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  1. Absolutely. 😉 Two Kessils will go into DIY wood “canopy”. Two MP2.5 main units will be hidden under the tank and wrap around with matching wood.
  2. Those are courtesy of “JCP Reefing” guy. Single light woild be fine for softies, LPS and a bunch of SPS corals. Even some Acros if placed higher up. Two of these can grow just about anything.
  3. Kessil A 80 PAR (courtesy of JCS reefing) Not super impressive but what about X2? And at half the distance.... SPS ready, better coverage, no shading.👍
  4. Nicely done. Those chalices......... top shelf stuff. 👍
  5. Exactly that. More gentle, even wider pattern than MP. Controllability, setup, modes, all better IMHO. FWIW I got MP10 in my junk bin. I use AI Nero 5 plus 2 KPS wave pumps in my 30gal long. Total turnover is between 2500-3000gph.
  6. Two. It holds the tank just fine but that’s not how I envision it. There will be more to come. But yes, two will hold 2.5 tank just fine. The ones you have used are probably lab grade. These are cheap Chinese “toys” but they work just fine and have decent reviews overall. (In video 2 pumps are shown on opposite side of the tank. 1st right side, 2nd left side under larger rock structure.) edit: two stirrers side by side are about the size of the 2.5 tank base (a little smaller actually)
  7. Don’t listen to anyone. Try it for yourself and make a decision. If it isn’t good enough for you, you can always return it. Flow-wise/control-wise, it beats MP hands down.
  8. No problem. Glad it might help someone who seeks the “light”. 🤣😂🤣👍
  9. That’s a complete BS. Try it for yourself. It’s much, much less than that. Return it if you must but try it 1st. I have a feeling that you just might like it.
  10. I’m not participating. That’s why I’m sharing my little secrets with rest of you guys.
  11. Thank you very much. Other the Echotech Vortech Pumps, this has no competition 🤣😂🤣 (for small nano/pico tanks) and it is a fraction of the cost. It’s more efficient and silent.
  12. One of the cheapest ones that I could find. If it’s good enough for BRS than it should be good enough for this use. You can run them continuously at %0-50 power (you won’t need more than that).
  13. They’re called magnetic stirrer and they are sold on Amazon at $29 per unit. I’m using the same brand that BRS uses for their “mixing” solution. You can get different shape/design/size bell (pill like spinning magnet) if you like but I found no benefits or cost justification for it.
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