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  1. ReefGoat

    Question about a crack in an acrylic sump

    I wouldn't worry about that crack. Your waterline isn't going to be anywhere near that crack.
  2. ReefGoat

    Looking for an AIO conversion kit

    Oceanbox designs makes those I think.
  3. So I got exciting news in the great wrasse hunt of 2018/2019. While I still wasn't able to find a mystery wrasse I was able to get the LFS in Lafayette to order me a Hoevens wrasse also known as the Melenarus wrasse. It should be in later on the week a little before or after Thanksgiving depending on when their shipment comes in.
  4. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    For your sump crack you're talking about I can't really tell from that picture how bad the Crack is or where it's at. The most intimidating thing about a sumped tank is just filling it up and doing the power shut off test to make sure that it won't overflow the sump in the event of a power outage
  5. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    For the ATO there's no one specific way to put those wires in just make sure they're in there good
  6. Thanks @Tamberav I really appreciate that! I hope this tank comes out really nice. My kitties name is Rapunzel (ironic a cat with no hair being called Rapunzel LOL) she's pretty much the sweetest cat I've ever had in my life. She needs constant attention!!! I've been checking divers den daily as well and I also signed up to be emailed when one comes in on the regular part of the site. So i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. So this search for the mystery wrasse is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Live Aquaria doesn't have one so i'm still monitoring their site daily and I've exhausted all but one LFS around me in Louisiana. When they open i'm going to see if they can order me one. If they can't i'll have to move on to Houston and see if the search is more fruitful there. Update: got ahold of the LFS in Houston and the guy laughed when I told him what I was looking for and told me good luck. Not in a rude way of course but it's looking like I'm not going to get what I'm looking for. Perhaps I'll move on to corals for now.
  8. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    That's pretty normal usage in my opinion nothing hardcore. Maybe even what one would consider medium to light usage.
  9. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    Of course this is all hinging on this guy being trustworthy as well.
  10. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    One thing that you have to think about is how much money you're willing to sink into said tank. Because if you get the biocube you're likely going to eventually have to buy most of the other stuff that comes with the other one. Not all of it but a lot of it. Of course you don't have buy that caliber of equipment and there's always cheaper stuff. But it's still going to cost money and likely more money than the 350 you'll save buying the biocube Yeah the 160 Kessil will do just fine in that tank you posted the picture of
  11. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    I mean my RODI alone was 200 then you got the ATO and container you'd have to buy if you got the biocube. Is the 550 one a 20 gallon long? That's one concern because if it is then one single a160 is going to leave alot to be desired coverage wise.
  12. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    550 seems like a fair deal if he's truthful about what he said on the lights and the vortech. Depending on what Rodi unit that's a very fair deal
  13. ReefGoat

    Trying to actually get into the hobby this time

    My first question for the guy would be how long the Led lights were ran and what intensity. Second would be how long and what power he ran the MP10. Everything else is relatively low cost as far as this hobby goes. So those are the big ticket items. Used items for this hobby should go nowhere near what new items should. Because of all the dust and just general salt residue that creeps into the nooks and crannies of those lights. Everything you see there brand new would probably be a little over a thousand bucks. So go from there depending on the wear and tear
  14. Well I guess it's time for another fish. Going to try the online thing this time. I'm currently monitoring Divers Den waiting for the right wrassehole to appear. I'm currently eyeballing that Tanaka Pygmy Wrasse. But I was really wanting a Mystery Wrasse next.
  15. ReefGoat

    How am I looking guys???

    You acclimate coral to high power LED lighting by just starting at a lower intensity and bumping it up in small increments.