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  1. Sbrown325

    Need more blue & purple corals

    Purple torch’s are nice.
  2. Sbrown325


    Amazing acro is that a Walt Disney?
  3. Sbrown325

    Did I not buy a bta?

    +1 sancho definitely a Condy
  4. Sbrown325

    New addition

    Gold Tip Chocolate Aussie torch.
  5. Sbrown325

    Looking to get back in hobby. Need advice

    Red Sea max nano
  6. Sbrown325

    Screwy Refractometer

    I recently made the mistake of not shaking the calibration fluid bottle before using it. Causes a low reading if not properly mixed before use. Also Be sure to rinse with rodi and dry with a lint free cloth.
  7. Sbrown325

    ID this little bugger

    +1 Max nano
  8. Sbrown325


    Red Sea Aptasia X
  9. especially if you were dosing anything in the ATO like Kalk
  10. sorry for your loss. +1 w/patback
  11. Sbrown325

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I like and use the Afan in the back of my AIO frag tank.
  12. Sbrown325

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I would first try some cheap fans from amazon to see if that helps your issue. Personally I run the chill solutions on my nano 20g. Works perfectly! Just know if you run a chiller the heat dissipates into the room. I use to run a bigger chiller on my old 55g an I had to run the ac because the heat that the chiller was putting off would raise the ambient room temp even higher.
  13. Sbrown325

    High nitrates after water change?

    Here’s my .02 if you have filter socks, sponges, any other type of mechanical filtration that hasn’t been cleaned since the tank has been set up. There is a possibility they could be turning into nitrate factories. From rotting food an detritus build up.