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  1. Sbrown325

    Shift change

    Thanks for all your advice. @specore I think that’s a really good plan of attack to my issue. Thanks again.
  2. Sbrown325

    Shift change

    Hey reefers, I recently changed shifts from third to second. My lights are scheduled to come on at 11am when I got up an off at 8pm when I left for work. I was wondering if a lighting schedule change to accommodate viewing while I am home would be ok?
  3. Sbrown325

    Need more blue & purple corals

    Purple torch’s are nice.
  4. Sbrown325


    Amazing acro is that a Walt Disney?
  5. Sbrown325

    Did I not buy a bta?

    +1 sancho definitely a Condy
  6. Sbrown325

    New addition

    Gold Tip Chocolate Aussie torch.
  7. Sbrown325

    Looking to get back in hobby. Need advice

    Red Sea max nano
  8. Sbrown325

    Screwy Refractometer

    I recently made the mistake of not shaking the calibration fluid bottle before using it. Causes a low reading if not properly mixed before use. Also Be sure to rinse with rodi and dry with a lint free cloth.
  9. Sbrown325

    ID this little bugger

    +1 Max nano
  10. Sbrown325


    Red Sea Aptasia X
  11. especially if you were dosing anything in the ATO like Kalk
  12. sorry for your loss. +1 w/patback
  13. Sbrown325

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I like and use the Afan in the back of my AIO frag tank.
  14. Sbrown325

    Help! Aquarium water too hot

    I would first try some cheap fans from amazon to see if that helps your issue. Personally I run the chill solutions on my nano 20g. Works perfectly! Just know if you run a chiller the heat dissipates into the room. I use to run a bigger chiller on my old 55g an I had to run the ac because the heat that the chiller was putting off would raise the ambient room temp even higher.