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  1. Still available. Great light for a 15gallon or a 20long
  2. This set includes everything shown in the pictures. Two 24" to 36" lights with two light mounts. These lights were on my 15 gallon tank which is 12" deep. Just rented a par meter from BRS. Here are the numbers. With blue at 100% and white at 70% , 200 par at top 170 middle and 145 bottom. At 100% both blue and white 255 par at top 208 middle and 177 bottom. $185 includes shipping to the lower 48. PayPal only. PM me with any questions.
  3. Um, aren't those hammers? Maybe not.
  4. Bought this to use on my tank but it's more light than I need. $180.00 which includes free shipping to the lower 48. (Non HD) used but in great condition. PayPal only.
  5. You may have missed it but we're talking about saving the waste water into the machine to use it instead of wasting it.
  6. I set a timer. I also see approximately a 3 to 1 ration of waste to ro. The bucket my ro goes into is 5 gallons with a float switch and my washer holds 15 gallons at the high level. But still I set a timer just to make sure.
  7. That's how I do it. Bonus is you can ran the waste into the washer and wash your clothes. Saves water.
  8. Not very loud at all. If I'm right next to the tank I can hear the air being sucked into the silencer but not bad enough to make me try to find a way to make it quieter. Certainly not loud enough to bother me.
  9. I use it in a hob refugium so you would have to do some measurements to see if it would fit for you.
  10. I use and love this one Icecap K1 Nano Skimmer
  11. Hanna for phosphate and alk. Red Sea for everything else
  12. Ok I'll say it, fish don't host. Anemone do. Words matter.
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