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  1. It would be helpful to know what you are planning for corals, soft corals will have differant needs than SPS corals.
  2. So basically the weldon 3 would be used to form the joints, then I'm guessing allowed to cure overnight. Then weldon 16 would be used to form a bead along the inside of all the joints to form a seal. This sound about right?
  3. So basically don't worry about having a cool sounding name for it and be happy I got a pretty nice frag for cheap and it's doing well despite my lack of experience with coral. As for the tip if it's not going to harm anything I'll probably just leave it for now, and decide if it's something I want to clip off after I place it on the rockwork latter.
  4. I have a bit of a two part question. First part is, I picked up this pink acro frag for 10 bucks last weekend and was wondering if anyone could identify it. It's colored up a bit since I got it, and seems to be happy and doing well, just would like to know what it is past being some type of acro. The other part is there is a small section at the tip that looks bleached and has some wispy algae growing on it, would it be better to leave it or should I cut it off?
  5. Yes, bubbles are normal during the break in period. Overflowing is usually a sign it needs to be adjusted or there is alot of crap in the water it's pulling out.
  6. I try not to order stuff online as much as possible. I've got some pretty good lfs in my area so I like to support them ( plus it gives me a excuse to go look at corals, lol). So far I've done two waterchanges with the coral pro and like it alot better than reef crystals. It dissolves alot faster, I can have it ready in an hour or two rather than having to get it mixing the night before or early in the morning. Interestingly my calcium dropped from 480 to 380, magnesium went from 1350 to 1250 and nitrate that was 6-7 is suddenly now 3-4 but alkalinity went from 6 to 7.5. Also interesting ( but possibly unrelated) is that my BTA that for about a month now resided in a hard to see crevice on the back of the rock has now moved to a spot on the front, and some of my acros that barely ever had polyps out are starting to.
  7. Which tank? I do have a few acros in the 29 along with branching and plating montis along with birdsnest. I'm aware that there is a risk hence the thread. I want to make sure I've got a good plan together before making any changes. The 14 I'm not too worried about as that is just soft and lps corals. They will no doubt
  8. If I'm reading this right it's probably fine if I just use up the rest of the reef crystals, then when I go to move everything from the smaller ( 14 gallon) tank to the bigger one it should be fine to set it up with the Red sea salt.
  9. Okay so revised battle plan. Since increasing the amount of the new salt while decreasing the old has potential to cause rather than solve problems. I have two tanks so I'm thinking switch them over one at a time. Tank one is a 29 gallon with 10 gallon sump ( holds about 6 gallons) mixed reef with sps, lps and soft coral. Instead of the weekly 5 gallon waterchanges I usually do I do smaller 2 gallon waterchanges three days apart using the new salt. During this time I take kalkwasser drip offline and monitor levels ( calcium, alkalinity, magnesium). Once levels balance out at the new parameters and stay in the same range for I can go back to normal schedule and adjust kalkwasser dosing for the tanks needs. Tank two is 14 gallon with hang on back filter/skimmer, soft and lps only. This tank only get 2-3 gallons every other week and is going to be upgraded to a 29 in a few weeks, I'll keep using reef crystals in that one for now. When the move to the bigger tank happens filter, rock and sand will all move, and dry rock (reef saver) and sand will be added to the established rock and sand. The question here is do I use reef crystals when setting the new one up for the switch then switch it over to the new salt after a few weeks of monitoring for any fluctuations or unlikely mini cycle. Or would it be better to kill two birds and set up the new tank with the Red sea salt right off the bat then monitor for any issues that might arise?
  10. By "mixes differently" do you mean like the amount needed to reach my target salinity will be different, or that they won't dissolve the same and one could cause the other to not dissolve fully?
  11. So went to one of the fish stores I shop at to get some filter socks and salt. Just my luck they didn't have the socks I need and they were out of the 50 gallon bags of Instant ocean reef crystals salt that I've been using in my tank, all they had was either the small 10 gallon box or the big 200 gallon that was too much to try to store for my little tanks. But they did have Red sea coral pro That I had thought about switching to down the road so after thinking it over a bit I ended up grabbing a bucket. So looks like I'll be switching over to the Red sea salt. The thing that worries me a bit is in one of my tanks I have sps corals, and the tank seems to have balanced out aroun 6 dkh ( tried to get that to 7 dkh but no luck) and the Red sea is almot twice that. I do have about half a bag of reef crystals left, so I was thinking of using part Red sea and part reef crystals to mix up water when I do water changes. Basically since 5 gallons uses about 2.5 cups of salt to get a specific gravity of .025 I would mix a few batches with .5 cup Red sea and 2 cups reef crystals. After a few waterchanges I'll use 1 cop Red sea and 1.5 for the next few and so forth, till I'm only using Red sea. During the switch I'll shut my kalkwasser drip off, and test calcium, magnesium and alk before and after waterchanges and atleast two more times a week. Does this sound like a good plan or is there a better way to make the switch?
  12. I just re homed a brackish puffer for much the same reason, maintaining the tank was turning into a chore and was becoming the only time I spent with the tank. On the up side he went to someone that had an 80 with a 40 mangrove fuge owned by someone more than capable of giving him a good life. The guy that got him works at a fish store I frequent so I can ask how he's doing. Plus one of my reefs that I'm more focused on gets an upgrade to a bigger tank, that I really only need powerheads, some more rock and sand and different bulbs to make happen.
  13. Yep, that cord is getting annoying hanging there turns into replumbing the whole tank lol I find it hard to sleep without the sound of something running too. My loudest tank is actually at the foot of my bed.
  14. I've noticed that whenever I have a stressful day at work I come home and spend time with one of my tanks. Usually doing things like testing, waterchanges or cleaning the glass and equipment. Somehow it always seems to calm me down. So I wonder if anyone else does this too?
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