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  1. Use Red channel in RGB settings to adjust color. More red equals less blue.
  2. Let’s see.... I took some screenshots of settings that kinda work for me. After turning on the “Gel” filter, making sure your lens is clean and hand steady, play with RGB (especially the Red channel). Anywhere above %50 works for me on most shots. Don’t touch green or blue channels. You can experiment with blue channel but I haven’t seen much improvement over the auto setting. Then adjust WB - slider on the left side- it’s basically brightness/exposure (white balance). Usually %50 or less works for me. Play between Red channel in RGB settings and WB till you get the picture that looks most realistic to your eye. Zoom in on specific coral and compare color, saturation, shadows and brightness. Adjust if needed. I cant say with confidence that it will work for you with your light settings but it works for me.
  3. No they didn’t. I assumed it was as it looks and feels exactly the same. Not sure who makes it. It cost me $200.
  4. Are you using the AquariumCam app? If so, I can give you some pointers.
  5. Picked up the algae reactor. It’s not PaxBellum but looks and feels exactly the same. It’s 24” height so equivalent to midsize PaxBellum. Similar size, heat sink, overall design. If anyone knows who made this reactor pls chime in. Here are few pics: Also got two fish for my frag tank. Nothing fancy, just good working fish.
  6. A Little Blue

    A sad start to a new tank

    Tailspot is good algae grazer but it's more of a proactive algae control than a cure. Cool working fish with a ton of personality.
  7. These also caught my eye. A little pricey tho.
  8. Certain worms or serpent stars can do that kind of damage. I know it sounds silly, but I have seen it before.
  9. Sure thing. I try to compromise with my lights programing. I blast my corals earlier in the day with light spectrum that is closer to 13K for growth. It also helps to see issues with corals, fish or spot unwanted pests. And later, light goes into flourescent (16-18K) mode for eye candy enjoyment.
  10. So there are two of us than. Lol Blues hide bad stuff pretty well and complements corals fluorescence. Corals also grow faster in full spectrum between 10-15K. When I take pics of my tank, I always try to use post-processing to truthfully show what my tank and corals actually look like (to my eyes).
  11. A Little Blue

    A sad start to a new tank

    Helloween or Royal Urchin are both pretty nice IMO. I believe Royal urchin grows to max 3" and is usually sold at about half that size.
  12. Looks good. BTW looks like I might be one of the few that likes my reef tank a little more white.
  13. A Little Blue

    Clown's 25g Lagoon Upgrade

    I also didn't have much luck with chaeto. If you are still interested in running mini fuge, try Sea Grapes. It grows super fast and it haven't failed in nutrient export task. Sorry to hear about your blenny. You did what you could. Tank looks healthy and thriving.
  14. Great idea. Color of Jack is something I would be interested in as far as color theme for this rock. I might look into some encrusting species of montis or chalice. Thanks for great suggestions.