my flows where none of the sandbed is disrupted. Critters are the only thing that can move my sand now, I’m very happy with the circulation. As as far as the depth, you think I should be below 2 inches? I thought oxygen levels aren’t really a factor before 4. I was my understanding that at least 2 inches of fine sand is standard for the natural bio filtration I’m looking for. Pardon my ignorance please.
  12. RedPhotog

    Vacuuming LS Beds?

    I want natural biological filtration with my live sand and live rock. My substrate is the fine sugary live sand, 2 inches, 2.5 max. I don’t want any hydrogen sulfide issues. I only have fish and inverts now, but it will be nice to introduce coral with a natural feeding system. I’ve never kept coral, this will be my first reef tank. I had really good success with my last fish/invert system. My tank now is 10g, I ditched the biowheel mid cycle, running a 20g HOB filter with a Koralia 240. I’m really happy with the filtration and circulation. I do weekly water changes. Never had ammonia or nitrite issues. Haven’t been able to get my nitrates below 10-15 though. It’s about 2 months old. Clownfish, 3 hermits, 2 nassarius snails. My goal with the smaller tank is to keep learning and asking questions so I can keep it stable, making me more confident for a bigger build. My dream is to have 50-75 gallon reef tank. I’m really glad I started the hobby again. Been going through some of your posts and your info is very educational, I wish I had a stronger grasp at the science of reef keeping. Now I’m just trying to keep things simple by maintaining steady practices. Id the discussion to keep going. Thanks for the responses.
  13. RedPhotog

    Tank background

    I used backgrounds from my LFS with my last tanks, and I’ll never use them again. After time you’ll have to replace them, water and salt creep gets on the back in between the glass and background when hoods are opened or work is being done. I just sprayed the back of my tank with a black matte non glossy spray paint and I love it. Deep black against my rock and sand with my full spectrum light looks awesome and I’ll never have to worry about adjusting a background again. Paint easily chips off with a plastic tool too, you can find child-grade chalkboard paint to spray on your tank. Looks better than a background IMO.
  14. RedPhotog

    Specific Gravity and Evaporation

    Sorry, forgot one more question. How soon after a top off does the water get to whatever specific gravity the new fresh RODI water is in? Am I ok to test it right after the top off? Should I wait an hour? Overnight?
  15. Please pardon my newbieness, but I’m having issues maintaining a stable specific gravity after I top off my tank with fresh RODI water. Now can someone tell me please, WTF are stores selling those crappy bobber hydrometers?! I finally invested in a really nice refractometer, and found out immediately that my readings from the bobber were way way off. Reading 1.023 when it’s 1.027 with the refractometer. I have a 10 gallon tank, only fish now with crabs and snails, nothing is distressed obviously now. But I’m practicing good husbandry in hopes to add some coral and start a bigger build in the future. Does anyone have any tips about maintaining a SG when topping off, without an ATO unit? Thanks community!