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  1. Is the broken light repairable? Or is it only good for parting out? Edit: By repairable I mean sending it to Dave Fason.
  2. ReefGoat

    Nano Box Mini Tides

    How many years did you run these and at what intensity were they run at most of the time.
  3. I'm not familiar with that lights strength.
  4. What light are you using and where are your Acans placed?
  5. The regular levels should be fine. Nothing special. I would say anywhere between 78-80 degrees, 1.025 salinity, calcium 460, mag 1380, Alk around 7-9. Phosphates around .02 If you use good salt mix and starting water you'll be replenishing everything you need with weekly water changes.
  6. While it is good to keep your levels consistent always. I think you're dealing with some more forgiving corals there.
  7. ReefGoat

    Goats Nuvo 10 Aquarium Journal

    Well the tank is officially 3 months old today. There hasn't been much changes aside from starting to only stock SPS. I was hesitant to try it out. But I'm really glad I did. I'm not only seeing growth but also encrustation. I'm on vacation right now and i've already swerved one disaster. The Apex pretty much paid for itself. I had done regular tank maintenance the night before we left and apprently forgot to switch my ATO back to the ''on'' position on fusion. Well I was getting ready for bed after the long drive and checked on the tank and noticed it! Switched that bad boy back on and all is well. I was also able to get with my neice finally on vacation and she is going to let me borrow her Rebel to take some good photos finally. The day I come back from vacation my hookup has me a very nice and good sized frag pack of several sticks. So needless to say I'm ready to get home! Also I've noticed with no one in the house my PH is pretty much right where I'd like it to be. I'm likely going to invest in a C02 scrubber. Because all the people in the house appear to be my problem. I know I've been slackin on a FTS but it's coming soon. I'll be home on Saturday.
  8. Yeah same here. I'm seeing the start of encrusting from 4 of the 7 sticks that I added. So for now.......I'm staying at 35%. It is quite possible that the person who couldn't go above 55% had too low of nutrients to run that high. I'm not sure.......But that could be a possibility. Because I read that super low nutrients and getting blasted with powerful LED is a recipe for bleaching.
  9. I'm maxing out at 35 percent currently. Everything seems to be loving it. Even the SPS.
  10. ReefGoat

    How is my cycle going?

  11. ReefGoat

    How is my cycle going?

    Did you use live rock or dry rock?
  12. Man you guys are getting some serious temps in your tanks! I'm in deep south Louisiana and I forgot to turn my heater back on about 1 month ago and my tank dipped down to the low 60's. I keep my central air set to like 70 degrees in the house so that's probably why it got so low.
  13. ReefGoat

    HELP! Putty side effects?

    Why is the glue giving you so much trouble? Which type are you using? I use the Loctite gel from the Dollar Store. I've never had a problem with it. The main reason I like it is because it holds tight. But not so tight that you can't remove them and re-scape if your heart desires. You just pop the coral right off. I have had the fingers glued together incident happen recently though......Like a week ago lol.
  14. ReefGoat

    Pukani Dry Rock Curing/Cycle Questions

    I know you've already chosen your brand and style of rock. But I used the Caribsea Life Rock and it's legit.
  15. ReefGoat

    Water level issue on aio tank

    yeah I'd just turn it back down to where you had it before. See if that solves the problem. Placement looks good.