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    Fluval Spec Owners Thread

    I have a prime I’m not using right now that I’m considering putting on my mine so I second this question
  2. Surprisingly no I did not.. I’m sure if it had been on any longer I would’ve started to feel something burning
  3. Sharing this story so that other rookie reefers might avoid the mistake I made.. Excited to have purchased my new AI Prime HD I was playing around with the settings with the light in my lap, what I did not know is that when you mess with the settings the light itself is actually on, but I couldn’t see this since the light was facing down into my sweat pants. After a couple minutes I smelled smoke and thought maybe my light had malfunctioned or the fan wasn’t working. It wasn’t until an hour later I noticed the burn holes through my pants in a very specific pattern matching the LED’s on the light. Lesson learned, don’t leave the puck face down on anything because it can in fact start a fire. Waiting for a new lens for my light and a mount until I play with the settings again!!!
  4. Ckane2

    hammer coral

    This is my 5gal and I had to move my hammer away from everything else because of the size of the tank, it was stinging my leather coral from 3-4 inches away.
  5. Ckane2

    CKane’s IM Nuvo Fusion 10

    Excited to share that I will be upgrading from the Fluval Evo 5 to an IM Nuvo 10! Not sure when the tank will get wet, but I thought I’d start a tank journal for suggestions. Lighting: AI Prime HD (suggestions for light schedule?) Flow: aqueon 600 (from my 5g, 150GPH) and Current Orbit 660 wave pump Sand: thinking Caribsea’s special grade reef sand so no sand blows around the tank Rock: trying to decide if I should wait until I find the perfect rock or use epoxy to make my own rock, suggestions? Filtration: custom caddy with phosguard, filter floss, and chemipure blue nano Livestock: 1 ocellaris from my 5g and a small skunk cleaner shrimp, may pick up a small clown goby or other small fish corals: most of the corals in my 5g will be used in my 10g. I’d like the 10g to have a large zoa garden, and some more monti cap and digi. Considering making this an anemone tank with just an anemone and maybe zoas? The 5g was a great learning experience, made some rookie mistakes (not dipping coral frags) and have some nudibranchs and I believe a zoa parasite that’s causing one of my colonies to close up. Pictures are of the 5g currently and the new 10g. Any suggestions for the 10g are much appreciated!!!
  6. @empresto well my tank is about 1/32 the size of the BRS160 coming in at 5 gallons so a wrasse is out of the question. Thank you for the advice, I may just have to do a dip. The rock has zoas, mushrooms, montis, and stylophora growing on it, is it safe to dip them all at once?
  7. This morning I turned my light on before the normal light schedule and found what I’m 99% sure to be a nudibranch and removed it (first picture). I had read that nudibranchs eat montipora (often tan/white in color?) and sometimes zoas. After some thought I decided to go through some photos of my digi and of course realized it was receding at the base, and even identified a possible nudibranch (fourth picture circled in blue). If I can get an absolute identification, ideas on how to deal with this problem would be great. I’d prefer not to take the rock out of the tank unless absolutely necessary, which I know it may be. I have a nicely growing Monti cap near by and do not want any damage done to it.
  8. Ckane2

    Fluval Spec Owners Thread

    Link to my setup:
  9. Ckane2

    The Official Club Pico Thread

    Updated tank picture ~7.5 months old
  10. Ckane2

    Fluval Evo 5.5 gallon ~ 5 month update

    I was only looking at LED’s, eventually I’ll get an AI Prime HD but I wasn’t sure if it would work well on a thin peninsula tank. I’ve never tried a par38 bulb so I’m not sure how well they work.
  11. Started this tank March 4, 2018. Equipment: -water pump upgraded to AQ600 (doubled flow to ~160 GPH) -50W heater -light upgraded to Current Orbit IC LED LOOP system (21 Watts, 36 LEDS) Stock: ~3.5 lbs of live rock -Clown  -CUC of 4 hermits -GSP -mushroom -Zoa’s -devils hand leather -supplemental phytoplankton -found what looks like a tulip anemone wondering if I should get rid of it asap Filter: -sponge filter -Phosgaurd -activated carbon -ceramic filter rings   Notes: -Experimenting with cheato in the display, because it’s a small system with no fuge I thought if I could keep it contained it may act as a nutrient sink. -20-50% water changes weekly -Want an anemone, not sure what kind, wondering if I’ll need a wavemaker before I can keep one healthy -temp stays around 78-79, salinity 1.024, I have yet to get a test kit (next on the list), but water changes seem to keep everything running smoothly so far. -New light made a huge difference in pics -pics are from March 4-August 6, 2018 -Any advice is appreciated
  12. Updates: GSP is fully attached to rock Got a few small mushrooms and a red montipora frag to try and start growing more corals had some algae growth hasn’t gotten out of control yet thousands of copepods on glass, and amphipods in rocks Interesting growth of some plant/algae on glass, I’ve been cutting it every once in a while but I’m not sure exactly what it is
  13. Started this tank March 4, 2018. The tank itself is a 5 gallon Fluval Sea Evo 5. I have tried small saltwater tanks before but this is my first attempt going by the book (cycling/patience). Any criticism, tips or advice would be great! Equipment: -water pump upgraded to AQ600 (doubled flow to ~160 GPH) -50W heater -10W LED with 37 11000k day and actinic lights Stock: ~3.5 lbs of live rock -6 line wrasse -CUC of 4 hermits -GSP (purchased a week ago, looking very healthy so far) -supplemental phytoplankton Filter: -sponge filter -Phosgaurd -activated carbon -ceramic filter rings Notes: -Tank cycled, but only a month old so still waiting for some new tank syndrome (bryopsis, hair algae, coraline algae and possible diatoms sighted) -Most likely adding mushrooms and pulsing Xenia, and possibly a small clown ~20% changes about twice a week so far to keep water parameters in check -Eventually adding wave maker for extra flow and upgrading light