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  1. Let’s just hope it has some uncanny spidey abilities and lives another day to fight injustice... and the evil Mr Crab... bwahaha
  2. Sounds like something from a nightmare
  3. Well, sad news... I lost my cleaner shrimp last night. 😢 It molted on Thursday and then it was looking sluggish yesterday evening, and died last night. It’s probably not a bad thing for Waldo, because that shrimp did really like to clean the butthole of sea hares, and I can’t imagine it felt too good to them being poked and prodded like that. 😳 I actually really wanted to rehome the shrimp a few months back because it seriously perturbed some of my corals, and the fish always avoided it, but I wasn’t able to catch it, and then the shrimp started to grow on me and was a pretty awesome photobomber. I checked my nitrates and phosphates after discovering the shrimp had died - nitrates were 12 (the usual), phosphates were 1.38. That’s the highest end of the spectrum for phosphates in my tank and would explain the recent increase in algae. It has been that high in the past. I was already due to change out my Chemipure Elite and Purigen this weekend, so I will stick with that plan. Also, I used some Phosphate RX last night, in the amount designed to bring phosphates down by 0.5, and low and behold, the sinularia is looking much happier this morning. This is interesting to see.... it may seem like a no brainer, but I hadn’t identified high phosphates as the problem with the sinularia before because I have other sinularia pieces (from the same original colony) on rocks on my sandbed and they haven’t been wilted, so I was thinking the wilting was specific to something going on at that specific spot (the aiptasia at it’s base, the aiptasia X, or the proximity to the ever growing Kenya tree). So... good reason to monitor my phosphates more closely. The NOPOX dosing seems to do a good job keeping my nitrates in check, but not the phosphates.
  4. Yeah, maybe he would have been fine with it on, but I didn’t want to take the chance. I really like that Jebao OW-10 powerhead. It’s compact, you can adjust the angle, and it has very adjustable flow patterns fairly similar to the Vortech MP10 at a small fraction of the price. I also have a Vortech MP10 that I paid a pretty penny for, but it’s now just sitting in its box in my cabinet because I prefer the OW-10 due to being able to angle it. The one thing I liked better about the Vortech was that it was easier to clean because you don’t have to unplug it to remove/clean the wet side. Also, if you are going to house a BTA, the Vortech comes with a foam cover that can protect the inflow... you could probably sort out some kind of cover for the Jebao too, but it doesn’t come with it. But for someone with a Biocube with the lid still on it, I would probably recommend the Jebao plus investing in a Chill Solutions chiller rather than forking out the money for an MP10. Yeah, I think sea hares are so cool... I have quite a bit of algae to feed him for the time being, but they are voracious eaters so he’ll probably need to be rehomed in the next week. I need to try nori sheets to see if he shows any interest; I’d love to keep him longer term.
  5. And a couple other pics I liked. The sinularia has been wilted for a few weeks since some aiptasia started growing at its base, I had doused the aiptasia with aiptasia X to no avail, and also they Kenya tree had gotten so big it was really touching it a lot. One of the sinularia pieces fell off the rock while it was wilted, and it’s sitting in the sandbed waiting to be placed back on the rock if conditions seem to improve. The berghias haven’t touched that aiptasia site yet, but I trimmed the Kenya tree back. Once I added some extra carbon to the back chamber, the sinularia seemed to start perking back up, but it’s still not fully recovered.
  6. As if Waldo the sea hare heard your question the other day, he did a little demonstration yesterday afternoon. Luckily I work from home, so when I saw him climb on the powerhead I turned it off...not sure if he could have been harmed if I hadn’t turned it off. I’ve had snails clean it while running without a problem. He was definitely attracted by all the algae growing on it though, and he really cleaned it up nicely. 🙂
  7. So, I got those Berghia Nudibranchs last week, added them to the tank, then I never saw them again... it seemed like I was seeing less aiptasia but I really couldn’t say for sure if they were just retracting or if I was just imagining it. I was wondering if maybe the berghias just shriveled up and died due to the high nitrates and phosphates in my system. But yesterday I got up early to get an early start to my day, the lights hadn’t quite come on yet, and I spotted one, in the act of munching on an aiptasia! I shined a flashlight on it right after I spotted it and that little bugger was fast... it made a beeline right for a crevice in the rock. I was barely able to snap a crummy pic, but here it is, proof they’re still in there! Haha
  8. Woke up yesterday morning to discover the power had been out during the night. Pumps had come back on, but lights were still out and I thought my firefish was dead at first... thankfully it was still just sleeping, and everyone was fine. Took a few pics as the lights ramped up after I reprogrammed... I was so relieved.
  9. Here we goooo!!! Looking really good. So excited to see how you stock it. I think the space up top is nice for starting out... and agree with Jackal’s ideas about gorgs or leathers being good options, or you might find corals that come on a rock rather than a plug and add more height.
  10. Wow, great lenses PLUS a really nice case!!! That’s the way to go. My four sets of lenses are sitting in boxes and definitely hard to protect from dust and scratches. Good find, Krish... thanks for telling us about it!!
  11. Hi there, as Snow mentioned I have a captive bred mandarin in my Biocube 16. I was thinking though that you may want to check out @hinnenkm‘s thread... I haven’t seen a recent update, but I know she had a really cool tank with seahorses, ruby reds, a pipefish, and a captive bred mandarin.
  12. Yeah my acans took out my beautiful long tentacle plate one night. 😞 Not really sure what’s going on with your torch, hopefully some more experienced people will chime in.
  13. Yay for the crab!!! And your toadstool is gorgeous! 😍
  14. Beautiful torch. You sure about your nitrate results? If that’s not the usual range, maybe try to double check? Is the torch super close to that acan, or is that just the angle of your pic?
  15. Sorry I don’t have time to read all the replies cuz I need to go get ready for work, but I wanted to chime in that I really like getting both Tigger Pods and Apex Pods from my LFSs from Reef Nutrition.... not sure if you can get those in Canada... I like that they seem to be pure cultures. I got a sh##ton of baby bristleworms when I got an order of chaeto with pods in it, so I would not go that route again personally.
  16. Yes, so one thing I’ve observed in both of my tanks is that, not only does it look nice, but the Caribsea Liferock seems to resist algae growth in my tanks (though not hydroid growth). I’ve actually been allowing algae to grow on my Flipper in my Nuvo 10 to observe this very thing. The Nuvo is 9 months old. Check it out, obviously there is algae in my tank, along with the nutrients to sustain it. I have both decorative macro algae of three types that I intentionally added to the tank, along with the nuisance algae that is growing on the Flipper... despite all that algae on the Flipper, it doesn’t seem to grow on the Liferock. Bubble algae did grow on the Liferock, but it was easily brought under control by an Emerald Crab from Reefcleaners. And interestingly, I also do not seem to get much coralline growth in either of my tanks. I’d be curious to hear other people’s experiences with Liferock and algae growth... obviously it could just be something specific to my tanks. Or just good luck that the algae hasn’t spread to the rock yet.
  17. Me too! Caribsea Liferock - highly recommend!!!
  18. Haha that is a great pic! But just give him some time...
  19. Well ... that branching GSP sure looks happy... 😬😂
  20. Sure, but emeralds are so awesome! I think my emeralds may be my favorite tank inhabitants at this time actually. But I do agree... I was also able to remove bubble algae manually in my Biocube.
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