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  1. Salinity back where it should be, flooded house cleaned up. Turbo snail now lives in the freezer. I didn't really put the turbo in the ice box, but he is going to the fish store tomorrow. Anything else I can get to gobble up this hair algae?
  2. Alright, calibrated and adjusting tank salinity accordingly. I also just realized I can calibrate with distilled, wife is on her way back from the grocery now. I would have never thought in a million years that this could happen..
  3. A turbo just grabbed on to my overflow float sensor and flooded my tank with RODI. My salinity dropped to 1.020. After I unplugged it, my ATO then syphoned the water back out into my RODI bucket. I recalibrated my refractometer with the rodi bucket, not putting together the fact that it was now tainted with saltwater and made a new salt mix at 1.027 to offset the low salt in the tank. At this point, I have nothing to calibrate with and am certain my tank water isn't anywhere near 1.026. It's 10:00PM and everything is closed. I have no calibration fluid, no RODI water. Can I calibrate, at least roughly, with tap? Is anyone near pittsburgh with RODI, calibration fluid, a calibrated refractometer, or saltwater that they know the SG of that I could meet?? I have a feeling I'm gonna lose the tank on this one...
  4. skrtchsr

    Intro and thanks

    Thanks for the warm welcome! 🙂 I thought I'd share my first world problems that I can't really share with anyone else in the real world because they'd just look at me strange. One, My damn urchin insisting on wearing everything in the tank as a hat. Two, My clownfish that have been hypnotized into believing they're piranha, attacking my hand every time I go into the tank for anything. LOL
  5. skrtchsr

    Intro and thanks

    Hey all! So I've been lurking here for about 6 months now so I figured it was time to say hello and also a big thanks for everyone that contributes to this forum as it's been my main source while starting out in this hobby. I have a 10gallon tank with 2 clowns, a lovely sea urchin named DJ Prickles, a bunch of inverts, and 4 corals. A yellow eye chalice, candycane, a bunch of zoas, and a frogspawn. My setup is super simple as I wanted everything to be handled via bio filter and water changes. I run a single kessil a80, a slightly modified marina slim hob, and 2 koralia 425's on opposite sides of the tank.
  6. skrtchsr

    Urgent Salinity Question

    This is what I'm seeing as well, I just need to calibrate every time. As for topping off, I'm doing it manually for now. Thanks to everyone for replying!
  7. skrtchsr

    Urgent Salinity Question

    Thanks! I plan on posting a bunch more. Tank build and all that.
  8. skrtchsr

    Urgent Salinity Question

    Ok. Thank you! I just checked the temp of my top of RO-DI bucket and it was the same as my tank water due to the heat today so I decided to check the calibration on my refractometer. It was way down. I adjust accordingly and retested my tank water and it's perfect at 1.025. I guess maybe I need a better refractometer? I really don't wanna spend 200 bucks on a digital. Thanks for the quick responses!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm sorry I'm not posting this as a tank build or an introduction but I'm one of those people that are really good at searching instead of posting a new question. To the point. My salinity just dropped to 1.021 and I have NO IDEA why. I understand that my salinity may increase with evap but what could cause it to drop? We did get way hotter today up to 85 degrees. I have a scarlet skunk, 2 turbos, a bunch of nassarius, and an emerald. The tank is a 10g. I'm really hoping my watery friends aren't going to die over night. :/ Please help. Should I adjust now?