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  1. Thank you for your help I have a 2" sand bed And it keeps getting less & less with every water change it was 4" I have a nanobox retro since I installed it little charcoal blotches started to form on the sand bed So every water change a little more of my sand is being removed
  2. I have a 29 biocube I bought the IceCap 1K I hope it helps my tank I have 4 powerheads in the tank I hope this will eliminate 3 powerheads
  3. Has anybody used one of these and do they like them?
  4. I just bought the IceCap 1K Would that be sufficient For a biocube 29 I have an old Jeboa wp20 I have had it for 2 years its starting to make a sound every time it pulses and it didn't produce enough wave action my sand bed is never moved around for detritus to move around in the tank ?
  5. Kellie don't you think that's dumb while there is a royal blue Well I'm glad I'm not the only one Thanks for your help
  6. Harry potter you are right on I'm not bright with this programing stuff But I can Lay the hell out of a brick I got it back online by rebooting my modem when night comes and the fan and dim limes are on can I pull the plug and it will still be set in the morning?
  7. Its a Brand new nanobox large retro I had it working by 2:00pm yesterday I had it set to 14k sps and it looked good it started ramp down and then I noticed the lime was dim and the fan was on all night and the dim limes And now this morning its offline but the lime is still on and fan
  8. I woke up and the mini bluefish is disconnected offline and the lime color was dim all night I'm not good at this computer stuff but do I have pull my splash guard off and reblink I'm very disappointed with this product now it was supposed to ramp up for morning just a dim lime color HOW DO I GET IT BACK ONLINE WHITHOUT BLINK UP
  9. I just today learned how to preset I went with 14,000k sps and it worked great but my fan stays on I don't know what I always screw something up how do I get my fans to go with the end of night cycle ?
  10. Well I did it over and it looks nice I don't know I looked at the graph it shows starting 12:00pm I should of never got this thing to much adjusting I want my tank to start at 7:00am I can't figure it out I'm retierd I'm up early home all day I'm really pissed
  11. Ok I put it to sps 14k and was real dark blue can I now go to the sliders and increase the whites so it doesn't look like dark blue if I do this will it cancel the preset? Thank you for the help
  12. I just installed a large retro from nanobox it took me 45 minutes to gut and install it blinked up perfect the lights are fine I just can't program it I know everything's alright I use the sliders and they are fine I'm really dumb when it comes to programing I'm a 59 year old bricklayer is there a program for dummies for programing the bluefish mini ?
  13. I just installed my new Nanobox Retro plus M. I had a pro led supply 60 watt 30 white 30 royal blue I'm so confused was the easiest install I blinked up great turned the lights on and they were bright put splash cover on rerouted all my cords back and plugged the nanobox on and it was so much different real purple and the whites/lime I could hardly see any white when I turned down the royals the white/lime is very soft not bright Its my first day and I think I have to explore more with the settings I tried to get it a whiter color Someone that knows this light do you have a real purple tone because I put the whites at 40% and the blues 60% And that's what I saw on one of the forums that you don't want to shock the tank I'm exhausted tomorrow's another day to play with it
  14. Dave Did you send out my retro large yesterday ?
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