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  1. Zach W

    First Reef Tank Build IM fusion 20

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words!
  2. Zach W

    First Reef Tank Build IM fusion 20

    Got some more corals! Picked up a big yellow/orange Psammocora, Forest Fire Digi, Birdsnest, and my LFS threw in a baby Rainbow BTA for super cheap. Kinda nervous with the SPS and now a nem but my parameters are really stable and everything’s been healthy so far.
  3. Zach W

    Power Outage Protection

    Hmm ok, yeah I dont really know much about these either. I had a power outage this past winter that was about 36hrs (this was before I had my tank) so I want to be prepared if something like that happens again. I don't know how realistic getting that much time is though..?
  4. How do you all prevent your tanks from crashing during a power outage? I live in the greater Boston area where we get hit with thunderstorms during the summer and blizzards during the winter so power outages are fairly common. I want to take preventative action to protect my tank from a disaster for when we have the unavoidable power outage. For reference I live in an apartment (no generators allowed). I have an IM Fusion 20 with the main water flow being provided from a Sicce Sincra Silent 1.5 and a Hydor Aqamai KPS I am not an electrically savvy person so the idea of me making my own inverter setup is not realistic. I want something that could potentially keep the tank heated and water moving for 48hrs. Would something like this do the trick? APC Battery Backup
  5. Zach W

    Do red sea reefers go on sale?

    You might be able to find a sale come Black Friday if you have that much time to wait. I think I remember them being on sale last Black Friday, not 100% though. They’re so popular it’s tough
  6. Zach W

    New to aquariums

    I was a newbie to the hobby as well just a few months ago (I still am...) and started where you are. It’s key to do a ton of research on here and ask questions when you have them! I started with an IM fusion 20 and absolutely love it! I would highly recommend getting a light that allows you to grow in the hobby. You can go the cheaper route but if you want more demanding corals/anemones/clams ever you will most likely have to buy something more expensive later on anyway. Take it slow though and expect a couple bumps along the way, you will be fine! Good luck
  7. Zach W

    First Reef Tank Build IM fusion 20

    Got a couple new corals in the tank! Picked up a random red and purple chalice, a small frag of JF outer space, a little acan colony, and a little tyree toadstool Had to also move my Favia down and out of the direct light because it’s edges were starting to bleach. Seems happy now!
  8. Zach W

    Help with low light corals!

    That looks awesome!! Does your tank have to be established for them to thrive? My tank has been up and running for about 5months and is pretty stable but not too long
  9. Zach W

    Help with low light corals!

    I have a blasto on the other side of the tank and like it alot! Would a scoly work in that area as well or not so much? And I have had my eye on some golden torches but have heard they require more light then most other torches. Is this true? Thanks! I appreciate that. I do have a build thread that you should check out 😊
  10. Zach W

    Help with low light corals!

    That chili coral looks awesome! I like the NPS corals but right now I dont think I would be able to support their needs. I travel a good amount of time and would struggle keeping the well fed enough I feel The macro algae idea is intriguing, and I would love a gorgonian but dont know too much about them and what they need. Would definitely need to do some research on them.
  11. Zach W

    Help with low light corals!

    I am looking for some recommendations on lower light corals for a spot in my tank. For reference I have an IM fusion 20 paired with a NanoBox Duo. The area is the back left of the tank and it gets some light but based on the shape of the rock and scape it’s not very intense I don’t think. I don’t have a par meter so I can’t get an exact reading. Flow is moderate to low depending on exact placement. Here are some pictures (sorry for the poor quality). How would you fill this area? Front of Rock (not the issue, just for context) Side and back
  12. Zach W

    What aquarium should I get?

    I have an IM tank and couldnt have better things to say about it, the 40 would be a great choice. I have also hear fantastic things about waterbox aquariums and their quality. They have a 40gal you could check out!
  13. Zach W

    Which reef test kits do you use?

    Redsea Marine Care: (pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia) Hanna: (ULR Phosphorus, Alkalinity) Aquaforest: Calcium
  14. Zach W

    Mushroom Question

    Thanks! Not totally sure what it is, was advertised as an ultra yuma. It’s got orange red yellow and green going on and has grown quite a bit! It was probably this size expanded when I first got it
  15. Zach W

    Mushroom Question

    Awesome, thanks for the feedback!