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  1. I would hardly think $500 is a few dollars more. I'm looking for growth and what not And I already have the xr15
  2. XR15W pro Gen 4. Have you noticed some nice growth?
  3. So I have a IM 40 and I would like to get a T5 Hybird https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075H4DZH1/ref=ox_sc_act_title_4?smid=A1BNS86D4V4GO1&psc=1 Was wondering if anyone has ever used one on their tank and if its worth it.
  4. IMO no clowns, Do the pistol and Goby and maybe something else small?
  5. Bigger is better, bigger the tank the harder it is to mess something up. IMO go bigger
  6. Bought one awhile ago. Been using it in my far right chamber in my Nuvo 40 but recently been thinking about taking it out and adding another media basket or maybe a filter sock? Anduse the skimmer a surface skimmer as well. Wondering has anyone used it as a surface skimmer or if there's any pros and cons to using it instead of leaving it in the chamber... Thanks
  7. I moved both of them to the bottom front right and left corner of the tanks. Each on their own frag holder. I just did a nice feeding to the tank with Polyp booster, followed by read Sea Energy A/B then Aquavitra Fuel then a fish food I made mixed with Mysis, brine, reefeoids Aquaforst vitamins and some seachem zooplankton and phytoplankton
  8. So I went to a LFS near me and saw a kinda sad looking Meteor Shower Cyphastrea. I decided to buy it and attempt to give it some tender loving care. Its been in my tank for about.. 8 hours now. I also got a Hollywood stunner from a local guy trying to get rid of some pieces. Seems also a bit sad and in need of TLC. Currently they're all around maybe.. 2 inches from the top. Not sure what I can do with flow to maybe help the healing process. I'm running almighty Radions lights but these guys are way off in the corner. So far the only thing I can see being a issue is the flow? Seems to be kinda strong in that general area.. even near the top. Tomorrow morning they'll be receiving some good ol breakfast filled with vitamins and roidssssssss Edit: moved the frag holder down about 6 inches. Adjusted the wavemaker a bit.
  9. IM Nuvo 40, which is what I got. Lots of addons I must say. Wish it was a bit bigger but I guess its enough for now
  10. Hi I live in SOuth Florida and im looking to buy some live coral from private sellers and what not. Stuff thats in the stores all really look the same so maybe I can find something better out of someones garage. I live in 33021 (Hollywood) Feel free to shoot me a PM. Ill give you my number and we can work something out.
  11. I feed my fish a mixture of frozen mysis, brine and a bit of rods food all mixed with about half a ML of selcon and and 2 drops of garlic guard then feed with a turkey baster. As for Coral... Every Wednesday/Sunday I broadcast feed Coral Reef Energy A/B then Auqavirta Fuel THEN I spot feed with reef roids. Everything is growly nice and steady. And every night I feed Ocean Magik from Algaebarn(10ML)
  12. Long story short I bought a purple pseudochromis and this little guy ended being the tank bully. Literally took over the tank and wouldnt let any fish get near his area. I decided to remove him this morning but I had to remove just about everything from my tank, After I did that I was able to catch him and put him in a holding box. Then I went ahead and rescaped my tank. As SOON as im about to remove the lid from the acclimation box he jumps back into the tank. So i had to remove most of my rocks AGAIN to catch him but this time It was alot faster. Now im wondering what can I do to minimize the amount of stress my poor fish went through? I added stability and turned the lights off...
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