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  1. Thank you very much.  I am going to go to a home improvement store. Thank you.
  2. Thank you very much!! I took out the legs and put carbone and and got it levelled. So I need to very thin ones. Are there very thin ones?
  3. I think the problem is the floor as when I tested, it came not flat as photos below. My livingroom is carpeted, which may be not great either. Would be a plastic in the link you sent sturdy enough?
  4. Thank you very much. Would a plastic one be tough enough?
  5. I used an app to check the level and it was obviously accurate enough and now I have problems. The floor is not quite flat and the top part of my fish tank is leaning about 4 mm as you can see the photos. I think I will move contents and do it again. But how how can I fix when the floor is flat? Just put paper or something beneath?
  6. Hi, Question 1: I got a new tank and a cabinet. Is it better to use underlay or not? I have been using a underlay beneath my fish tank but I am wondering whether it is better to use it or not. Question 2: The aquarium is new. Would you rinse or wipe it with RO water for just in case or just pour slat water directly?
  7. Thank you. Do you recommend any good a substrate vacuum? I have one but it is not really good one.
  8. So do you prefer 4cm? Then, I will have 4cm, too!! Then, first task of washing sand has finished. It is still long way to go. Thank you.
  9. Thank you!!! I cleaned the sand which I can see from several inches. So, I will stop here. Thank you. I washed the sand which becomes about 4cm of sand. Is it enough for better to have 5cm?
  10. Thank you. They are more or less clean, so I will stop here!!!
  11. Hi, I am upgrading my fish tank and started to wash the coral sand. Last time I did was much less and I washed till they become really clean. But this time, It is rather a lot and it seems it is a never ending task and water become cloudy still and not become really clean. Then, I have a question to ask. How clean should I wash the coral sand? Does it affect water quality if I do not clean it really really well?
  12. Hi, I was thinking to move to the same location but now I am thinking to move to a different location in the same room. And I would like to ask you a few questions. Question 1: If I start to a new tank with new sand and new water with handful of clean sand as you suggest, how long will the cycle need ? About a month again? Or I can do it Question 2: I am having diatom problems still (I do not have cyano problems any longer but now I have yellow diatom problem, even though I use RO water and a protein skimmer.), so would be better to start it with a new new water without using the water in the old tank? Question 3: I am not thinking to add new rock at the moment. So, I would have Just bigger tank and the same amount of fish and corals. Would it be OK without adding new rocks or is it better to get more rocks?
  13. Thank you very much!!! I see. Thank you. I will keep eye on it! Thank you.
  14. What is this hitchhiker? It is tiny (about 5 mm) and is on glass. It came with new corals. Is it good one or a bad guy?