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  1. Oh nice! I can't wait to be able to use it. Sucks not having the room in the 20. oh wow, that's awesome man
  2. Mine has been good so far, his killing of the blenny is only speculation, but it would make sense if the species of nem is really that potent. I don't want to find out though. I always wear gloves when my hands are in the tank anyways lol. I'm a baby and don't wanna get stung by anything
  3. Mine still has his pom poms, they are most definitely nems and I always wondered how powerful they actually are. When I bought him my fish store actually wore gloves to get him...I was like damn they never put gloves on lol.
  4. I have heard that they can kill a fish..I have one that I see once every couple months lol. I had a tail spot blenny back in the summer that vanished one day and I wondered if the pom pom got him since he used to sleep in the rocks. I asked my lfs and they hadn't heard of murdering pom poms. I guess anythings possible with our tanks huh?
  5. yeah I have an extra tank, I thought I was going to have to set up a qt tank, so I grabbed the spare tank, cleaned it out and while I was filling it noticed a warning label. I looked and was like man I'm glad I saw that lol.
  6. Oh you're welcome. I'm glad I could help. I almost did that one time and as I was filling the tank, noticed a warning on it that said DO NOT FILL WITH WATER...
  7. to nano-reef I have one thing I wanted to mention; you said you had a snake in it.. Make sure you clean the tank really well with water and vinegar. Also do you remember when you got that tank if it was specifically for reptiles? Reason I ask is they have tanks for reptiles that you can't fill with water because of how they do the seams and if you try and fill it, you could end up having a blow out. On the bottom of the tank there will usually be a warning saying not for fish or something around those lines. Make sure you check that first. Anyway keep on reading and asking questions
  8. ahh, well at least you found him. Hate when things vanish lol.
  9. @StinkyBunny I figured I'd summon you here lol. I wanted to ask how your dog was doing? I saw you changed your pic and wanted to make sure all was good. I haven't seen an update or it's possible I missed it.
  10. That's really cool to see. I'm glad you stuck with it for us to see. That's neat how it "woke" back up.
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