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  1. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    Wow! Thanks for all that info. My little guy came out from the rock last night!! I thought it was a patch of old detritus or algae I missed and was gonna suck it up at first. Once I realized what it was, I figured it was dead. Nope! It's alive! It's hanging out on the sand behind some main rock so I can't get the best view yet and it's just TOO small that I can't see any detail and thus, can't tell if male or female. I really need a magnifying glass for real! I have some 100 and 300 micron food coming tomorrow but for now I have been dropping in some sinking tadpole pellets (had a dwarf frog once upon a time...). If it doesn't like them the crabs do so.... I need to be super careful using the siphon because honestly, I would have sucked that thing up and flushed it without even noticing and wondered the rest of my life what happened to it. Will update. BEAUTIFUL tank by the way!
  2. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    I *think* it's doing ok. Once drip acclimated, it "flew" into the rock behind my stylophora. Day 1-never to be seen other than a bit of color using a flashlight. Day 2-came to edge of rock but still mostly hidden by a tiny piece of hair algae. Pretty much in the same spot since. I have used a pipette to directly place pods and some frozen Cyclops behind the coral-just in case-but I can't even tell if what I'm looking at is the head or tail. It really IS tiny!!! No more than an inch IF that. It's definitely still alive but doesn't seem to go anywhere or move unless made to. (today is day 4)
  3. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    Thanks but I'm in California. My biota fish arrived today. I'm not too worried about it. Whatever happens, happens as far as if it eats frozen/prepared or not. If it ends up only eating live then so be it. I think it will be fine as long as I have a pod-only tank and brine hatcheries and keep them going.
  4. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    Thanks for replies! I already culture phytoplankton and am about to start culturing brine. I think I will get a 10 gallon for pod culture and use the 2.5 gallon for brine. My bangaii will only eat frozen or live and LOVES chasing the guppy fry I give him for a snack (and before you lose your mind over freshwater fish being fed to saltwater fish...relax. These are saltwater guppies! Yeah...they DO exist). Yes, the mandarin is a captive bred biota. I did drill holes into an acrylic box to use as a pod condo so I guess I will do both the culture tank and condo and see how it goes. I like the loofah idea and will def use that in the culture tank.
  5. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    I have a 20L nano reef tank and am about to add a captive bred mandarin. I do not have a sump/fuge and will not be adding one. Can an in-tank (DIY of either a drilled acrylic box or a created box from plastic canvas both with LR inside) pod condo be enough to self-sustain a nano tank or would it be better to just have a small (2.5 gallon) pod tank set up and add them at will? Or should I do both... I have a green clown goby, exquisite purple firefish and a bangaii cardinal in the DT already. Hoping the mandarin will truly be eating prepared/frozen foods but want a pod supply too just in case.