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  1. Does anyone have any experience with making the 2nd chamber of a Nuvo 10 a refugium? Does it get really messy in the third chamber if I don’t have a custom media basket? Thanks!
  2. Some pictures from the build: Section of vinyl wrap cut out: 2nd Chamber refugium: Rockscape:
  3. Hi Nanoreef. I am planning on selling my biocube 14 and I am in the process of setting up an IM10. Given that I am going to a smaller volume, I am having a hard time choosing which corals I want to keep and which ones to sell. While the process is rough, I am excited for the new build!
  4. I'd also slow down on coral feeding if you are feeding them regularly. It just helps feed the aiptasia.
  5. I'd get a peppermint shrimp for those aiptasia. I got one for my tank and it worked great. That being said I would still try to kill the big ones if can get them safely without killing the zoas.
  6. What does everyone think of this? Sorry I’m bad at scaping.
  7. I think I am going to look for a rock that I can use to bridge the gap.
  8. That is true, I'll try that. It isn't attached yet so I can move it. I know but I like to use bigger rocks because I need to the move the tank pretty often. The only problem is that they're hard to scape with.
  9. Hi I am setting up an IM 10 and wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts on this scape. My only problem might me the lack of places for coral but I don’t know. know.
  10. I'd just try to pick at the rock with tweezers while sucking out the algae during a water change. Then hope your clean up crew can finish it off.
  11. Thanks! I will have to take a close up of it. It is growing all these frilly tentacles on the edges. Not quite a stunner yet, but we will see!
  12. I never knew peppermint shrimp were such interactive animals. I always thought they were boring compared to cleaner shrimp but this little guy is always out dancing and jumps onto my hand when I put it in the tank. He is awesome and there are no more aiptasia!
  13. hmm so it looks like the nuvo 10 is just a bit taller with less of a footprint.
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