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  1. banasophia

    Sadies Biocube 16

    I love your new corals, and glad your green toadstool is recovered! 🙂 For feeding, I just checked a book I have The 101 Best Nano-Reef Species. It suggests for clownfish feed meaty and vegetable foods at least twice a day, color enhancing foods can help maintain its bright colors. For a citron clown goby (I think that’s what you have?) it says feed frozen cyclops, finely shaved table shrimp, and frozen food for carnivores... in a reef tank it can be fed once a day...
  2. banasophia

    HELP! Putty side effects?

    Happen to have been looking at the same thing a few minutes ago. Says to turn off skimmer for 36 hours after use.
  3. banasophia

    Same clownfish morph or two different ones?

    I personally prefer two of the same type.
  4. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    So sad, and bizarre. Well I guess I would test for stray currents, check pH, keep an eye on your temp, make sure you don’t have any spoiled fish food, avoid getting new fish for a while in case it is a parasite/disease... Did the deaths coincide with water change day at all? Any chance there’s something in the water supply, like chemicals from your water treatment facility? I’m assuming the clowns have been your only fish?
  5. banasophia

    Jinxed Myself - First Bristleworm Sighting

    This thread is from over a month ago... I’ve moved on. Thanks.
  6. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    Nice article: http://www.yamatogreen.com/dyingfish.htm
  7. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    Do you have anything on a timer that only happens at night? Could it be a type of food you don’t feed all the time?
  8. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    Ah, so you didn’t remove all the rock to inspect....so there could possibly be a predator? Or even one that was hiding in the nooks and crannies of the rock you did inspect. Did the fish have any signs of injury when you found them? And you said the other four clownfish that died also died at night, right? No signs of disease or injury?
  9. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    How about some kind of toxin getting introduced into the tank, but only sometimes... like a cleaning chemical or spray? Something at night?
  10. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

  11. banasophia

    Is this safe?

    I have two clowns, a firefish, and my mandarin which is a biota mandarin from Live Aquaria. I’ve only had him since 4/2, so I can’t say yet how he will do long term, but so far so good. He comes up to the surface to eat, which is unusual for a mandarin. I think he started doing it in the beginning to eat the live baby brine shrimp and copepods that were attracted to the lights at the surface, and he got used to slurping up the pellets at the same time. I feed pellets twice a day and once a day I also feed live baby brine shrimp which I hatch in a Shrimpery, or frozen foods. I add copepods at least once every month. I have one of my back chambers set up as a refugium with chaeto and a media bag full of matrix rock, I also have a rubble pile in the back corner of my tank. When I got him, I was prepared to try any and everything to figure out what he would eat... tried a brine shrimp feeder, a mandarin diner, tons of different foods.
  12. banasophia

    Is this safe?

    I think the usual recommendation for water changes is 10% once per week... I do a 2 gallon water change on my 16 gallon tank once or sometimes twice per week, but I feed my tank really heavily due to having sun corals and a Mandarin dragonet. (And I do run a skimmer, and I like it.)
  13. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    Also, I would think that stray voltage could potentially affect fish first if it’s passing through the heart or nervous system of the fish...
  14. banasophia

    My fish keep dying

    That seems sensible, but wouldn’t a fish parasite cause symptoms first? Sounds like all of these fish have appeared healthy then died suddenly during the night. If she hadn’t already taken the tank apart looking for some kind of hidden predator, that’s what I would have thought to look for...
  15. banasophia

    Fish Sitter - Going Rate?

    What kind of setup do you have @specore?