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  1. LED for SPS under $300?

    Thank you all so much for your advice everyone! There are so many options out there now, and it was good to hear some feedback and suggestions. While I'm sure there are probably several options that really could have worked well for what I want, I went with the Maxspect Razor Nano in 10,000K. I liked the way the sunrise/sunset and color controls are configured, I liked the potential color temperatures from the fixture in the 10,000K model (I like a whitish blue color temperature, emulating reef shallows), and I was pleased to find some very good SPS growth results in some Reef Central forums. Thanks again! I'll try to post a follow-up later on.
  2. LED for SPS under $300?

    Good input, thanks again Smeagol. To be honest, now I'm deciding between the Reefbreeders Photon 16 and the Maxspect Razor Nano. I think having the sunrise/sunset functionality built in is nice to have for not too much more money. Edited first post to reflect my change of opinion.
  3. LED for SPS under $300?

    Thanks Smeagol! Not too sure about the Nanobox Mini. I'm concerned about it providing full coverage for SPS for the full footprint of the 10 gal. Per some PAR readings on their site, it looks like intensity is pretty low outside a 12"x12" area. I don't really like the AI Prime, I don't want to have an app be the only way that I can dim or control the unit. I'd rather manually adjust on the unit, or on a physical controller. The Orbit I've heard mixed reviews on them with SPS growth.
  4. LED for SPS under $300?

    Yes, to my understanding, the Kessil A160WE and the Reefbreeders Superlux are manually dimmable (both white and blue channels) but require a seperate controller, the Maxspect Razor is controllable. Yes, the Ocean Revive Arctic-T247, which is also controllable is now on my "list". Thanks! Looks sharp Harry Potter! Thanks for posting that, gives me a good idea about the potential color(s)!
  5. LED for SPS under $300?

    Awesome! Thank you
  6. LED for SPS under $300?

    Interesting, I had ruled out the Ocean Revive, skeptically grouping it with the Aquamana and other cheaper models. How has it been in terms of coral growth?
  7. LED for SPS under $300?

    I did love the look of MH, which drew me to the Kessil, but I am a bit concerned as I've read about excessive shadowing with the Kessil. I like a whiter looking fixture, and the Maxspect made me concerned in regards to it's purple tinge... but if I'm not mistaken, all three of these fixtures have independent channels for the blue/white LEDs that can be manually adjusted. Is that correct? Bottom line for me in all of this is growth. Obviously many more factors than lighting have influence on this, but is it reasonable to assume that all three of these are comparable in regards to SPS growth?
  8. LED for SPS under $300?

    Thanks for the suggestion! Not sure that I trust the Aquamana though. I've read some poor reviews in regards to its durability. I'm all about a deal, but in this case, I'd rather spend more money for some quality assurance. Unless anyone has proof otherwise?
  9. LED for SPS under $300?

    I was hoping not to start a thread, but I'd really appreciate some opinions. I've been out of the hobby for three years, and have finally set up a 10 gallon standard nano to get my feet wet again. I will be stocking predominantly SPS (Pocillopora spp., Acropora spp.). On my previous larger tanks, I used metal halides exclusively, but now I'd like to use an LED fixture. I've been researching fixtures quite a bit, and am still a bit indecisive. I'm looking for the best lighting option in terms of actual SPS growth, from a plug-and-play LED fixture under $300. Here's what I'm currently deciding between... Maxspect Razor Nano 70watt 15,000°K Reefbreeders Photon 16 Thanks everyone!
  10. Standard 10 Gallon

    Love your new aquascape. Hope things are coming along nicely!
  11. MacroAlgae?

    Do you have any other pictures? It's difficult to see the structure of the algae.
  12. Definitely Goniopora sp. They an prove difficult to keep alive for extended periods, here is a good article on their care... http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2005-10/nftt/index.php
  13. Something is growing on my hermit crab!

    Looks like it may be Acetabularia spp.
  14. Boo's LPS lagoon. Now with video!

    Boo, did you ever switch to a single RW-4? Just curious, I'm looking to get one for a standard 10 gallon I'm setting up, also with a AC110 as a refugium. Great work on your tank! Inspirational!
  15. Rust-oleum Painter's Touch Spray Paint

    Yes, the outside of the back pane of the tank is painted, not the inside pane. As I mentioned before though, this paint would also be used to paint inlets, pvc, and other pieces that would be on the inside of the aquarium.