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  1. Sjlawgirl

    Starcki Damsel-new home?

    I have a starcki damsel that I've had for about 2 months now . Started out briefly chasing the ocellaris but they shut that down almost right away. Then it started harassing the purple firefish and for awhile, the firefish chased back and showed who was boss (which I found interesting since he was the first to shoot into his cave at the slightest movement). However, now the starcki chases the firefish relentlessly. It doesn't seem to nip just chase. If they were the same breed I would say it was trying to court the other as that's what it looks like. But the starcki also started swimming in and out of the firefish's cave and NO other fish has ever gone in there. A sign of dominance? The starcki has also become a digger. Has created a new pass through at the bottom of two adjoining rocks and widened the other low pass through by waving his tail and kicking up the sand. I really wanted this fish and waited and waited for it to become available but I'm beginning to think I need to find him a new home. The chasing seems worse. Do you think there is a chance things will settle down? The firefish has seemed to benefit a little by this by gaining confidence as it's now out more and doesn't shoot into its cave all the time. I just don't want to find it dead one day.
  2. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    Well, since there are new comments guess I will update. My 2nd mandarin is doing wonderfully! I kept it in the in-tank breeder box for about 2 months and then he (I thought it was female until it was obvious it wasn't. The ORA one's come soooo tiny!) jumped over the side into the DS one night and has been doing very well ever since. He does keep attacking his reflection on the glass but it's kind of cute. He eats pods he hunts and I also feed baby brine and some 500 micron pellet food. My green clown goby as well as starcki damsel gobble it up too even though it's pretty tiny for the damsel.
  3. Sjlawgirl

    Any idea what this coral is?

    I guess I will have to see once it fully opens. It does look a lot like galaxea actually. I had a frag with MUCH smaller branches...that I couldn't keep alive. Hope this one does better...whatever it turns out to be.
  4. Sjlawgirl

    Any idea what this coral is?

    All the images I can find of duncans with closed polyps have smooth edges. These are sharp pointy crown-like all the way around the rims. Looks nothing like any duncan I have had or seen before.
  5. Sjlawgirl

    Any idea what this coral is?

    Its def not a duncan. The "stalks" are bony with jagged crown-like tops/rims and soft polyps sprouting out. Its been in the tank only a day so it may not be fully settled an open yet.
  6. This came as my freebie coral with my green BTA. Any idea what it is? I nees ro know if my tank is right for it or if I should find it a new home. Thanks!
  7. Sjlawgirl

    Is this a vermetid?

    Yeah I read that they are generally safe but I also read they can quickly take over. Just seeing the tube sitting there gave me the heebee jeebees for some reason so it had to go.
  8. Sjlawgirl

    Is this a vermetid?

    I ended up plucking it out. I did see a string/web right after adding food to the tank. It gave me the creeps.
  9. Sjlawgirl

    Is this a vermetid?

  10. Sjlawgirl

    Is this a vermetid?

    Saw this today on my rock. Suuuper tiny. I don't see webbing but wonder if maybe it happens when I am away and that is why the galaxea frag below it hasn't grown or extended lately. If not...ideas on what it is?? If so...not sure if I should pluck it or leave it? A little freaked on how this stuff gets into our tanks when everything is dipped.
  11. Sjlawgirl

    Best Reef stores Southern California (and along I-5)

    Where in Washington?? I will be in Des Moines in August....
  12. Sjlawgirl

    Never Leaving Home Again??? - Mandarin Injured

    OH NO!! I'm so sorry to hear this! Hope Finnick recovers.
  13. I will be driving from San Jose to Carlsbad (LEGOLAND...sigh...) at the end of the month. Hoping to check out at least a couple good stores on my way back. Can anyone point me to some great reef stores in areas off I-5 in the south central valley and southern parts of Cali? Thanks!
  14. Sjlawgirl

    In-tank pod condo?

    I used water, media and rock from the DT plus it was set up for 6 days prior. It tested fine.