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  1. Donny41

    Pyjama Cardinal just died

    Yeah that's always possible. Probable if there no other issues in the near future
  2. Donny41

    Pyjama Cardinal just died

    I wouldn't think so unless you physically crushed him or had something like an extremely dirty layer in your sand bed that was disturbed and polluted your water
  3. Donny41


    They will thrive in new tanks without predators. Once you add something that will eat them the population will quickly diminish.
  4. Donny41

    Pyjama Cardinal just died

    Yeah definitely test your water. Have you added anything new recently? Equipment or livestock.
  5. Donny41

    Pyjama Cardinal just died

    Definitely need more info. What are you water parameters, how long have you had the fish, how long has the tank been set up, has the fish been eating?
  6. Donny41

    New to intensive testing and dosing

    I dont test for anything else. Assume my weekly water changes take care of the trace elements.
  7. Donny41

    New to intensive testing and dosing

    You dont need to use kalk, but that's one method you can use. If you do use kalk it will be overall less precise than using a two part calcium and alkalinity additive, but should be slightly easier. And yes kalk will keep a stable pH of 8.3. If you are dosing you should definitely be testing alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium. Kalk doesn't provide magnesium so you will need to monitor that and dose as necessary.
  8. Donny41

    Adding first fish?

    As long as your tank is cycled you can add a fish. Will benefit the clean up crew as well as theres likely not much for them to eat right now
  9. Donny41

    Looking for feedback on my fish plan!

    +1 to tail spot blenny. Will still help keep algae in check and are much smaller. Plus they have great personalities!
  10. Donny41

    Donny's 40 breeder

    First acro..
  11. Donny41

    Looking for feedback on my fish plan!

    Looks like you went by the inch per gallon rule which is outdated and was used more for fresh water aquariums anyways. If your looking for species diversity I would say cut out the clowns and/or chromis and you would have a more appropriate stocking list
  12. Donny41

    Battle of the ATOs

    @XP Aqua posted that in a thread I made about the duetto
  13. Donny41

    Battle of the ATOs

    the ATO does have a minimum run time.. if I recall correctly, I think it is about 3 seconds. It was designed this way so that the unit is not constantly turning on and off. In smaller aquariums, this 3 second run time may cause the water level to reach above the top sensor. If the overfilling actually due to sensor failure, the QST programming alarm would sound. Or, the pump would continue to run and overfill the tank. However, having 2 sensors and the QST programming alarm, overfilling is extremely unlikely. We did design the Duetto with multiple layers of protection and everything is designed to fail in the off position to prevent overflows. Lastly, if there is a defect, we do stand behind our products and will be happy to warrant the product.
  14. Donny41

    Battle of the ATOs

    I have the duetto on my 40 breeder and I like it because it has a small sensor that fits under the rim. Have heard a few issues with smaller tanks though because of the minimum fill time the sensor uses often fills past the second optical sensor
  15. Donny41

    20H what would you add next??

    Royal gramma possibly. Definitely not a tang, 20 gallons is way too small.