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    Is my KH 15?

    At least you asked and didn't react
  2. I'd love to know how their genetics work as to what colors they end up with
  3. Omg that looks so similar to mine πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  4. So my RFA is still up halfway on the tank. Of Course he wouldn't be on the backside so I can see his beautiful face lol. He's on the front right corner of the tank 😀
  5. I never realized how good stomatella snails are at cleaning. My circulation pumps are sparkling now. They had brown algae all over and last night I was doing my nightly gazing and noticed both my pumps are black again. I can actually see the coraline algae lol. Also the pickup tube on my filter looks brand new. Just something I wanted to share. Best part is the 4 I have where all hitchhikers and I've had them since they were the size of a pen tip.
  6. It makes me crazy because I always think there is something wrong with my tank. I look at everything else and all is good so I just chalk it up to it being a moody bitch lol. I'm really curious to see where its at when I get out of work
  7. I love my gsp. Its been fun to watch it spread across a long stick like rock I have. In 3 months it has almost taken up the 8 in stick it's on.

    GSP Thread: "How Doth Your Garden Grow?"

    The time lapse is a cool idea. I'm getting a new camera that has time lapse mode and I would like to see how my corals are growing. I might toy with it when I get the camera.

    Very First Coral Finally!!!

    Congrats looks really nice
  10. That is just amazing . So one of my more expensive nems moves so this morning I noticed he wasn't in the normal spot and when I found him he had moved half way up the side of the tank. Just chillin I need to see if he is still there when I get home lol. Its actually the one in my profile pic lol.
  11. Omg I was so mad but happy at the same time lol
  12. Yup just looked and there is no record of my tracking number......
  13. yeah it did that for me too. Then I tried to add something and it kicked me out and said error on their side