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  1. I think the main issue with her previous parter was that they were quite similar in size. She might feel more comfortable with a fish that she feels will not challenge her. We'll see how she goes. Thanks for the help!
  2. Next time I'm at my lfs, I'll ask the owner to pick out one of those for me. Not sure how often he goes to the breeder, but i think it's the best bet. Thanks!
  3. I'm glad to hear that you had success with your clowns. There are so many stories online about people having trouble adding a second clown to their established one. I do think people are more likely to post when they have a problem, rather than when everything is running smooth, and their fish are getting along.
  4. I had not thought of many of your points. I am pretty adamant about the quarantine period when buying from an lfs, but I will keep an eye out with local hobbyists, i would be willing to do shorter qt's when buying from somebody who looks like they take care of their tank. I will probably end up placing an acclimation box, and just before releasing him I will move around the rock work to confuse my female. Thanks for your advice, gave me a few options I had not even considered. 😀
  5. Hi all, so I've been wanting to get my clown fish a mate for a while now, but for various circumstances I have not gotten around to it. I know it can be quite challenging adding a second clown when the first has been established for a while. I think it might be particularly iffy with my female, seeing as she helped kill her previous partner while they were both in quarantine (he also seemed to be a bit sick). I do have a contingency plan when adding the new fish to my display, which mainly includes getting an acclimation box so she can't hurt him too much. My main dilemma is on how to keep a new clown from sexually maturing while he is in qt. I plan on getting as small a fish as i can (a local lfs has access to a local breeder). I plan on doing a 6 week quarantine, which from what i've read, might be long enough to have a clown sexually mature. Are there any methods you guys have tried and had success? I was thinking on sticking an image of a large clown fish to the glass, but I'm unsure on how successful this would be. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Oops, I was not aware. 😅 Thanks for the correction!
  7. Thanks good sir! I just wanted a second opinion before I went off and did something stupid.
  8. I just got a couple of clown fish from my lfs, i have them in a 10 g quarantine setup with a piece of marine pure from my display tank for filtration. I am going to do a prophylactic treatment of the fish. I have a bottle of cupramine, a bottle of rid ich plus, but have yet to purchase prazipro. I was planning on dosing the cupramine for any ich or velvet , then the prazipro which I will most likely purchase from BRS, and finally with the rid ich plus to be safe from brooklynella. My question is: can I dose the prazipro while the cupramine is still in the tank? Or should I wait until I finish with the cupramine?
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