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  1. Did you get more exotic or forgotten kind? I got JackO but need ask my locals if they have anything interesting. 24K looks sweet tho.
  2. Intimate Q for you @GraniteReefer, any plans for JackO, J.Deere or 24K gold leptas?
  3. Thank you👍 No worries, I’m not competing. And it’s not a HOB refugium. But if you’re thinking about it, I don’t see why not. As long as it fits in 0.5gal HOB. I’ll be using macro-algae reactor that is the size of the tank itself if not larger. Still need to figure out if I want to use glass intake/return tubes or just drill the tank and get it over with?
  4. If it helps you in anyway than snatch it and run with it. 👍
  5. My wife would probably float those in the toilet for 10min. and flush it. BTW where did you get your order from?
  6. If I could make a very small suggestion...... Please wipe blood off the machete😉
  7. Not a lot of progress but I am still playing around with aquascape, flow, filtration options, possible location for this tank. I am not in a great rush since the tank is officially filled with SW, bacterial boost and in early stage of cycling. First, a bit of side project: Bluetooth, battery powered ammo 50cal boom box. 2nd: new lens came in and kept me exited for a bit. It’s a pretty decent all around glass from Sigma. As you can see in that pic, I was also entertaining idea of a little cool filter converted from eshopps nano overflow leftovers. It works pretty good. It’s small and it fits both Eheim pump and heater. It was only an option if this tank end up on my nightstand. Since it is not, I’m going all out on filtration so stay tunned. It will include Auto Water Change, Macroalgae reactor, Auto water flush and hopefully ATO with Kalk dosing. Will pick up second Kessil A80 later this week. It’s official, tank will go into one of my bookshelves, not far from my 30 long reef.
  8. So did I. And I have to conclude that he’s going with “Petco Shopping Cart” theme. But now I have doubts as I haven’t seen any wheels in his drawing. I have tried your approach (a little smaller in scale) in case this tank goes into my bedroom. Well, it’s no go so back to the drawing board.
  9. It’s funny when ppl say “sounds like fun” and then follow up with “can we limit” this or that. Lmao Besides, rules have been set ALREADY. It makes no difference to me as I’m not participating but assuming that it’s an advantage to keeping large colony of whatever in tinny tank like 2.5 is not really accurate. Besides, by choosing grown out colonies over smaller pieces of coral makes your color/species diversity kinda limited. And if your “large” showpiece colony hits the wall or dies, replacing it is going to be costly, embarrassing and a bi$ch.
  10. Are you making 2.5 Pico bar stool for Sancho? If so, throw in foldable baby size step booster.
  11. You better get back on the horse @Tamberav. I see some of those builds, and not only ppl use some “amazing”, speedy cycling methods but few already have corals in their tanks. 🤣
  12. Undergravel filter = really old school. You need to explain to young crowd what it is and how it works. 🤣
  13. I got exited....... for a moment, till you said “I......have...... to..... follow the rules”. 🤣 You better come up with something cool. I was looking forward to this.😞
  14. I wouldn’t say “best”. Safest? Yes. Corals source: Local/on-line stores, local hobbyists. Look up local clubs in your area. Wholesale? Corals? You might have a better chance getting away with bank rubbery.
  15. It’s a 7-8inch deep tank (total). You’re going to add some dry or LR that you’ll use to mount your corals on. So we are talking about actual depth of 4 inches on avarage. That’s pretty damn close to the surface. Very few lights won’t grow corals in this tank/setup. So, I would pick your light based on: 1. Spectrum+ power (15-30 watts) 2. Features (dimming/programming/ergonomics) 3. Size and mounting options. 4. Price.
  16. Live Rock is an awesome self starting biological powerhouse. But you’re right, if you’re not prepared to deal with potential pests, weird algae or possibility of dieoff then I would go dry. Glad you like it. I got it in my little monster build. It’s better than most IMHO.
  17. It’s a gray area to be quite honest. Talked to a rep. and he had tough time with the answer. Yes, it does have some bacteria that gets “reactivated” when wet. What kinda bacteria? I didn’t get an answer. Still good product, regardless of their selling pitch strategy.
  18. Caribsea dry rock infused with bacteria (whatever they claim it is) doesn’t need curing or extensive cleaning. It was mentioned by Jesterrace and that’s the only dry rock I would ever use.
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