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  1. Should clear up just give it a little time. Goodluck!
  2. I personally just used a normal light schedule when cycling. More feedback would be great tho!
  3. Glad to see its doing fine. This made me chuckle not gonna lie, never seen this happen before
  4. My previous tank got wiped because of dinos. Best of luck !
  5. Following. Have been looking to add a sump to my tank but havent found the right sources
  6. I was looking into the eshopps nano as well. Still looking around atm..
  7. Great looking tank. Always wanted a big setup like this. Hope everything is going smoothly!
  8. IM or Red Sea. Goodluck with the new build my friend 🙂
  9. Thank you STevie for the tips!! Much Appreciated
  10. You should be fine 👍Previously well fed fish can live for up to 2 weeks without food. Not saying to test it out but worst case scenario you should be okay!
  11. Nice. Hope progression has been smooth!
  12. Amazing setup. Def a long term goal for me
  13. Great build! Cant wait to see the progression 😁
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