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  1. banasophia

    Where to start recovering a neglected tank?

    Haha I was picturing it being distilled by babies!
  2. banasophia

    Pez's Reef 2.0

    Yes that’s how I decided on a biocube - curious cat! What did you use to snip it?
  3. banasophia

    Can't get rid of cyano

  4. banasophia

    Can you help read this test

    Oh good, that’s how I would have read it! Those things make me feel so colorblind.
  5. banasophia

    In-tank pod condo?

    So, when I first got my little guy about 7 weeks ago, I was prepared to try anything to feed him. I added pods to my tank, tried to use a glass jar with a small opening for him to swim into, and tried to make a baby brine shrimp feeder. I started hatching baby brine shrimp, culturing copepods, and bought tons of different types of foods to try. The main issue is that their mouths are so tiny when you get them; they don’t seem to be able to eat all the things you might hope for. In the beginning, I had the most success target feeding frozen baby brine shrimp, in the area near the bottom of my tank where he liked to hang out the most. As time went on, he seemed to become more at ease, and I discovered that when I sprinkled whole and crushed tiny pellets onto the surface with the pump and MP10 off when the blue lights were on, copepods were attracted to the food, and Finnick started swimming up to the surface to feed. Not sure if he was going for the pods, or the pellets, or both, but he started swimming around up there with my other fish. So now I sometimes add some pods, newly hatched brine shrimp, frozen, or flake (in addition to always giving some of the pellets), and he swims up there every time (as long as the white lights and pump are off). I do often turn on the MP10 (with the pump still off) for part of the feeding time, to swirl the food around, and he usually remains at the surface for that. My little guy seems to be growing well, hopefully this will continue. I think these captive bred Biota mandarins seem like they may be more assertive feeders... it will be interesting to see how successful they are as more people gain experience raising them! Would love to see pics of your little one, if you are able to get a decent shot. Also, is it a male or female? I just figured out how to post a video on YouTube so I could post this:
  6. banasophia

    In-tank pod condo?

  7. banasophia

    Can you help read this test

    Is it particles, or pods?
  8. banasophia

    Can you help read this test

    But seriously... this is why I had to get some Hanna checkers and a Milwaukee... I have such a hard time differentiating the colors with the API test kits. Great idea to post pictures and ask for help! 👍
  9. banasophia

    Can you help read this test

    The question is, if it has teats, can you milk it? 😳😼
  10. banasophia

    Pez's Reef 2.0

    Wow that is niiice! How did you make that cover?
  11. banasophia

    Fiji Yellow Splitting, or Unhappy?

    Yes, I really love Fiji yellows. I wish I’d kept the baby that came with this one. When I got it, it had a small green mossy looking thing at the base that I thought was just a little piece of moss-like algae, but turned out to be (I think) a tunicate... I removed it after the leather started shriveling 2 weeks ago... not sure if it was in any way related to the shriveling. I sure hope it bounces back!
  12. banasophia

    Smacks IM10

    Lookin good!!!
  13. banasophia

    In-tank pod condo?

    Yeah, that sounds like what my little guy did at first too. I was so worried at first and tried so may food and feeding options. I’ll post more details this evening, but my little guy likes copepods, fresh hatched baby brine shrimp, and tiny pellet food that I sprinkle on the water and crush some up with my fingers into a fine powder and sprinkle... he swims around the surface hoovering up the mix of all three things like a tiny cute vacuum.
  14. banasophia

    Long Tentacle toadstool

    Haha that’s what I felt like when I met up with someone from my local Facebook reefing group in the parking lot of our LFS to swap frags! 😂
  15. banasophia

    20g Nuvo (thread redo)

    That is so cool that your plate is making babies! I’m going to need to read up on plate reproduction!! How many baby plates are we talking about? Will you have a full set of china soon? 😬😂 Sorry, couldn’t resist that one... so corny haha.