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  1. A Little Blue

    Need some opinions on my magnetic frag rock

    Yeah, that last one is somewhat what my LR looks like. And if you got that rock looking anywhere close to it, I would say that it is a total success on your effort to make it as realistic as possible. I hope this turns out to be an exciting venture for you. Good luck and keep up a good job on those wet rock creations.
  2. A Little Blue

    Need some opinions on my magnetic frag rock

    Don’t get me wrong, you did FANTASTIC job. Looks better then most commercially available crap. I could even see this as a product that could generate some extra income for you. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for as I would imagine, labor time might not make this worthwhile. Anyway, here are some renditions from original (1st pic) to the one that I would be interested in (last pic).
  3. A Little Blue

    Need some opinions on my magnetic frag rock

    Maybe try to play a little with red ot yellow. Both colors should push the color spectrum a bit more towards magenta. If you want a bit of brownish hue, use orange. Looks great. I do not really know how accurate this picture is (colorwise) so I played a bit with it in color correction app and it looks very good. In my tank, LR looks a lot more blue but than again, your rock will look different under various color spectrum. That’s why I asked for “wet” pics (please don’t get any silly ideas).
  4. A Little Blue

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    If you gotta end it, end it with style
  5. A Little Blue

    Best type of power bar?

    I use few of these and have no complaints. Or you can go fancy with additional temperature controller/probe.
  6. A Little Blue

    Feather duster worm placement

    Correct. It will also hide for protection from potential predators.
  7. A Little Blue

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    Yeah, I was wondering where those burnt marks came from. My male clown gets those from time to time when he’s running sh&$less from female the jaws and finds refuge between Torch/Frogspawn branches. You need to restrain yourself from keeping your hands in that tank. I know (I have the same problem).... it’s hard. Every time I dig in to make some drastic changes my tank gets pissed immediately.
  8. A Little Blue

    WV Reefer's 12 Gallon Long and Dirty.

    Are those dark spots on Clown’s underbelly a part of her natural color pattern or burn marks from frogspawn?
  9. A Little Blue

    LITTLE BLUE - MixReef 30L

    Not sure if anyone will find this useful but it has worked for me quite well. Not sure what is the correct name for it but you can find it in CVS, Office Depot or any craft store. It’s a project foam board, paper coated on both sides. It’s very easy to cut to size which is a key for this application. So what is it for? Well, anyone with AIO tank knows that some nuisance algae can and probably will grow in back chambers of your aquarium. It’s not a big issue if you keep those chambers relatively clean and maintain them every once in a while. Personally, I don’t have a huge issue in that regard but as always, I am trying to keep the maintenance of my tank to a minimum. I have tested it for few weeks and I can report with confidence that it works quite nicely. When I say that it works, what I mean is that it reduced nuisance algae growth to a minimum (it basically disappeared, %90 of it) and it is durable enough to use long term. Ofcause, if it gets soaked in water, it could cause paperback to peel. Haven’t seen it happened but it is a possibility. With that being said, here are few pics: As to a little issue with what appears to be lobophora algae, Tuxedo Urchin (she’s quite beautiful by the way. Her spines are red, white and blue so I named her Miss America. Gonna have to take it back, I’m not really naming my reef pets but if I had to name her, that would be very fitting name for her) seems to be doing an excellent job. Obviously some spots are impossible for her to get to but I will be happy if she can prevent it from getting out of control and keep it at bay. *working on a river rock that this algae came from originally: And 5min later: She didn't get all of it but so far so good. She seems to be very curious of her new home and not surprisingly she appears to be a happy, active camper. Most important part of why I picked her. She was the most active of the bunch in the store. *Tank is somewhat established so I will do monthly updates from this point on.
  10. A Little Blue

    🍻 ALCOHOL and RODI maintenance 🍻

    What can I say, I find crazy chicks fun. Making them go away is another issue entirely tho.
  11. A Little Blue

    Feather duster worm placement

    They depend on flow to deliver the food they need for obvious reason. Your only job is to make sure that there is enough food in water column or target feed if necessary. Good luck.
  12. A Little Blue

    Feather duster worm placement

    Those numbers don’t meant a whole lot to me to be completely honest with you. I guess smallest particulars available in the water column (plankton, dissolved oranics/detritus). You can try (I use that along with phytoplankton) reef-roids as well.
  13. A Little Blue

    Feather duster worm placement

    Yes you can. Make sure you don’t blast them with stream of food. Also, turn off your pumps while doing so. Phytoplankton, marine-snow or similar is the right size food for these guys.
  14. A Little Blue

    Feather duster worm placement

    They usually come from shallow waters and can be found colonizing sandy, sediment rich seabed as well as between rocks or corals. They can also be found in strange places like wrecked ships or drift wood. Generally, hobbyists place them on or near the bottom of the tank. They can take a lot of flow but they do well in various flow conditions as long as there is enough organic matter, plankton and suspended detritus in the water column to feed on. I have a few Cocoworms that are doing fine but I don’t have a solid formula to keep them happy and alive. I do know that they benefit from nutrients rich tank and moderate-high flow to support their diet and feeding behavior.
  15. A Little Blue

    Harry’s Recovering Reefer 350

    Even tho the effect might be overpowered by other wave-makers/pumps, the effect is still there. The only question is if it is worth the $ and if it improves the flow in your setup. You’re the only one who can answer those questions.