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  1. I feel like I have so much to update on but I don't have time to make a long post right now SO I'M JUST GONNA SHOW OFF MY PRECIOUS NEW FISH THAT IS AS CUTE AS A BUTTON AND I'M SO IN LOVE. Still working on a name (currently floating Priscilla and Maraschino, Schino for short) but here they are, my sweet lil Yellow Banded Possum Wrasse: It just arrived yesterday but seems pretty comfortable and Graygrumps seems to accept it as a semi-friend. They didn't want to eat any mysis last night but has been picking at the rocks a lot, so hopefully it's getting some meals in. Last night it was swimming all over the tank but today has mostly stayed in the rock work and come out to investigate me and the camera a little bit. I had been debating about which of the possum wrasses to get but the Yellow Banded was the first one my partner saw and really loved and I saw this one in the diver's den and felt like it was one of the nicest ones I'd seen. Basically love at first sight. Now cross your fingers that it stays happy and healthy!
  2. My duncan has developed weird, deformed tentacles in the past month or so. I've had it for about 7 months, and it's grown beautifully from one head to about 9. So are these creepy tentacles a sign of a problem? What could be the cause? Too much flow? I didn't think the nearby sun corals could sting but could they be irritating it? It's only the oldest, original head that has started getting the weird tentacles. One tentacle even seems to have a strange whitish growth on it. Is this some kind of mesenterial filament? A pest? I don't think it's moved much since I spotted it a couple days ago. When I poke the area it kind of condenses/retracts with the tentacle. There is a mushroom on one side that has started to bother a different head, but it is reacting differently, just keeping the tentacles retracted with the tips looking somewhat "burned." What's going on with my poor, ugly duncan?
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    Sun Coral

    Mine have been very easy to feed, I know they aren't all like this. I try to feed every other day in the evenings. Usually at least some of the tentacles are starting to peak out in the evening. I turn off the flow and use a dropper to feed each head. I start with the ones that have some tentacles out, so it can grab the mysis and the pieces don't float away. By the time I feed a couple heads, maybe give something to my fish or another coral, all the tentacles are out and I spot feed each head a few mysis or pellets or something. I think consistency is key. I slacked over the holidays and skipped several days, and they wouldn't open for me at the random times I tried. I got back on schedule every other evening, and within a couple feedings they were back to normal. You might try feeding it at night and slowly feeding earlier and earlier, training it to open at a more convenient time for you? Some people take it out and put it in another container to feed as well, so that might be another option to start training it to a different time.
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    Sun Coral

    big boy trying to steal all the food
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    Sun Corals

    Having a little Lady and the Tramp moment!
  6. This is exactly what my babies are looking like so I feel like I can confidently say that's what they are now, thanks! I wonder how hard it will be to remove them to frag/sell at some point...
  7. What happened to those tiny NPS babies that you mentioned were sprouting up all over your tank? I've started to see something similar and got curious about it! At first I thought it might just be orange sponge or something but some of them seem to be sprouting tentacles as well and are starting to look like that picture you shared. I have sun corals so maybe that's it πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
  8. Just a lil cuteness for ya πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š I have three cats but this one, Momma Jane (a failed foster and 5x cooler than our other cats), is OBSESSED with this tank. Almost as much as I am!
  9. I got a couple new corals at our local frag swap this weekend and figured I'd post a few pics from the water change yesterday. I have a lifeproof case on my phone now, so I've been experimenting with how helpful being able to photograph underwater is. So far I feel meh about it. I got the john deere leptastrea and pagoda cup that I've been wanting, as well as a couple monticap frags so I can try doing a mid-level shelf. We'll see how it goes. I wanted a pink/red and a purple to possibly swirl around each other, but I have no idea how these will grow. One of them is the starburst, which should be nice, and the other is just another idaho grape, but they were free so I figured I'd at least experiment with them. I also got an interesting green/pink/yellow mushroom that I don't actually have space for πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ. I haven't been good about testing lately, but seems phosphates are still a little high and alk has finally started dropping. I guess it's time to start looking into dosing! Calcium and magnesium are still super high though. Oh and the sun corals are totally happy and healthy and sooo beautiful again after getting back into an every other day feeding routine, yay! Anyway, the good stuff: And lastly, an update on the doesn't-seem-to-be-growing-at-all-but-still-the-prettiest-color-blue-I've-ever-seen neptune bounce: It actually decided to completely let go of the frag disc, but thankfully I found it and got it to attach to this rock pretty quickly, so I've moved it to a spot with less light, less flow, and less Graygrumps running over it.
  10. Long time no update! I got busy and distracted over the holidays and the tank probably had the biggest dip in care since its creation. I went one and half, probably two, weeks without a water change twice in a row and didn't feed routinely. Nothing seems to be toooo worse for wear and the nitrates and phosphates seem to have actually steadied a little. I'll just dive into what's been going on since the last update. - Yellow leather fell off its tippy top spot after a few days. When it fell off I realized its stalk was actually wrapped around a big shell so I took that out and used the sewing method to tie it onto a new pedestal. It's been weeks and it doesn't seem totally attached yet but definitely looks like it's working on it. I'll probably still move it and its rock back to the top eventually. - The cyphastrea started looking really bad in the shadowed area, actually before I started slacking on water changes. In fact, though it really didn't seem to be at the time, the skin definitely started peeling away like markalot was saying! Anyway, since it seemed so healthy in other areas, I decided to just put a bunch of super glue and putty over the dead part and create a new ledge for it to grow over. I immediately regretted it terribly because now there's a huge, white, ugly blob on my rock and the cyphastrea was PISSED. Looks a little better now and the blob has worn in every so slightly and hopefully when the cyphastrea realizes there's a sunny spot for it to regrow it'll forgive me πŸ˜• - The emerald crap is killin it in the algae eating arena, so now algae has just started growing in the back chambers. Is this bad? Is it great? I'll have to look into it, but it does tell me those phosphates are still probably higher than my readings. - I don't see the pom pom as often now that I have the emerald crab, but I actually feel like they're good friends because they were holding hands after I fed the tank last night - The hermit crab lives!!! After months of not seeing anything (except for a body I examined thoroughly and determined there was no way it was just a molt), one of the hermits from yesteryear climbed out of its hole and is happy as a... crab. Who knows, maybe there's actually still like 3 hermit crabs living a nice family life together somewhere in the darkness in there. I really doubted the people that always say things disappear in their little 7 gallon tanks to reemerge months later (like they obviously must not be very observant... do they even CARE about their tanks?!) but now I realize it definitely happens. - The purple gorgonian finally extended its polyps and seems super happy! I'd given up on it! It stayed completely closed and even lost some tissue for like three weeks! - The sun corals are mad at me, or maybe the duncan, or probably both. After the lapse in feeding, they are being reeeaally difficult to feed (after being so easy and well behaved since the day they arrived) and don't even seem to extend their polyps much even late at night. The ducan has grown so much and seems like it should be brushing up against the suns though I never really see them touch. The tips of the duncan tentacles seem white and kinda squeezed up... wondering if it is constantly straining to avoid touching the suns or trying to charge up for attack but doesn't really have much of a punch. I'm sure the suns are also pissed/weakened from not being fed much in the past few weeks though. They look puffy and healthy, just don't want to stick out their yellow tentacles. Hopefully now that I'm feeding regularly again they'll get back to normal cause I don't really know what to do with this duncan besides cut it back down to a head or two and it's too glorious for that! - The baby neptune bounce doesn't seem to have grown at ALL but hasn't died and just keeps trying to wander all over its little frag disc Everything feels like it's growing incredibly quickly. It's so fun to look at old photos and see how far everything has come and I'm quite pleased with everything. My boyfriend (who this tank was technicalllyyyy for πŸ˜‚) keeps joking about when I'm going to make us upgrade to a 20 gallon but I'm really trying to hold off on that... for a few more months. The definite future plans are to get a john deere leptastrea from a local reefer, maybe try having a red and purple monti cap ledge in the center, getting a pagoda cup to go to the right of the utter chaos zoas before they take over the whole rock, get an oregon or cali tort, a really fuzzy pink/red acro, probably a milli, and constantly keeping my eyes peeled for a green and white pipe organ coral. Still thinking about the yasha goby and a possum wrasse, but I'd feel so guilty for ditching Graygrumps and am entertained enough by the corals. Best part of the holidays was our New Years Eve party when at like 1am I convinced everyone to come upstairs and check out my tank and they were all SO INTO IT (always astounds me how often people feel meh about it... I make everyone come look when they visit but so often people check it out, say oh that's cool, then walk away) so I was feeding everything and throwing out all the scientific names, the crowd was captivated, and then I busted my own wine glass right next to the tank. Woohoo!
  11. Yea I think you'll have to keep testing to be sure. You said you've never seen an ammonia spike but did you see a nitrite spike and it's now at 0 or has it always been 0?
  12. Dry rock usually means it's cleaned and completely bare of life, or anything that used to be alive, which means no ammonia. Live rock should have lots of life and probably decaying things too, and you miiight have just cycled really quickly. If it's live rock that just sat out and dried and they were calling it dry rock then it definitely would have dead, ammonia producing things but I'm guessing you should have seen an ammonia spike, even with your added bacteria. I feel like I've read people say this is the worst kind of rock you could use and probably means your LFS is crap, hah. BUT I don't have a great memory, might be making that up. I'm actually worried I bought something similar from my LFS when I started and it's still releasing an abundance of phosphates 9 months later. I've cycled several tanks but I'm no expert so maybe someone else will chime in as well! Edit: What kind of nitrate test are you using? I have no experience with the exact products you are using (Fluval bacteria and your ammonia alert tester) but do know there is a wide variety of effectiveness in these products. Search these forums to see if anyone else has had bad results from them.
  13. Have you actually added any source of ammonia to the tank? Pure ammonia or a piece of shrimp or fish food or anything? That's the first step. The bacteria you added need something to eat!
  14. Good to know. I'm probably overly worried about it. High phosphates are probably more of a problem that the nitrates really, and if my understanding is correct, more rock material isn't going to help that. Nitrates have gone between 5 and 15, and phosphates anywhere from .05 to .28 in the last month or two. Maybe not totally ridiculous but I felt like it just wasn't making sense in my tank with light to medium feeding and only one fish. I use filter floss, chemipure blue in my basket and have a skimmer. Lots of algae growth too, until I recently got an emerald crab. Pretty sure PO4 has been higher since the crab has been eating all the algae. NO3 and PO4 have also just gone up and down a lot, though maybe it correlates to my water changes and feeding and such. I have no idea how much is a normal amount to fluctuate within a week. Another thought I had was that maybe I just need to do the random heavier feedings more consistently/often so the bacteria populations stay high enough to deal with it all the time. Right now I spot feed frozen mysis to my sun coral and fish every other day, then a little pellet or flake directly to the fish and crabs on off days, and a powder food for everything every week or two. Yesterday I did a "heavy" feeding, with maybe 1/4 tsp powdered food and half a cube of mysis, then immediately after did a water change and switched out filter floss, and today my PO4 is .15 and nitrates are 2.5. If nitrates start to go down but phosphates stay high I might just have a rock leaching problem and need to do GFO or some macroalgae or something. I recently learned about brightwell xport blocks... would this be one of the better options you speak of? I'm guessing they would be much less likely to trap detritus buildup in that bottom chamber compared to the matrix and probably have more anaerobic activity. I could probably break them up just small enough to slide down there. I guess I'll just wait and see for now, be consistent, and do a lot of testing. Really my corals seem fairly healthy so no need to fret.
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    zoa garden

    i got those twitchy zoas! $150/polyp!