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  1. Zeal0201

    Should I be worried about my pH?

    Hmm will continue to monitor closely. Light only been on for 3 hours.
  2. First time it drops to 8.0 was sitting at 8.4/8.2 for awhile Alk is at 9.3 if that matters
  3. Zeal0201

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi everyone new to the hobby been in it almost 2 months now. SUper excited and im obsessedddddd. Recently got a bunch of coral over the span of 2 weeks and everything is doing AWESOME. But I have a couple questions... Salt hovers around... 1.025-1.026 Water temperature hovers around... 78/79 usually 79.2 to be exact. Lights... Radeon XR15W Pro Gen 4 running the Coral Lab template SPS PHX 14 with greens and reds at 5% from 9AM to 6PM Corals I have are.. Trumpet Coral Favia Acan Ricordea Zoas Blastomussa Kenya Tree Discoma mushroom Alveopora And some type of encrusting coral Im currently spot feeding all my corals every Wednesday/Sunday with all pumps off. Their diet consist of.. A half a tablespoon reef-roids mixed with gut loaded bring shrimp, I squish it just enough for the coral to eat. (Spot fed using 11ML syringe) 5ML of Aquavitro Fuel Red Sea Reef Energy A/B 2.5ML (Just started it today) Poseidon Fury (3,000) OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton (4 species) Nano Brine Live Baby Artemia (500) Not sure what else im missing... Edit: I have a Nuvo 40G, I added refugium into one of my chambers with Cheato, and live rock. Hopefully the Copapods do the dirty in there and replicate! Edit:: Refugium has been going for 2 weeks. Today I added the Copapods. (Cheato is growing)
  4. Zeal0201

    What is this fish?

    Theyre cute, but poor pistol shrimp seems to be working 24/7 lol
  5. Zeal0201

    What is this fish?

    Update! They found eachother! But in the back of the tank:( I can still see them digging but sadly can't get a photo. Have to flash a light in the tunnel to see them Where they are it's kinda hard to get food down there so I turn off the pumps and squeeze some mysis shrimp in their little area. Today was the first time the goby ventured out of the tunnel to get food but quickly retreated when he saw the wrasse. Also the goby gets very defensive when the wrasse swims near their tunnel.
  6. Zeal0201

    Help Me Save My Blenny

  7. Zeal0201

    Saying GOODBYE to micro-cones... Hello Micro-PLUGS!

    Awesome, I hate how large frags are and im literally scared to handle zoas around the frag edge
  8. Zeal0201

    What is this fish?

    Thanks for all the replies I'll keep an eye out:) Has a mesh lid, 40g Nuvo.
  9. Zeal0201

    What is this fish?

    Bought this little guy with a pistol shrimp today, put then both in the tank togther and they went their seperate ways. They were together at the LFS any tips or tricks to get them to pair again? They're both smol:( But what kind of fish is this? I forgot the name
  10. Zeal0201

    Tunze 9001 Drilled Cup FS

    Thats really smart..... issue with me making that is that my collection cub is level with the tank:( COuld really use that when I go on vacation..
  11. Same but now they moved to my fish innovative marine fish feeder thing LOL
  12. Zeal0201

    Tunze 9001 Drilled Cup FS

    Sorry I bought the same cup, can you elaborate on what you did here? Super interested
  13. Zeal0201

    What in tarnation is this stuff!?..

    Are you running a custom template? Im running the standard reef template.. at 50%
  14. Zeal0201

    What in tarnation is this stuff!?..

    I noticed its a beast..
  15. Zeal0201

    What in tarnation is this stuff!?..

    Im running a Radeon XR15W