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  1. If you use the hydrometer several times does it give the same result? If it's not salinity, maybe an invert died?
  2. Thanks. The aiptasia was just there because I wanted to see if it could survive all the ammonia
  3. hoodle

    My Tidepool Tank

    Ok thanks
  4. Should I do a water change? I tried fishing out the detritus (brine shrimp) that I used as an ammonia source, but it hasn't made a difference. (By the way, the brine shrimp died when I temporarily added an aiptasia, not due to poisoning)
  5. Hi! Three weeks ago set up a small 1 gallon jar, and I added saltwater, some algae and pipette of baby brine shrimp. I've been using Seachem stability daily for the past week, and the jar has plenty of porous dry rock, as well as biological filtration media. There are a LOT of dead brine shrimp on the bottom of the jar, and the ammonia was rising pretty quickly. Once the ammonia was at 4ppm, the nitrite began to rise, followed by nitrate. However, for some reason, ammonia and nitrites are still rising. Ammonia is past 8ppm, and nitrate is at about 40 ppm. The colours on the nitrite test for the larger amounts all look the same to me, but I believe it's above 1 ppm. I don't have enough data to make a graph, but I don't think this is normal. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance
  6. hoodle

    Nano Freshwater Forum?

    It's not a forum, but Aquariadise is pretty useful. And you can ask questions in the comments
  7. hoodle

    10g tidepool tank

    I thought the little anemone in the back was a sea urchin.
  8. hoodle

    Matted Filefish Experiences

    Well Berghia might be safer
  9. hoodle

    My Tidepool Tank

    Where do you guys get info on collecting regulations? Some states have easy-to-access ones (i.e. Oregon), whereas others (i.e. Maine) are much harder to find. Then some states are impossible to find regulations for. Also, is that self-sustaining? I'd imagine it would be hard feeding such diversity.
  10. hoodle

    10g tidepool tank

    Where did you find those urchins?
  11. hoodle

    Air pump can't handle valve and airstone?

    That's probably better then These valves leak air
  12. hoodle

    Air pump can't handle valve and airstone?

    If I put the air pump over the tank, I'll be fine without a check valve, right?
  13. hoodle

    Air pump can't handle valve and airstone?

    I just needed circulation. I guess I'll ditch the air stone
  14. hoodle

    Growing edible algae in reactor

    What plant would be yellowish or at least orangish under the least amount of light? I'm planning to add macros to my jar and want something other than green and purplish red.