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    Essentials for Pico?

    I have heard different things about keeping lids on the jars or not, I will be digging for more research on that just to see whats best. That is a smart idea, putting the water in a sports bottle! Thank you! The smaller (even though it will be 100%) water change amount was definitely a plus haha. I have 3 tanks up and running right now so the smaller size was definitively appealing to me.
  2. png1102

    Essentials for Pico?

    Do you recommend any specific food for corals? I plan on having a few zoas, mushrooms, xenias, cloves, GSP, leathers, etc. Thank you!
  3. png1102

    Essentials for Pico?

    I am getting a 2 gallon mason jar with a dispenser to make water changes a bit easier. I don't plan on any fish, just corals and a little cleanup crew :). Thank you!
  4. png1102

    Essentials for Pico?

    Thank you very much, I read your build and it turned out absolutely gorgeous. Do you like the heater that is on your pico?
  5. png1102

    Essentials for Pico?

    Hello all, I am new to this site. Well at least a new member, I have been reading up on Nano and Pico reefs on this website for a few months and have decided on starting up a pico reef tank. This will be my first saltwater tank, I have been keeping freshwater tanks of all sizes for so many years now. I really want to start up a 2 gallon Jar pico. I know they are normally not recommended for beginners due to their sometimes fragile nature, however I am confident in my ability to keep up with it and I have a lot of patience to make one work out for me. I am on a budget however, and I have heard and read so many good reviews on so many products. I just wanted some input on the best products for a jar pico that are able to fit a tighter budget/a list of all the essentials/equipment that I will need to get this project going and anything else that is recommended to have on hand. If anyone has suggestions for coral or a small cleanup crew, that would be amazing as well. I'm really looking forward to having this experience. Thank you.