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  1. I realized this week my tank has reached its one year birthday! I don't know if it counts since I changed tanks, and it certainly doesn't feel like a year old tank with the issues I'm dealing with, but as a newcomer to reefing, I'm pretty happy with how much I've learned and built in a year. Overall the tank still looks like poo. After I took the UV off, brown stuff started to grow back on the sand, and a little on the rock, but not at all to the extent of before, and it doesn't seem to be very stringy like the past dinoflagellates. I got a new sample under the microscope and it seems like there are definitely still dinos in there, but not as many, and there's also a new, much smaller, little critter in there. I'm hoping that this might actually be ciliates that prey on dinos. So I don't want to put the sterilizer back on as it would kill the ciliates as well, and I'm hoping they will naturally balance things out. Here's some vids if anyone wants to check them out. Kinda wishing I had a better microscope at this point, but it'll do. So hopefully that's on the way out but I also have tons of green hair algae and some cyano and probably diatoms that are growing as well. It started before I even put the UV sterilizer on, but now has gotten out of control. My nitrate has been .3 - .5 and phosphate at 0 for the past three weeks, so I guess it's one of those "the algae is consuming nutrients before they can be read" situations? I'm kinda at a loss on how to combat the algae and dinos at the same time, since different things are recommended for them. I've been feeding a little heavier and waiting longer between water changes because I thought my low nutrients were helping the dinos flourish, but that might have just greatly encouraged these other nuisances. For now I'm just going back to a normal routine. Going for manual removal of the algae but this type isn't coming off with tweezers as easily as I remember before. It just kinda smooshes around and won't come off in a clump. Toothbrush works but then I have to try to get all the algae floating all over the tank out. Thankfully most of the corals have been doing well regardless, and I even got a few new pieces! I was so annoyed at myself for it, but I bought a black sun coral and red goni right before the dinos really exploded and I realized I had a problem on my hands, but they made it through. When things were looking better I saw the exact pipe organ I have been looking for for a year in the Diver's Den, so I HAD to get it. Y'all, I totally understand the people that say buying corals is an addiction and I'm officially an addict. I had trouble deciding which goniopora to get, then when that pipe organ showed up it seemed idiotic not to get a second coral to get free shipping, so I got a purple and green goniopora as well so I could decide which I liked better. I don't have many photos I'm proud of with the tank looking the way it is but I still want to show off my new coral! The pipe organ is HUGE, I'll definitely have to frag it. Here's the black sun coral to go with my pink one. It's polyps don't extend as eagerly as the pink, but after the first couple days of training it still opens up every evening to eat! Pictures don't really do it justice. It's a beautiful, dark, velvety green, with hints of black and brown, while the polyps and tentacles are more of a brown/black color. The red goni is hard to photograph where it's located, but it seems to be doing well enough. And here's the purple/green one: I really wanted that long polyp look from these, and they haven't extended that far yet, but they have been open and healthy looking so hopefully we'll get there. The room is a mess from all the work I've been doing in here, I need to mount corals, and like I said, it's not in the best state, but I figured I would throw in a quick FTS as well. Since all the issues right now seem like new tank syndrome stuff, I'm just hoping I can continue to stay on top of the routine, make small changes if necessary, and things will naturally start to mellow out. I also moved the tank over to a stand instead of having it on the desk, so I finally have somewhere to organize all my cords and containers and such and will FINALLY set up my dosing pump. Alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium have definitely gotten out of wack with me trying to dose manually, so I'm sure the corals will really appreciate some steady parameters. I'm sure everything will be fine, but I'm really missing having a pristine, colorful tank right now.
  2. I think so. I haven't seen anything stringy like before, there's some brown on the sand but it's possible that's just diatoms as there's also a lot of pods, algae, and cyano now. I need to get the brown bits left under the microscope! I took down the sterilizer today since nothing's come back for a few days and it's starting to get in the way, let lots of snails escape, etc. I'm pretty curious to see what will happen!
  3. Sorry I've been busy the past few days. I got this one, the 18 watt https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0034VDEPA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's ugly and I had to get big ugly tubing to go with it, but I plan for it to be very temporary and it gets the job done!
  4. Good luck with it! I just posted on my thread, but the sterilizer I got cleared them out overnight. Hope you have the same luck!
  5. Good to know about the phytoplankton, I didn't think about that. I've got plenty so I'll add more when I take out the sterilizer.
  6. Y'ALL!! Dinos were gone overnight after I installed the UV sterilizer! I'm going to leave it running for a week probably, as I know just because I can't see them doesn't mean they aren't just going to come right back. There's lots of algae and some other gunk growing but I'll take it over dinos choking out every single coral. I also added pods and phyto to increase biodiversity but I'm guessing the UV sterilizer is what did it overnight. Now hopefully they (and all the coraline and less desirable algae) can help keep it at bay. I'm trying to decide if I should do a water change now or wait a while longer. Also need to set up my new dosing pump. I ended up getting a bubble magus t11 like new but much cheaper from someone online, so that worked out alright. I'll share some new pics soon, but for now just had to shout my excitement from the rooftops!
  7. I was trying to figure out what might have made your dino bloom start, but maybe you making all the changes in the tank recently explains it. What's your nitrate and phosphate like? I think most dinos actually thrive with low nutrients so you might not want to slow your feeding if that's what it really is. That's usually another clue it's dinos and not something else. Do they mostly go away at night and come back after the lights are on? If they are the type that do that, I think the UV is a lot more likely to help, because they all break up and go into the water column, where the UV can kill them. I've been doing a ton of research lately but this is my first time dealing with anything like this so take it with a grain of salt, hah. Also I bet you could find someone around you to lend you a microscope, or take a sample to or something, if you don't want to deal with buying one! I know I just couldn't fit that in the budget at the moment, but it is a LOT of fun to use with the tank.
  8. I took a look at your thread, definitely looks like the dinos in my tank but yea, you probably want a microscope. I was able to borrow one from a friend. It was a really old child's microscope kit, but worked well enough to ID! I think it really does help, at least makes me feel more confident, to know what type it is since different treatments work a lot better than others on specific species. The green coral is mint pavona! I love it. Really hardy and pretty fast growing SPS, though it is starting to bleach at the edges because it's one of the corals that's catching all the dino slime.
  9. Poor goby, I love your tank though! I love the macro-heavy tanks, and admire your dedication to a more natural biotope. Might have to just have a second tank with a similar theme one day... Also, I got this fairly mysterious, nameless mushroom a couple months ago that I love and am wondering if it might be a Discosoma neglecta like yours. Here's a pic: It seems to be one of the few corals that doesn't care about my dino bloom 💪
  10. Thank you both! It definitely makes me feel better that somewhere out there there's strangers cheering me on, hah!
  11. Did the dinos go away completely after the 4 day blackout? How long did you run the UV sterilizer after that? Dealing with them now... 😭
  12. So it's definitely dinoflagellates and it's definitely taking over 😭 I used a microscope and have determined it's probably ostreopsis. Here's the pics. I couldn't get a good video but I feel pretty confident in my ID because of their circular movement. Can't believe I was being so casual about it a couple weeks ago, it's gotten a lot worse and several corals are starting to look bad. The gorgonian hasn't opened in a week or two, mint pavona is showing bleaching at some edges, a handful of zoas as well as my beloved pipe organ haven't opened for several days, and there's not good polyp extension on the birdsnest and oregon tort. Most other things just look generally unhappy. I feel like this is a fairly normal thing to happen since I moved to a new tank and added fresh sand and rock (the new rock was live, but it wasn't in a main tank or sump so maybe it didn't have TONS of life) and before just assumed it would just kinda start to go away like all the other "new tank" things did when I first started. That still may be the case, but this stuff just multiplies too quickly and has too much of a negative affect on the corals to just ride it out. After lots a research, I decided not to do a water change this past weekend, have a UV sterilizer on the way, will probably be adding pods and phytoplankton to increase mircofauna diversity (though yesterday a pod explosion started so I'm wondering if they are going to help get rid of the dinos and I won't need to add more), keeping up feeding to try to increase nitrates and phosphates (.3 and 0 respectively, maybe I'll just start dosing though), and maaaay try Vibrant if this doesn't show any changes. Hoping to not try any chemical stuff but we'll see. I know hydrogen peroxide and blackouts are also an option. I also have a dosing pump on the way so hopefully that will stabilize some things, though I'm sure consumption is down right now so it's probably going to take some adjusting. Anyway, PRAY FOR ME!
  13. lizzyann

    ?? Coral

    I'm no expert but this looks a lot more like blastomussa to me
  14. The new set-up is coming along. Still dealing with new tank syndrome stuff, a couple corals seem to still be in adjustment mode, and I'm re-figuring out what I need to dose, but everything is going pretty well I think. Is it diatoms or dinos? I know there's some ways to test, but I've been busy and am still hoping it will just go away on it's own here pretty soon. There's definitely less on the sand at least. I got my bounce and oregon tort frags! The bounce definitely doesn't look like much right now, and by that I mean a tiny pancake of coral 💩, but it'll be fun to see how it turns out. The tort lost a little of it's blue color (and turned green) while the seller was holding it for me, but it seems healthy! How long does it usually take acros to change colors? I guess this will be a good test for me to see if my system can get it back in really good shape. I alsooo bought a couple zoas and a fungia plate 😬. Red hornets and a pink diamond, so happy with them! I was planning to get a fungia with a little more interesting coloration, but it was only $5 and so cute, I just decided to pick it up. Most of the corals are doing well. The yellow fiji still isn't 100% after the move, but seems to be improving every day. The sun corals have been sending out yellow filaments occasionally from the body of the polyps and I'm really not sure what that means. The birdsnest also had some white filaments that I'd never seen before so I assume it was all just a little stress and readjusting and not loving the crap-ton of epoxy I used. It's mostly all cleared up now. Everything else is pretty solid, maybe just occasionally agitated by the 'algae.' Can't wait to see what happens when these two meet... any day now. I am a little concerned about the flow on my SPS rock though. I decided to have that rock be the high flow, high light area since it would be back by the output, but really it's too close to the back and the outlet just flows out above and past all the SPS. I don't want the outlet just pointed straight down at the rock, right? I've got the Aqamai pointed at the corals, but I'm not sure how much it really does since it's somewhat fighting with the strong outlet flow. I just got a spinstream in the mail today but so far it's noisy and greatly reduces the flow, so not sure how I feel about it. The Aqamai also might be more useful on the other side. I'll just have to keep playing with it. In exciting news, I got a new pistol shrimp friend for Graygrumps, but I think Graygrumps just isn't really into the roommate situation. I put the shrimp right beside him when I released it, they said hello, and the shrimp went right back there with him so I thought it was all perfect, but eventually Graygrumps just moved to the back rock. Later I noticed the shrimp had moved to the back rock as well, but Graygrumps was back in the front. I'm not sure exactly what the situation is now as I haven't seen the shrimp at all since that first time, but there's some little tunnel holes in both caves, so hopefully it's doing ok. Maybe Gray just needs some time. The shrimp is tiny and the goby is full grown, so maybe they aren't the best match. I thought a tiger pistol might be more Graygrumps' speed, but didn't want to risk it attacking someone. Oh and the possum wrasse seems totally fine, I think it was just completely out of it and confused that night I turned the light on and fed the tank at 1:45am. Her behavior was just so crazy! What can I say... I was a little "out of it" as well 🤪 . She's been normal and funny and cute but definitely stays in the rock work most of the time. So next important steps for the tank are figuring out flow and making a decision on a dosing pump cause I just can't keep up with the manual dosing routine. Leaning towards a Bubble Magus T11. Thoughts?
  15. Unfortunately my thing isn't looking too good, but wouldn't the CUC eat it if it's dead? I took it out into the sunlight to try to get some better pics with only a moderate success rate:
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