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  1. Haha yes thats probobly true! He is a goner. 😄 😄
  2. Thanks for the id! I would like to keep it but Im worried about the other inhabitants. 🙂
  3. Hey! Got a hitchhiker crab in my LR. Ive never seen it clearly since its a master at hiding during the day. Today I found a molt so though someone with a sharp eye could id it? Disregard the algae Im working on it. Keep or catch and toss? Thanks!
  4. Update: Today my new led showed up! I bought the coralbox moon led. Im still tinkering with the settings and trying to figure out a good schdule for the lightcycle, but here is a first actionshot. (Notice the lightshade my gf forced me to make to block out the massive lightspill in the livingroom. 😄 ) Here is the schdule I will be using til I figure out what works best for the corals I will get. Next step, corals! 😄
  5. Thanks for the advice! If I get another outbreak of aiptasia I will try this first! Right not the lysmata wurdemanni is keeping the tank clean so hopefully I wont need to. 🙂
  6. Small update today: Decided to remove my biggest LR to scrub most of the algae off after tips in another thread here, and also to move some of my other rocks to easier clean the glass and open up some swimmingspace and hidingcaves. Also currently Im looking actively for frags so hopefully I can add some corals soon!
  7. Hey! About one year ago I started a nano tank with a 13g starterkit from Aquael. I decided to use most of the stock equipment included in the box, but added a heater and streamer. I also removed the sponges from the HOB and replaced them with creamic rings for more biological filtration. Just as I started the tank I became a father and alot of stuff changed that took my time and I lost most of my interest in the tank. I basicly just let the tank run its course but kept changing water weekly and kept feeding the livestock. Now my situation is alot more stable and I have decided to really make an effort to get the beautiful reef tank that I allways wanted. My main things to do right now is: -Change to a better quality led, Im looking at moon led right now. -Clean the tank up from all algae and unwanted growth. -Add corals. At first Im looking at soft corals, leathers and maby some xenia or similar. Livestock at this point: 2 ocellaris clowns 1 yellowfin damsel 1 firefin goby 1 peppermint shrimp 1 hermit crab (unknown) 6-10 snails ranging from turbos to nassarius and some others. 1 crab (unknown) hitchhiked with LR Unknown other critters that hitchhiked with the LR, Ive seen some worms in the substrate and some other stuff. Okey so enough text for now, here is the tank from then to now: The box arrives, damaged: All set up with indonesian LR, cloudy: Tank clearing up, also added more LR, unknown origin: Tank reaching end of cycle: First CUC goes in: First sign of big trouble, I shouldnt have ignored it but I did and got to pay the price later: LR really coming to life: Added some more dry rock to create a more pleasing look: First fish goes in, two ocellaris clowns: At this point aiptasia has really taken hold of the tank, spreading like wildfire: CUC really appreciate my lack of interest for the tank, they are working overtime at this point: At this point I decided to start fix the tank and start cleaning it up and making an effort. After nuking all the aiptasia I could find with aiptasia-x over the course of two weeks, I decided that the really small hard-to-reach ones could keep a peppermint shrimp well fed for awhile so in he went: Next addition to the livestock was a yellowfin damsel. I was really worried about the aggression but it turned out that he and the clowns got along fine from the start: After seeing the damsel getting so comfortable in the tank I decided to add yet another fish to the livestock, a firefin goby. He was really shy at the start but has really started to take place in the tank now, and the other fish seem to accept him as part of the gang: Im aware that Im close to overtock such a small reef, but I am monitoring the waterparameters as well as keeping an eye on aggressive behaviour. This is were Im at right now. From now on Im dedicating alot more time to clean the tank up, adding more colour and life. Hopefully this journal will act as a motivator and to keep me inspired to make this the reef Ive dreamt about for a long time! Im open to all suggestions and tips regarding everything surrounding this project. Thanks for reading and checking in! 😀 Disclaimer: English is not my native language! 😉
  8. Thanks for the reply! I think you are right about the scrubbing. Im a little bit worried that the inhabitants of the LR wont make it through that treatment. I have a hitchhiker crab and some other critters in the LR I would like to keep. I have some biological filtration that should keep the tank going vile the LR start over. Is there anything that eat this type of algae that wont outgrow the tank or eat other stuff like the coraline algae?
  9. Hello! My 13g tank has been up for about a year more or less. When I started I had grand plans for the tank with corals and fish but life got in the way so I have mostly let the tank run its course with weekly waterchanges and feedings. Now I have decided to really clean up and get some nice colours in the tank. As my first step I want to remove the green leafy algae growing on my LR. My hermit wont eat it and neither will my turbo snails. I have tried to handpick but the small stuff left in crevises in the LR quickley grows back. Anyone who have encountered this and managed to remove it completely from their tank? Thanks!
  10. Hey! I have two ocellaris clowns in my 13g nano reef. When I got them they had the classic bright orange colour with white stripes. As time went on they began to darken a bit in colour, and now they are almost completely black exept for head and belly. The white stripes have not changed any. Im just wondering if this is related to species or genes or if something is wrong? I dont have a anvanced test kit but according to my strips the waterparameters are good. The lighting should be siffucient also. I feed them a mixture of reeffish flake food and a mix of frozen foods. Thanks in advance! In the bags from lfs: Today:
  11. Thanks for all the advice! I will try the lemonjuice first, I also ordered aiptasia x from red sea as a backup if the lemonjuice dont do the trick! Seems like my indonesian liverock brought some bad hitchhikers, first I had atleast two eunice worms slithering through my substrate and now aiptasia. Hopefully my next discovery is a pleasent one! 🙂
  12. If it is aiptasia, how effective is the Lysmata wurdemanni shrimp for eating them?
  13. Hey! I just noticed three aiptasia-looking things on my liverock. I was hoping that someone could make a identification and maby some tips for getting rid of them if it is glassroses. Thanks!
  14. Hey! I got some green and purple leaf-like algae growing on my live rock. My snails and hermit wont eat it. I dont mind the looks of it in the tank, but does it have any negative impact of the tank and will it become a issuse if left to grow? I also noticed purple spots appearing on everything in the tank, thats also some form of algae? The tank is 2 months old. Thanks!
  15. It was hard to tell but it looked like it had some sort of sprouts from the head. The live rock is from Bali, Indonesia. Sorry about my crappy cellphone pics. I removed the worm from the tank til Im certain it wont hurt my livestock. Here is another picture, it looks red in colour:
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