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  1. RedPhotog

    Blasto placement advice, opinion?

    I’m interested in what people have to say about the placement I have for an Aussie blasto. I don’t have much experience with corals, in fact this is the first tank I’ve had with corals. Pics are below. I’m basically concerned about gravity and how this coral will grow if it’s kept in that spot. Does anyone have an opinion or advice on the placement of this coral? Upper right, red and green blasto in the pics. Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year!
  2. RedPhotog

    Clownfish Hosting Elegance Coral?

    My clownfish started hosting my elegance coral tonight. I didn’t know clownfish would take to elegance corals. Pic is below, typical clownfish hosting behavior. Nuzzling, pivoting back and forth, and biting almost half swallowing each tentacle gently and spitting it out. Very cool behavior, I’m just concerned about the future health of the coral. And the fish obviously as well. I don’t have any clownfish hosting experience, can you folks give me an idea of what kind of behavior to look out for? The EC seems to not mind at all, it’s as if the fish isn’t even there. I’ve seen it shrivel up for passing hermits before, this is all very strange and cool at the same time.
  3. RedPhotog

    Help ID Please?

    Can somebody help me identify the green spikey patch on the left above the zoanthids? It is by far the fastest growing thing in my tank, it started out as a few millimeters long, and is now about 1-1.5 inches. Im wondering if I can frag this because I’m concerned it’s going to shadow or crowd the zoanthids.
  4. My reef is 6 months old this month and I would like to share a photo of my reef to hear some feedback from the community. I’m really interested to hear thoughts because I don’t have any hobbyists over to talk to me about how things look. Please be honest. This is the first tank I’ve had in over a decade, and my first system with coral. Im running a very simple 12 gallon tank with an Aquaclear 30 and some cut filter floss. That’s it. My biological filtration is LR and LS. I have a Kessil A80 on a 12 hour cycle. There’s a 390 gph total flow with the HOB and a Koralia nano. I’ve been religious about a 20% water change every week and it’s working very well for me. B&W Clownfish Candy Striped Pistol Shrimp Hermits and Nassarrius Snails Elegance coral Purple Haze Monti Blasto Kenya Tree Zoanthids
  5. RedPhotog

    Help ID montipora?

    The flesh is purple under white light, but blue under actinic. The polyps are darker than the flesh. Purple to dark purple. Very fuzzy coral when it was first fragged and put in my tank for months, but now that I’m seeing the encrusting growth the polyps aren’t as prevelant as before. I think youre right, the flesh seems to be healing over sides. I imagined capping species going out and up into a disc like I’ve seen in pics or nature.
  6. RedPhotog

    Help ID montipora?

    Hello, Happy Thanksgiving! Can someone help ID my purple montipora? I was told it was a cap, a plating montipora species. I’m finally seeing some growth after months being in my tank. My alkalinity is finally being used by my coral, I’m seeing fluctuations weekly before water changes. Im new to corals, but it kind of looks like it’s encrusting on my rock work.
  7. Hello, I swapped out my cheap Chinese eBay light for a kessil a80. I have a 12g tank - 18x12x12. I am very happy with the upgrade, but have one question. I see a slight unbalanced spread in color, the left sides of the tank are slightly more red and the right side of the tank is slightly more green. After shining the light on the wall I can obviously see the spectrum split up around spread. Is this common for all kessils? It is a very slight difference, I can notice it, I’m not sure if anyone else does but I was expecting a seamless color across the spread. The light is about 6 inches from the water. The side where it is red has some taller rock work which I’m wondering is shading some blue? I don’t know, I can’t find any posts about unbalanced color spreads. Thanks.
  8. Just wondering how exterior light, window light, and indirect-direct sunlight can play a role in the photosynthesis of corals and the overall health of a reef tank. My tank sits away feom any direct sunligjt, but in the morning before the lights come on, the system is completely lit up from light coming in through the shades of the room. My fish wakes up and starts swimming around looking for breakfast n sitch. The 3-4 hours of it being lit up during the day, should that be included in my light cycle. Should I shave off some time when the lights come on? I apologize, it sounds like a stupid question, but I’m very curious if any this plays a factor in anything not algae related. I already know that. Thanks in advance. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.
  9. RedPhotog

    Media for Aquaclear 30?

    Did you go by the volume in your tank when adding the amounts? What kind of bags did you use? Is poly filter the same as filter floss?
  10. RedPhotog

    Media for Aquaclear 30?

    Hello! I’m swapping my marinleand penguin 100 for the aquaclear 30. I want the options of running media but am flustered with what to put into it. I’m not really seeing any problems running my marineland HOB, I’m using only the store bought cartridges that come with the filter, I replace them every 2 weeks. I do a weekly 1.5 gallon water change, tank is 10 gallons. Phosphate is non existent with Salifert, I never see color and the nitrates are always 10-15ppm. Im looking to progress with a more versatile filter for media options to perhaps get my WCs to a bi-weekly schedule. Should I run filter floss with chemipure blue? GFO? Are the options all that critical for a sustainable 10g system with a solid weekly water change already? It’s hard nailing down exactly what I want to use, there seems to be a lot of opinions regarding media in HOBs. I don’t plan on ever running a skimmer for my nano, what will assist in organic removal without busting the bank? Thanks in advance.
  11. RedPhotog

    Can Someone Review This Light?

    Link is below... I have never had corals before. I picked out this light from amazon because it had decent reviews and the price was very nice. Being that I am new to corals I really do not know how to gage if this light is doing any good for my corals, besides them not bleaching, always open and whatnot. I don’t really know what to expect in terms of growth. I have an elegance coral, purple monti cap, zoa rock, and Kenya tree. All are opening during the day and look happy. The Zoa rock has been in my tank for about 2 months now, I don’t know when I’m suppose to see polyp growths and births. Is that something a light produces or water chemistry? I habe noticed my elegance coral coral has grown some more white rings around its skeletal base. There was an opening that I noticed that recently closed from what I am guess due to propagation. Any kind of review and advice about this light would be greatly obliged. Thanks! Leite LED Aquarium Lights Nano Asta... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075H8QN4R?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  12. You can see above the zoa polyps are small grassy bush like patch that is growing on the rock. It’s green under whites, but black under actinics. I have no idea what this is, if it’s some kind of algae or “grass”? It looks like grass. Anyone know what this is?
  13. RedPhotog

    Changing salt brands

    I plan on switching salts today. I want to move away from IO into the Red Sea club. My tank has only been up for about 3-4 months. I’m wondering if the blue bucket will be ok for my system. IO doesn’t advertise their params but everywhere I’ve read says it’s 10. My api tests fresh batches 10-10.5, depending on how you see the yellow. Is the blue bucket usually for more mature systems that have had a lot of growth? Would going down from a stable 10 to 7-8 be problematic? Seabass i quoted you because I really appreciate your advice, we’ve gone back and forth before. Also... my purple monti cap is currently depressed from a leaking scenario that I had to switch my reef to a different tank from. It went about 2 days without adequate light, now it’s slowly turning white and it’s peeling, polyps aren’t as hairy as it was before the leak. Is this thing dying? What’s the final count for a monti cap? Will the new salt make that worse? Thanks in advance. Is it normal to think about reefing as much or more so than sex?!
  14. So the worst case scenario happened to me last night...which, in a way was totally my fault. I got back into the hobby recently after over a decade of being without a tank. In haste with excitement, I setup my system without leveling the tank. I realized this about 2-3 weeks into the cycle and I never repaired the situation. Total fail. For months my tank sat with the water weight being distributed to the front, making the weight uneven in the water column. The wife called while I was on the train home yesterday and said the tank had started trickling water onto the floor. When I got home about an hour later, there was only 6 inches of water left in my standard 10 gallon tank. I had to scramble and get my fish, crabs and coral into buckets. It was awful. If it wasnt for my QT tank that I kept running with cycled water since the day I started my DT, my reef would have died. I had 3 heaters, 3 pumps for 3 buckets with all my livestock and sand and rocks in, until I was able to sort out the mess from the leak and dial the new tank in. ALWAYS LEVEL YOUR TANK BEFORE ADDING ANYTHING!!! I brought the DT in the garage and filled it up with water to investigate the issue. The front seams along the 20 inch wide trim got buckled from the weight and caused a leak in the rim. Totally sucked. ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE EXTRA HEATER AND PUMP ON HAND. I don’t know what I would have done without the extra gear and water from my cycled QT. Wouldn’t have had time to get to a pet store for what was needed to keep animals alive. QT tank is identical to my DT. QT is now DT. Tank is totally level. Rocks and sand are exactly scaped the way the other tank was, and fish are eating and corals are opening. I can’t wait to get home to do a precautionary high volume WC for good measure. I’ve turned into some tough corners recently. Lost my job. 10 months out of work while my son was born. Family on Medicaid. I have been channeling all of my stress and anxiety into a reef tank to achieve balance and peace. Things would be a lot different now if I didn’t have QT water and extra gear. Does anyone else have a situation where extra gear and QT’s have saved their reef?
  15. RedPhotog

    MarineLand Penguin HOB Mods?

    What kind of media and floss do you use? How much do you put in the filter? I’m thinking about bagging my own media but I really don’t know what kind of media to use. There seems to be a lot of debate over using carbon. How often do you change the media and floss? I don’t really have the means to go anywhere beyond an HOB for my nano system, so I am exploring options and advice I’m reading on the forums. I just don’t know what route to take. Do I need to run carbon on a tank that small with weekly water changes? Thanks in advance.