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  1. Oh its definitely a hot mess right now. I cranked up the flow and will do a water change today or tomorrow. I turned off the UV sterilizer for now. Was planning on only running it when I needed to.
  2. Second update. The tank went green/cloudy a few days after the blackout so I picked up a cheap UV Sterilizer (AA Green Killing Machine) and ran it for 4 days. This is the before pic: Four days later... Besides the UV sterilizer, I also shorten the light period and lowered the intensity. I'm running just floss right now to "polish" but will turn that off. I also switched back to my MP10s as seen in the "after" pic.
  3. Update on this. I didn't get a chance to get the sand out but I showed pics to my LFS. The owner (very knowledgeable and extremely reputable) was leaning towards it was a bacteria outbreak. I did a 25% water change, 3 day black out, then a 25% water change. These were taken yesterday (one day after the last water change). Front view is clear. Looking through the side still a bit cloudy but much better. Not sure if it was the two water changes or the black out. Still running floss 24/7. I bought three bags of aragonite that I'lll swap out someday.
  4. I had some live rock that I pulled out of my tank. It was in there for maybe a month with just a few snails. I know the beneficial bacterial has died off. Can I add it back into the tank without causing a cycle? There shouldn't have been any other organisms (sponges, etc) to decay. I figure a piece a week? Or should I add in tank water and let it cycle in its bucket?
  5. This is also what is confusing the heck out of me and was leading me to thinking it was bacteria break out. SunSuns are in and new floss last night and this morning. Hopefully it clears up when i get home from the office. If not, I'll go with rinsing the sand this weekend.
  6. I suppose the question now is: 1) Rinse the oolite and hope for the best 2) Go with Petco's sale on aragonite 3) Barebottom I'm actually thinking #2. My LFS has a shrimp/goby pair that are pretty fun to watch. They're in aragonite now and have been building caves.
  7. I probably should change it out more often but its once in the morning and once when i get home from work. No dosing of anything.
  8. Tap water rinse will effectively turn this back into "dead" sand, right? Will I cycle if I introduce it back into the tank?
  9. Dosed another BioMagnet Clarifier and brand new floss before I went on vacation. Had PHs down to the lowest setting. Returned to cloudy tank. Experiment A is going to be switching back to the SunSuns for a few days. If it clears up, then I need to evaluate my next decision. PetCo is having a sale on aragonite and its temping to switch over. The second idea is to tear down this tank and go BB. I need to tear down because I didn't paint the bottom and you can see the crap wood I used for the top of the stand.
  10. This is one single MP10 on at the lowest setting. HOB with floss. Been two days. Still cloudy.
  11. Alrighty, two days after floss and clarifier. I turned the MP10s almost all the way off. This is what it looks like. @seabass's theory of a bacteria bloom might be valid.
  12. Probably not. I had two so I figured "why not". Also like to keep one on constant and the other on lagoon to randomize the flow.
  13. Yup, prior to MP10s, I could stir up the top level of the sand and it would clear up in hours. With the SunSuns, I had one aimed at the surface and one aimed at the bottom. No issues. Arg. I want to keep these MP10s and don't want to change out my sand. Done. I had two packets of the clarifier and am running floss now. If this doesn't work, I am going to turn off the MP10s over night and see if it looks any different in the morning.
  14. This was my initial thought but couldn't figure out if it was bacteria or sand dust. Live stock seem great. Before I put the sand in a few months ago, I did rinse it three or four times. What is crazy for me is that it was clear a few weeks ago and now not so much. It doesn't look like sand grains in the water column. Suppose it could be sand dust.
  15. My tank is a 29G with 2 clowns and a handful of frags (softies/LPS). No skimmer, no sump, no fuge. Nothing fancy. I'm using CaribSea Arag Alive sand (I believe Bahamas Oolite). I cannot seem to get crystal clear water. This was about 5 weeks ago. At the time, my set up was two cheap SunSun 525GPH powerheads. Water was pretty clear. I usually add a HOB with floss for two days and will blast with a turkey blaster to get the crud into the water column. Fast forward until two weeks ago. I switched from the SunSuns to two MP10s. (Note I had redone the rock work after the first pic was taken). For the love of me, I cannot get clear water. This was taken last night. I stopped blasting the sand and only use the HOB with floss. Still extremely cloudy. You can kind of see where the MP10 is in the gif below. They're old school ones but I think they're at around 20-30%. I wouldn't think the placement and power level would kick up sand like that. I tested a few days ago and of course, left my params at home. If memory serves: Salinity: 1.025 Temp: 78* Nitrates: Undetectable Calcium: 380 kH: ~150