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  1. Also, I know you said you don’t like blennys, but look at a Midas blenny. Once they’re acclimated and used to the tank they hover in water column.
  2. Saltwater fish do not have stunted growth because they are in a small tank. A six line has a good chance of eating your small shrimp as it grows.
  3. Urchins lose spines sometimes just like a dog sheds. A few spines isn’t really something to worry about. If it starts dropping a lot of spines you may have an issue with water quality. I know you said your nitrates are 1-2 but you have a lot of algae on the rocks and on the glass that are consuming them before they show up on a test. It’s likely just either full and not expelling energy to move around or it’s found something on the rock it likes and is eating. They will strip the coraline algae off of your rocks, perhaps it found a patch it likes. Its really tough to tell how they are doing, but yours have those sticky feelers out. Looks as healthy as my purple urchin. I periodically find spines from all three of my urchins and have had them for months to years depending on which one.
  4. Probably just at the end of its lifespan. They only live 2-4 years and there is no telling how old it was when it was originally collected. Whereas they are deemed as “reef safe” and claimed to be herbivores, all crabs are omnivorous. If it was starving it would have taken out one of the shrimps or snails. It also takes a while for something like that to starve. Six days wouldn’t have done it. I have had them take fish that sleep in the rocks as well. Personally I don’t trust any crabs in my tank anymore other than porcelain crabs who are predominately filter feeders.
  5. Like Clown79 said regarding the water change, it depends on your nitrate level. It only being 5 gallons though if you have a cheap source of quality saltwater you could do a complete water change if you wanted. My LFS sells saltwater for $1 a gallon and with your size tank it would only cost about $4 for a total water change. Your rock and sand will take up some of the space your water used. The bacteria that make up your biological filter live predominantly in the sand and on the rock, not in the water column. This is why people can do massive water changes and run UV sterilizers without affecting their biological filter. Also make ale sure you are not topping off evaporation with saltwater. The salt doesn’t evaporate so you will keep raising salinity if you do.
  6. If the cat did pee in the tank, which I doubt, the tank will cycle it out. A few things I can think of are did you possibly spill some of the ammonia when you were dosing it and it is in the carpet or wood floor or something? Did the cat get in the room and pee near the tank and someone else in the house found the cat and let it out of the room? Did you spill ammonia on the tank rim or is there buildup on the plastic lid that could be rotting and producing an ammonia smell? Skimmer cup if you have one? ATO reservoir if you have one. Lastly, do you have surface agitation on the tank? I have a 32 gallon brute can that I use for my ro/di station and if it is covered with a lid and no surface movement I have had an ammonia smell with no ammonia showing on the test results. That is with clean fresh water and not salt so it is likely possible with your tank as well.
  7. Usually as long as no algae grows over the exposed skeleton the tissue can grow back. I’m not too familiar with that particular coral to say whether it’s likely or not because I don’t know how delicate it is.
  8. Just watch them but it is probably not an issue if they don’t go back. I have fish that pick at every new frag that comes in until they get whatever microscopic stuff they want off of it. Most of the issues with peppermint shrimp are that they tear open the mouths of corals to get the food from them.
  9. I don’t think it would work properly. It is designed as a gravity fed device. Water overflows from chamber one into the media basket, the basket fills and kind of siphons the water down out of the bottom due to water weight in the top. The media basket doesn’t actually work properly if you have the water level too high in the second chamber either and considering the water level is always at the top of the first chamber, water would just come through the overflow teeth of the back wall and pass right over the media basket if it was in chamber one. This is the same as if you have filter floss in the top of the basket and let it get gunked up. There isn’t enough free flowing water that can be forced through be gravity and the basket just overflows.
  10. I don’t know much about pocillopora, but if everything is healthy it should be fine. Corals go through storms where they don’t see sun for days and survive.
  11. Still a bit blue so I will do my best. Purple people eaters are purple with a green skirt and mouth. PPE also may have a white line going down the stalks when closed. Jokers are purple with a green skirt and purple mouth. You can google joker palys and purple people eaters and see if them match. If not describe them, oral disc, mouth and skirt color.
  12. This. If you want a chance at finding a common or flashy name attached to these, you should turn off the blue lights and take a pic with the white lights.
  13. Cobalt aquatics maxi jet 1200. Spend the extra and get the cobalt over the Marineland. They have better impellers.
  14. Are you on city water or well water?