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  1. coryscritch

    Birds nest is slowly bleaching

    I’m not too sure what the deal is because I have another sps right next to it that is thriving. I guess I’ll move it down a bit and see if that helps. I’m bummed it was doing so well
  2. coryscritch

    Fusion 20 Overfilling Issues

    I had the same problem. It was my snail blocking the overflow
  3. coryscritch

    Birds nest is slowly bleaching

    Hi guys so I’ve had my tank up and running since March. All parameters are good. Everything else in the tank is doing well. I noticed my birds nest starting to bleach out and I’m not too sure why? Maybe it’s sick?
  4. coryscritch

    hammer coral lost one tentacle

    Makes sense. I have a a few other corals close by and the clownfish is taking interest in the hammer now. Thanks for the responses!
  5. coryscritch

    hammer coral lost one tentacle

    so everything is looking good in my tank even the hammer coral. all parameter are good. i was feeding my clownfish and noticed a tentacle floating around in the current. the hammer looks good so I'm not sure if this is a normal. anybody else have this problem?
  6. coryscritch

    Water level issue on aio tank

    so i had an issue with water level in my tank. i found out it was my snail blocking the overflow.
  7. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    Kenya tree in the process of taking over the whole tank. Not mad about it
  8. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    I'm going to run this tank for 2 years. when we move ill setup a new tank. ill probably go back to a 65 with MH lighting. i had these two clown for over 2 months. there was no sign of settling. haha i had to take her back! i grabbed a 6line wrasse so i just have two fish. they enjoy each others company. tank is doing pretty good. everything is growing! lots a coralline going on. just a little algae bloom on the sand bed. i think it will pass in time.
  9. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    Thanks! I actually went to the Seychelles for 10 days and came home to everything looking great. He only problem now if the diatoms on the sand bed which look terrible but the tank is pretty new so I think they will pass eventually
  10. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    I actually had to take the one clown back because she was beating the hell out of the other one. But, yes my clown is hosting the scoly and is not affecting it at all! 😀
  11. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    Tank is looking really good today
  12. coryscritch

    silly clownfish

    me too! my wife was in tears!
  13. coryscritch

    silly clownfish

    i was glueing a frag down last night. he must of picked at it and i didn't notice it. i feed him with a pipette so i just stuck a pipette in the tank and he started rubbing mouth against it, enough to knock it loose.
  14. coryscritch

    silly clownfish

    turned on the lights this morning to notice my clownfish glued his mouth shut! 😑
  15. coryscritch

    Planing on AI Prime HD for 10 gallon - Unless...

    I would love a new clip on MH to hit the market again