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  1. ReefGoat

    Yellow tang question

  2. I can tell you right now that you're rushing things. Your time line isn't very clear but just from what I see here it seems like you have a roughly two week old tank with 2 clowns in it already? That could be the source of your problem.
  3. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    One last question before you roll out. Did you just recently add those two white pieces of rock? They don't look 1.5 years old.
  4. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    To be 100% honest you tank looks like it could make a big turnaround just from better weekly upkeep. Steady weekly water changes, you being the best member of your CUC and just all around better upkeep habits. Also could probably benefit from feeding a little less while your correcting problems.
  5. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    That's a pretty old sand bed, especially if you've never up kept it and just kind of left it be. By upkeep I mean vacuuming during weekly maintenance. I have no experience with a sand bed that depth being disturbed after that long to start a good cleaning regime on it. I'm going to pass on giving advice on that. I'd leave it alone for now
  6. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    The next thing to ask yourself is are you feeding too much when you do feed once a day. How is your flow also? Is it enough to kick up the detritus that settles everywhere and the uneaten food? Those are things to consider. Also a sand bed needs to be maintained. I don't know how old yours is and it looks pretty deep. So maybe someone with a bit more experience could chime in on whether it's advisable to disturb that sand bed to clean it. So don't do that just yet LOL. The algae?
  7. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-02/hcj/feature/index.php all about bubble algae
  8. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    I'm pretty sure that most of the ones you've name will manifest because of an abundance of nutrients. How often you feed your fish?
  9. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    I want to add that your abundance of nutrients could be many things. Bad maintenance habits, bad source water, over feeding, bad nutrient export ( including but not limited to changing out filter floss enough or just plain old cleaning enough).
  10. ReefGoat

    Pest algae

    I'm also having the algae blues right now. It sucks........First step is to positively ID each one. Be familiar with their causes and correct the errors. In my particular case I serviced my RODI unit ENTIRELY WRONG and ruined my membrane and the efficiency of my DI resin. Then for a month and a couple of weeks I was doing weekly water changes and filling my 5 gallon ATO twice a week with tainted source water. I'm assuming my city's water must be really high in silicates because I had a massive diatom outbreak. Instead of running it's course and going away like normal. Every time my ATO went off it was fueling it. Every time I did a water change it fueled it. But the positive ID that it wasn't Dino's or Cyano came from buying a microscope and studying my water under said microscope. So figure out what algae you're dealing with first. ID each one and then study the causes of each one and correct your mistakes. But judging just from your picture you clearly have some red cyano. That's from an abundance of nutrients if i'm not mistaken. Manual removal, water changes and correction of the original cause should work for that one.
  11. ReefGoat

    anemone burns on fish? or somthing else

    Ich is not gone out of your display tank. You're ignoring actual tested science. I don't know how many times that needs to be repeated to you. It's almost unbelievable at this point. You haven't even logged one single fallow day out of the almost 80 days that your DT needs to go fallow (fish less). Because you have by your own admission moved fish in and out of QT to DT at least a couple of times. Thus breaking the cycle of the alloted time that needs to pass. You're transferring it back and fourth in an endless cycle. Again this has been told to you on at least 5 or 6 different occasions.
  12. ReefGoat

    CADlight's 45g Shallow

    So I looked into the characteristics of the different algae. This stuff blows off the rocks effortlessly into a dust but it also has bubbles and drives PH up during the day. Everything is pointing to a horrible outbreak of diatom and I think my source water is the culprit. Because I looked through azdesertrats RODI maintenence threads and I did it all wrong. I probably shit my membrane all up then for almost a month fill my ATO and did water changes with a shot RODI system. So I've ordered a new membrane and filters again and once that's all clean I should be back to a sparkling tank in no time and get on with this maturing process so I can buy some damn sticks!
  13. ReefGoat

    CADlight's 45g Shallow

    Time for an update I suppose. Since the last algae update there have been some developments. I launched a full scale investigation into this algae lol. First thing I did was purchase a microscope. After two 1.5 hour sessions and samples from everywhere in the tank and sump. I could only find ONE single microscopic life form that looked even remotely close to the dino's I've seen in slide pictures on the Web. So I started checking things off the list. My snails aren't dying and they're clearly eating the stuff. It doesn't change lights on or lights off. Besides the damage the snails do to it. But if I clean it and leave lights off it doesn't get worse and the snails catch up. So I did some deep thought into what has changed. The only thing is my RODI. I looked at the dates and this started literally two days after I changed the filters I did a water change and filled ATO the day I changed the filters as well. Then on top of that I've been filling ATO twice a week.
  14. ReefGoat

    I can’t keep any clownfish alive!!

    Is your six line possibly bullying them into starvation from stress? I hear that six line wrasse are big time bullies? Keep and eye on that dude.
  15. ReefGoat

    What is happening to my Acan?

    Could this be brown jelly disease? I'm not one hundred percent on that. Hopefully someone will chime in. Do some google on brown jelly in corals and compare to your acan. I could be completely wrong. Doesn't look healthy though. Good luck