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  1. Gauging interest in my Hallucination Zoas (3 polyp, 2 babies). Looking to trade for/towards a homewrecker frag or a head of an Aussie gold Torch.Polyps are slightly disturbed in the pictures from me handling them. First two pictures under morning blues, third has whites on. Local pickup preferred, would consider shipping but I have limited experience. Thanks for looking!
  2. Didnt even think of this, wise advice for sure!! haha
  3. I’m running a sicce 1.5 on my IM 20 and it is silent. Have you reached out to their customer service dept? It should not be loud
  4. I like this idea, I would have to install a shelf above the tank but I don’t think that would be too difficult. Thanks for the idea!
  5. I’m looking to put something reef related above my tank to fill the space. Maybe some macros of coral or really anything to tie it all together. I’m after the modern look, anyone know of anything? Tank is an IM 20 so nothing huge.
  6. Check out Vibrant by UWC. Did an amazing job on a Dino outbreak that I had! I would highly recommend it, and it didn’t have any negative impact on coral or anything. Blackouts never worked for me
  7. Both lights are great and programmable to whatever you want. The reason I went NanoBox over Hydra’s was the aesthetic honestly. The nanobox’s are all hand-built and there are no exposed cords or anything. Best looking like on the market in my opinion, but both are excellent
  8. As others have mentioned don’t start with any additives. Use high quality salt and keep up with husbandry. After you start adding coral, monitor your levels and then decide whether WCs can keep up with demand.
  9. I had a yellow watchman and it ended up in my overflow constantly and it eventually it lead to its demise. There is a pistol shrimp living under the left rock structure that I got with the goby. I would like to avoid something that wants to get into my overflow. I spent hours trying to get it out of the return chamber on multiple occasions! haha
  10. Thank you, I appreciate that! From a care standpoint, can I feed the royal gramma on the same frequency as my clowns? I try to feed my clowns a small amount every day but sometimes I am gone on the weekends so they go two days without eating. I just want to make sure that would be ok before doing anything
  11. To start I have an 7 month old IM Fusion 20. My filtration is comprised of roughly 14lbs of liverock, fliterfloss, reefglass protein skimmer, and I have carbon running passively (have GFO too but currently not running any). I also have a fuge light but am not running it now either. The only fish I have in the tank now are 2 clowns, I am wondering if I would be ok adding a royal gramma or if that is pushing it? Here are some pictures of my tank for reference: Top down right after feeding (11/7/2018) Front (10/15/2018)
  12. I’ve officially become addicted to zoa’s.. Got some awesome frags from a local collector! Picked up hallucinations, utter chaos, gold mauls, sonic flares, pink zippers, and orange oxides. Here are some pics! Hallucination Utter Chaos Gold Mauls Sonic Flare Top Down Shot after feeding
  13. Exciting update! I had been search for awhile for a Golden Torch be it Aussie or Indo and I had a local Reefer reach out to me about getting a Holy Grail Torch and was able to get a couple heads! This thing is incredible! Pictures don’t do it justice at all.. Here are a couple other new additions:
  14. I’m looking for a frag of a Golden Torch. Ideally looking for an Aussie but I would be interested in an Indo as well!
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