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  1. coryscritch

    Daniel's Nano Setup - Need Tips/Tricks

    I have the ro buddies for my IM 14 gallon. It’s a great little system.
  2. coryscritch

    candy cane behavior

    its been in that spot for about 2 months. tank is 3 months old. my first tank sprung a leak and i had to grab a new tank real quick. nothing died in the move and everything went smooth. this same candy has been giving my problems for a while now. ill just ride it out
  3. coryscritch

    candy cane behavior

    he has his own place. nothing around him really. seems to get the same flow as the other branch. i guess ill wait to see what happens
  4. coryscritch

    corys IM 14 gallon

    Everything seems to be growing and doing well. Noticing Very nice purple coraline growth on the glass. Also added a nice little Kenya tree. Finally caught the black ice clown! She was so mean to the other one and cause mayhem in the tank. I ended up adding a 6 line wrasse, which gets along well with my other clown.
  5. coryscritch

    Montipora white spots

    Looks like it’s growing to me
  6. coryscritch

    candy cane behavior

    anybody else have this same problem. i have one polyp that loves life and the other one not so much. any thoughts...... its been like this for about a week
  7. coryscritch

    Best budget lighting for 10 gallon nano?

    Everything seems to like it in my tank.
  8. coryscritch

    Best budget lighting for 10 gallon nano?

    i have a birds nest under this light. which is a very entry/easy level sps, its growing like crazy.
  9. coryscritch

    JZP's Biocube 16

    i loved my skunk cleaner in my 65 gallon. i left the hobby for a long time and just got back into it a few months ago. my cleaner shrimp (because i had to have one) is a little shit. he runs all over the corals all day and tries to setup a station to clean the fish but my clowns/wrasse are not having it. he also steals all the food from the corals. my tank is 14 gallons and i wish he was not in it.
  10. coryscritch

    Torn Between 3 Lights

    if you want budget friendly, you can get a current orbit marine led. i got mine off amazon for i think $105, it works good for what i have going on in my tank. if you plan on keeping a lot of sps then you should get something better. if you want like easy sps like a birds nest this light will work just fine. i have a birds nest that is doing great under the current orbit.
  11. coryscritch

    Torn Between 3 Lights

    the link i posted below is a really awesome light. its $160 and comes with everything you need. https://oceanboxdesigns.com/product/aqua-mini-gen3-nano-reef-led-light/.
  12. coryscritch

    Are they coralline algae or nasty diatoms?

    Purple is starting to take it over though
  13. coryscritch

    Are they coralline algae or nasty diatoms?

    it looks like coralline to me. i have some green on my rocks too.