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    Fresh start with 13g tank!

    Here is an easy fix for aphasia. Boil some water. Using a syringe with some tubing on it squirt the aphasia. Kills it immediately,and no need for chemicals. Get them quick or they will take over your tank. I used this method just last week,and it worked. I saw it on a YouTube video. Nice looking tank.
  2. Your gsp will take over that rock and anything that rock is touching besides the sand.
  3. Yes that second tank will become a 3rd tank lol.
  4. Ladytank

    Starting over

    I made it home to my tanks today. Lost everything but my hermits and one cleaner shrimp. Cleaned out all the dead matter, my parameters are right on target. I got lucky I know. Can't wait to repopulate my tanks. Thank you for all the advice that you shared with me.
  5. Ladytank

    Starting over

    Due to the resent camp fire I can only think both of my tanks are dead. Its been a week and can't get to them until early Dec. My question is, are the sand and rock salvageable? Do I need to replace everything?
  6. Ladytank

    Mini Complete Reef (NEW NanoRox scape update pg8)

    I saw one of these tanks on the king of DIY like 2 months ago. I believe it was even smaller.
  7. Ladytank


    It will be 2 to 3 weeks before I can go back home. I know they are just fish, but it's still a loss of life. Between rotten food and dead tanks I'm sure the smell will be overwhelming lol. I still have a home when so many have lost theirs. I'm counting my blessings.Thank you
  8. Ladytank


    Thank you. I've only been in the hobby 9 months, and didn't know what would happen. I'm one of the lucky ones for sure. Thank you so much.
  9. Ladytank


    They are AIO tanks. The pumps have been off for 2 days. Is all the water going to stay in the tanks
  10. Ladytank


    If not allowed I'm sorry. I was evacuated because of the camp fire in California. My house is still standing luckily. I know my tanks are probably dead from no power. Will I have water on my floors from the pumps not running? I'm just trying to figure out what I get to go home to. I'm not complaining I just want to know if they possibly overflow.
  11. Ladytank

    32 Gallon Biocube stocking

    I'm running an older 29gl biocube. I have 5 fish in mine, so you should be fine. Are you running the newer biocube with the led lights? My tank needs a cleaning, but here's a pic anyway.
  12. Ladytank

    Looking for a fish that will use rock work

    A Benny would be my choice. Mine has such a great personality. Hides in holes, and perches on the rock work. Top of the tank bottom of the tank all around peaceful fish.
  13. Ladytank

    Total noob in need of advice

    I'm running a biocube14A, with stock lighting. I can tell you right off that's to many fish for your tank. 2 is more then sufficient. I would keep the goby and 1 clown. Once you have your nutrients under control which your skimmer will help do,your corals will be good. I do a 5 gallon water change every week,and change my floss twice a week. This tank has been up 4 months.
  14. Ladytank

    Lawnmower blennys

    Lawn mower bennies eat algea, and nori. They are not sand sifters. They are herbivores.
  15. Have you been running the same lights for 2yrs? I also have a bio cube 29. I change my lights every yr.