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  1. Brandon0921

    FS: Nano Box Tide Mini 9” with Bluefish

    Thank you for clarifying Dave!
  2. Brandon0921

    In-tank pod condo?

    If you're in the New England area, Colchester Pet sells captive bred mandarins that eat flakes. I hear you should still supplement with pods, but I imagine this cuts way down on the amount of pods needed.
  3. Month old. Looking for something with a little more punch. Have boxes and everything. Asking $200 for all.
  4. Not exactly sure which rendition of this light this is but it does have multiple channels as seen in the picture. Asking $185 shipped.
  5. Brandon0921

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Thank you! Beautiful tank by the way. I have to ponder building a small plastic, external shroud for around the light or something to block the light.
  6. Brandon0921

    Submersible light in the back as a refugium?

    Anyone able to accomplish a fuge without spilling any light into the room on their IM 10's? Love the idea, wondering if its possible without the added light.
  7. Brandon0921

    Jackal's Biocube 16 LED

    Very cool idea with the fuge! Do you find the light bothersome at night when the rest of the lights are off? Ive been thinking about peeling the back vinyl of a Waterbox 10 to do the same, problem is tank is next to my bed.
  8. Brandon0921

    Tunze 9001issue

    make sure the plate that the cut sits on is securely pressed in. Its the piece that the air tube is fed through and the cup sits on top of. I've had issues with that wiggling lose over time myself. I have an extra body if yours is cracked. I'd be happy to donate for the cost of shipping.
  9. Brandon0921

    RBTA acting weird.

    also, dont attempt feeding for at least 2 weeks, they will need their energy to recover from the move. From your pictures, id say its recovering from a stressful event. Wouldnt be worried yet.
  10. Brandon0921

    RBTA acting weird.

    I've had a few nems now and I find during their acclimation period they do some very strange stuff, but its best not to panic. What I consider typical behavior (and this is only from my own experience), is inflating and deflating daily, hiding in rocks, and slightly opened mouth even spitting out some zooxanathelle (brown stringy stuff). IME its been best to leave them alone and keep your parameters and the environment around them as stable as possible to reduce stress. If the behavior worsens over the course of a week or you find the nem face down, then it may be time to figure out a QT. Just my 2 cents based off my experiences.
  11. Brandon0921


    😭 best avatar ever. Cant argue with the guy in the chair!
  12. Brandon0921

    Glittery Goniopora!

  13. Brandon0921

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Still trying to figure out the lighting (my rockscape is not the best for a nano I’m now realizing), but here’s where I’m at! Equipment: kessil a80 Smartato micro top-lids fusion vent w/ feeder door Brs reef safer dry rock tropic eden dry sand mesoflakes Gfo/carbon/filter floss/ceramic rings Livestock: 3x sexy shrimp 2x bonded pair gold coral banded shrimp 2x Bali x ORA clownfish 1x Pom Pom crab 1x black widow anemone 2x bta’s Misc frags
  14. Brandon0921

    Waterbox Nano Owner's Thread

    Awesome! I have a Waterbox 10, few quirks, but I'm loving it so far.
  15. Brandon0921

    Nanobox mini tide plus - Noise level

    appreciate the feedback...Can any owners of the tide plus comment on noise while on?