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  1. Hello folks. I’ve been using a MarineLand penguin 100gph HOB for my 10g tank. I’ve operated HOBs fine with fish only systems but now that I’m finally getting into coral, I’m realizing other methods are more efficient and less maintenance for my reef. I do 10% weekly WCs, I don’t have the bio wheel running, and I change out my carbon cart every two weeks, while completely rinsing them the week prior during a WC. Does anyone have any advice on specs to modify the HOB? I don’t have much experience with sumps, skimmers, and whatnot. Should I ditch the carbon MarineLand carts all together? Run filterfloss or sponges? Im not seeing any dire need to change anything other than progressing in the hobby. I keep up on my husbandry daily, just wanting some options to increase flow and perhaps utilizing the space in my HOB. Can anyone express success and failures with these MarineLand type HOBs? Thank you in advance.
  2. RedPhotog

    Elegance Coral Troubleshooting?

    Thanks for the all the responses. I reversed the flow in my system, switching my HOB and powerhead flow from each side. The EC was originally on the opposite side of my koralia, so it was getting a lot of turbulent flow connecting with the HOB return. Now that it’s on the same side as my koralia, the water isn’t as turbulent and the elegance coral has opened up more than I’ve seen it in my tank. So I’m guessing flow was the issue. Now the tentacles are longer and the flesh is open overlaying the skeleton onto the sandbed. Looks really really happy now. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. RedPhotog

    Elegance Coral Troubleshooting?

    I don’t know exactly because I didn’t ask, but it resembles more of an Aussie elegance. Green, purple tips. I only know from seeing videos. Looks to be out more today, not by too much but enough that I can tell. It accepted a little bit of mysis too. Im gonna take your advice and let it chill for a few days. Increased the whites a little bit. Hopefully it will stretch out soon. I’m seeing no discoloration or mucus or anything like that. Just a little closed up.
  4. RedPhotog

    Elegance Coral Troubleshooting?

    Does the skeleton sit inside the pvc pipe, or is it on the curved edges under the sand? What does the pvc pipe do for the elegance coral? Shield the skeleton? I’ve seen them inside some LFS tanks. With the flesh opening around the pvc opening.
  5. My elegance coral has been in my tank for about 4 weeks now. All seemed normal until I added some zoas and a monti cap. I put the monti up high on my rocks with the zoas down below on the sandbed about 6 inches from the elegance coral. I had to move the elegance coral to place the zoa rock, so after 3 weeks the elegance was moved to a different spot about 3 inches away. Things looked normal for about 3 days until I came home one day and noticed my EC was closed up as if the lights were off. It looked as closed as it does when the lights are off. I waited a couple of days to see if changes would occur, unfortunately nothing changed. So I dipped the EC is Seachem reef dip iodine solution, and removed which looked like a small white fleshy substance in between the V of the skeleton after inspection. I also did a 30% water change 5 days after my weekly 10% WC. The EC original position in the tank was in the sandbed center light. I don’t have a very powerful light for my 10g system. 48w full spectral light. Whites are at 7%, while running a blue spectrum. It was always open and flowing in its original position. Nothing changed until about 3-4 days after the EC was moved when I put the zoa rock in. My real question is this... My LFS sold me this elegance coral with the skeleton glued to a small flat round piece of live rock. I buried the rock in the sand so that the skeleton sits in the sandbed based on what I’ve read about elegance placements. During the dip, I removed the rock from the skeleton hoping the animal will be happier with its bare skeleton in the sand, it can grow or breathe or do whatever it wants without the rock weight it down. I’ve always seen somewhat of a cone shaped skeleton under elegance coral. The skeleton under mine didn’t seem too cone shaped, and how could it? The rock is glued to it. Was removing the rock a bad idea? Should an elegance coral skeleton be free in a sand bed or on a reef where ever one is found in the wild? I haven’t been home yet to see any changes, I’m hoping for improvements. I now have the elegance coral in the corner of my tank in low flow and low light hoping it will be open when I come home today. And dont ask params, I don’t test for DKH, Mag or Phospate. I’m still very new to reefing. First month with corals. Getting the foundation kit this weekend. My api levels are... ammonia and nitrite zero, PH 8, nitrate 10-15. Thanks in advance to whoever wants to chime in, I’m learning a lot from these forums. Removing a skeleton glued from a rock like that is what I’m curious about.
  6. RedPhotog

    Aquarium top off

    I also manually top off a 10g. What kind of lights and pumps do you use? How much are you evaporating. I’m at about a cup-cup 1/2 a day. I’m always paranoid about forgetting and I am also hunting around for a good ATO for a tank this small. I’m worried the auto switches and whatnot will be too cumbersome for a tank that small.
  7. RedPhotog

    Aquarium top off

    I’m interested to learn more about this hampster bottle method. Care to provide any details, perhaps pictures? Does the water automatically drip out of the bottle once the spout is airborn?
  8. RedPhotog

    Clownfish aggressiveness?

    I’ve had a pair of black and white ocellaris clownfish for over a month now. They are the only fish in my 10g tank. I dripped acclimate them in the same container because they were in the same system at my LFS, so he bagged them together. Little guys. First week or so everything seemed normal, but after they knew they were only getting fed every other day, one of them, I call him Dos because he has two white lines, other one has three, Dos started being a total jerk to the other one. Constantly darting at the other one during feeding, bullying him to the same piece of rock, just being a really big jerk. I feel bad for the other one. I wanted to feed every other other day because it’s a small tank but now I’m feeding once a day because I think the fish is aggresssive from the lack of feedings. Is this normal for clownfish? I thought pairs dropping at the same time offers a nice marriage to watch in the tank. They seem to be normal when I’m not viable to them, but once Dos knows I’m there he thinks he’s gonna eat and starts being a jerk again. Does anyone know how or when clownfish choose to switch sexes? Is it dominance related? Is Dos being a jerk because he’s slightly bigger and blacker than the other one? Should I exile him into oblivion (LFS)? Or will this go away after regular feedings? I drop food from each side of the tank to give the submissive one some room to eat but once Dos sees the other one go for a price of food, he rushes towards the fish and acts like a jerk preventing the fish from a decent meal. Both fish are eating. Dos is just a jerk. Total jerk. My hermits are jerks too. My zoas can’t open fully because my 3 crabs are constantly walking all over the rock. Jerks.
  9. RedPhotog

    The Zoa and Paly Club

    I just introduced a zoa rock with very young polyps. They were open and bright at my LFS, but are very slow to opening up on my sandbed in my system. And when they do open fully, a crab will crawl around on the new rock and they will close up again, then take forever to open back up. Its been 4 days, the green zoas seem to be open more than the orange. Orange ones look like they are more stable on the rock where the greens gently sway in the flow. I’m very new to zoas and anything related to coral. I have an elegance and monti that seem to be doing fine. I’ve read it takes time for zoas to settle in no? Should I be concerned with my hermits?
  10. RedPhotog

    Purple Monti Cap Acclimation?

    Terrible picture because of my blues, but at least you can make out how covered it is in polyps.
  11. RedPhotog

    Purple Monti Cap Acclimation?

    Tank is 10g. Light is a full spectrum light from amazon. Nothing fancy but it’s adjustable. 48w. Link below. Leite LED Aquarium Lights Nano Asta... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075H8QN4R?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf i know it’s not a typical beast for a reef system but I think I’m getting what I need before I get my hydras. The coral aspect of this hoppy has catapulted me into a new dimension of this hobby and I can’t seem to find my way out or I am choosing not to. Lol. Any kind ins of advice or opinion on my light and what to expect on how it will effect my corals would be much obliged. Thanks again in advance.
  12. Hello. I am very very very new to corals, and I am probably pushing my luck with the montipora cap I just introduced to my system. A few weeks ago I added an elegance coral, and it’s been constantly open under my lights when they are on, fluffy and swaying. Very happy. I glued the frag plate on a high peak of my rock about 3/4 up from the bottom of the tank. My koralia is pointed straight at it giving lots of direct flow. My question is what hat can I expect as far as acclimation goes with this piece of coral? It’s been 4 days in the same spot and after about 2-3 hours of it being in the tank little darker polyps started to open. After 3 days the entire frag is covered in this little tiny hairy looking polyps. You can see the polyp movement in the flow. Very fuzzy and nice looking. Are the polyps open and covering the monti because it is happy with the light and flow? What kind of changes would I see if the coral starts to hate where it’s at. I wish I started from the bottom then going up because now I’m paranoid of bleaching, but I thought high flow high light is a natural placement for these corals. Got them at a LFS aquaculture, grown under LEDs. The ride home was under an hour. Did a bag float and dip then glued onto the spot where I wanted it. How soon does bleaching or discoloration occur after an introduction if the monti isn’t happy? Can I assume the polyps being out constantly means it’s happy? Ill post a pic later sorry, at work ruminating over this wondering if I am pushing my luck a little. Tank is about 3 months old. 10g, 8-9 lbs LR, Pair of black and white clowns thriving, elegance doing well. Shrimp doing well. Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 10-15 (api) ph 8 not testing for anything else because I’m new to this, getting a test kit this weekend. Looking at the foundation kit from Red Sea. Been doing 1.5 gallon weekly WCs using IO salt. No biowheel, carbon cartridges for a week every month. What can I expect from this purple monti cap? Can’t figure out if it’s superman, reversed superman...plate is purple with dark purple polyps. Looks like a fuzzy square. Thanks in advance!
  13. RedPhotog

    Very First Coral Finally!!!

    Just wanted to share a pic of my elegance coral. It’s been 2 weeks and it’s always open when my lights are on. It’s completely flat right now. I haven’t seen any signs of discoloration or anything. I’m really hoping I got a good specimen from my LFS. 🤞
  14. RedPhotog

    Very First Coral Finally!!!

    Thank you for the much informative post and video, this is awesome!
  15. RedPhotog

    Very First Coral Finally!!!

    I waited a full month before I added fish. A pair of black and white ocellaris clownfish. Waited a month after that, then added the elegance coral. Sorry about the blue picture. I have my whites dialed super low.