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  1. Hi there, as Snow mentioned I have a captive bred mandarin in my Biocube 16. I was thinking though that you may want to check out @hinnenkm‘s thread... I haven’t seen a recent update, but I know she had a really cool tank with seahorses, ruby reds, a pipefish, and a captive bred mandarin.
  2. Yeah my acans took out my beautiful long tentacle plate one night. 😞 Not really sure what’s going on with your torch, hopefully some more experienced people will chime in.
  3. Yay for the crab!!! And your toadstool is gorgeous! 😍
  4. Beautiful torch. You sure about your nitrate results? If that’s not the usual range, maybe try to double check? Is the torch super close to that acan, or is that just the angle of your pic?
  5. Sorry I don’t have time to read all the replies cuz I need to go get ready for work, but I wanted to chime in that I really like getting both Tigger Pods and Apex Pods from my LFSs from Reef Nutrition.... not sure if you can get those in Canada... I like that they seem to be pure cultures. I got a sh##ton of baby bristleworms when I got an order of chaeto with pods in it, so I would not go that route again personally.
  6. Yes, so one thing I’ve observed in both of my tanks is that, not only does it look nice, but the Caribsea Liferock seems to resist algae growth in my tanks (though not hydroid growth). I’ve actually been allowing algae to grow on my Flipper in my Nuvo 10 to observe this very thing. The Nuvo is 9 months old. Check it out, obviously there is algae in my tank, along with the nutrients to sustain it. I have both decorative macro algae of three types that I intentionally added to the tank, along with the nuisance algae that is growing on the Flipper... despite all that algae on the Flipper, it doesn’t seem to grow on the Liferock. Bubble algae did grow on the Liferock, but it was easily brought under control by an Emerald Crab from Reefcleaners. And interestingly, I also do not seem to get much coralline growth in either of my tanks. I’d be curious to hear other people’s experiences with Liferock and algae growth... obviously it could just be something specific to my tanks. Or just good luck that the algae hasn’t spread to the rock yet.
  7. Me too! Caribsea Liferock - highly recommend!!!
  8. Haha that is a great pic! But just give him some time...
  9. Well ... that branching GSP sure looks happy... 😬😂
  10. Sure, but emeralds are so awesome! I think my emeralds may be my favorite tank inhabitants at this time actually. But I do agree... I was also able to remove bubble algae manually in my Biocube.
  11. Oh and I should qualify my reply by pointing out (as you know, Clown, but others that read your thread may not) my tank is mainly softies and NPS... I typically run higher nitrates and phosphates... of course some corals require lower nitrates and phosphates, so it really depends on what else is in your tank.
  12. I wouldn’t personally... I’d probably leave as is. But when my phosphates get really high and I start to get more algae I use Phosphate RX and it precipitates the phosphates out (you have to have a skimmer or filter sock though to remove the precipitate). Marc Levenson (Melev) has a nice video on Phosphate RX, if you want to know more about it.
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