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  1. mtgmichaelg

    Has anyone ever seen a ricordea that looks like this?

    https://yourfishstore.com/products/e07-mushroom-ricordea-bicolor I found this website that sells some pretty similar ricordea.
  2. mtgmichaelg

    Has anyone ever seen a ricordea that looks like this?

    Wow thanks. I couldn't find anything. I am excited for my little ricordea to grow up if its going to look like that.
  3. mtgmichaelg

    Has anyone ever seen a ricordea that looks like this?

    I have no idea how it was produced, I bought it from an LFS about a month ago and have been watching it grow since. I have been reading up on it and this may be the explanation. This article is for a rock flower written up on reef builders, but it may be something related to the idea of a chimera in genetics. https://reefbuilders.com/2014/03/03/flower-anemone-showstopper/
  4. I am trying to see how rare this is. It is very small but the colors are very unique. It has a clear divide between orange and green that goes through the middle which is something that I have never seen before. Just curious if anyone has one like this. Thanks in advance.
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    Acan growth, a question of speed.

    The first couple of heads around the circumference of a single polyp frag will grow pretty fast if you feed. After that it takes a while for them to grow larger.
  7. mtgmichaelg

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    That's a nice combo. We are getting a yellow eye kole tang and yellow tang for the club. We are going to have the lfs hold the fish for a month before introducing them.
  8. mtgmichaelg

    Potter's "Engorgio!" 300ml micro-reef

    What tangs are you adding Harry?
  9. mtgmichaelg

    ADA Zero Equipment Build - Houston, we had a problem!

    hey how long did it take for your recordea's to recover after splitting them into three?
  10. mtgmichaelg

    BioCube 14 College Reef- New fish and light

    New Light and new fish! I have upgraded to the AI prime HD from the kessil a150 sky blue. I really wanted to be able to control the spectrum on the tank and the older kessil model did not allow me to. Now everything is blue! I also got a second clownfish to partner up with the one I already had. After a little bit of aggression, they got over their quarrels and are best buds now. Also, does anyone else have zoas that just grow and others that haven't grown at all? The fruit loops and radioactive dragon eyes that I have have been growing a lot while the PP eaters haven't grown at all. Any tips for getting stubborn zoas to grow.
  11. mtgmichaelg

    Acros & other SPS recommendations for nano tank

    You should get some montipora digitatas. They would add some height to your tank.
  12. mtgmichaelg

    Reef-Roids smell and Diatom bloom

    Yea sometime I can't help but think that I am feeding the aptasia in my tank when there are reef roids all over the place.
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    BioCube 14 College Reef- New fish and light

    Yea that is how it was over here during the summer. Just make sure that the person taking care of the tank knows what they have to do and you'll be fine. Also just keep it simple, no need to over complicate things.