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  1. Here’s a recent FTS. Everything is going great and just letting everything grow out and look natural.
  2. New corals, new pics ... picked up a fluffy lil Ricordea florida with what looks like a lil feather duster or possibly a tiny coco worm. Also got a ricordea Yuma. The other rics are doing good. The nepthia however is still not looking so hot. I wedged it between the rock work but has since shrunken up and fallen through. I’m hoping it will come back. Fingers crossed. I threw in a FTS as well.
  3. Awesome! I’ll check it out! It’s wedged between the rock work pretty good now. I didn’t even think of rubber bands. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Lula Mae! Me too, it’s been tough to get it to stick to the rocks. The glue has melted the base twice when I tried to glue it. It’s now wedged between some rocks where I want it to grow. Hopefully it sticks. They’re pretty hardy corals so I’m being optimistic. I’m not doing a chalice anymore. It’s going to be ricordia dominant with the nepthia as the center piece.
  5. I’ve decided to go with a ricordea dominant tank and one frag of the Japanese pink nepthia from Koji Wada. I got this frat from my buddy Ali at Amazing Aquariums in Orange. So stoked on it! Anyhow here’s some pics..
  6. So my tank is officially cycled. It was done in about two weeks. Super fast I know. I’m contributing it to the high quality live rock and water I got from my LFS. I was measuring a small amount of ammonia with a salifert test kit. I tested fresh made saltwater and it was the exact same reading as my tank water (tested multiple times) I added a small nerite snail a few days ago and it has been totally fine. Today I added a lil phantom clown and he’s happy and eating so all is good! Alk is kind of low (7.4) and I have yet to test for magnesium and calcium so no corals yet. I will also be testing for iodine since I plan on some nice zoas and plays. Here is a pic of Leche my lil clown. He already has a great personality!!!
  7. Thank you, my wife is super picky so I made it look as nice as possible. I cot the cabinet from Ikea and it’s rated to hold up to 55 lbs (more than enough for my lil tank) I also made sure to mount it to the studs.
  8. Yes it’s actually really nice. I figure once it’s full of Chaeto it will be perfect
  9. Tank update: I installed the light today. And Ammonia is reading almost zero. I think the tank cycled pretty quick due to the established water and rock I started with. I also organized the cables and tidied up the cabinet a bit. Here are a couple pics. The tank looks crazy blue in the pics but not in person. Any help on photos are greatly appreciated
  10. Hey everybody, My name is Ryan aka hopperdoggy and i have been into reefs for about 10 years now. I have always loved this website and although i didn't share any of my old tanks (i apologize) i am here to share my new pico that was set up almost two weeks ago. Right now it is probably halfway cycled. I got some some live rock and established water from my LFS to help kick start the cycle. I plan to do mosty zoas and palys with one beautiful chalice once its ready. Since the tank is so small i plan on getting some premium corals and letting them fully grow out. If I can control myself It should only have magacians, utterchaos and a mummy eye chalice (cant beat the classics) Here are the specs: UN rimless tank (3 gal i believe) aquaclear 50 modded into a fuge/ heater holder Ai prime HD (not yet hung) 25w cobalt aquatics heater livesand with about 2.5 lbs of live rock from my LFS I will keep this thread updated at things progress, until then ill continue to drool over all of your tanks...
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