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  1. Sounds like you must have a story to tell haha.
  2. See ... party!!!! Good time to come back @TheBig053!
  3. I’m calm, just gettin loopy as I cook up some turkey day goodness. 🤪
  4. Who are you haha!!! Don’t think we’ve met since I’ve been frequenting this place. 😂😜
  5. Niiice I saw you just post in another thread... hoped you’d come join the thanksgiving eve party here in your lounge thread!!! 💛
  6. banasophia

    Saxplayer’s 16g LED Biocube

    I have way more than that... got the recommended snail only cuc from reef cleaners...I don’t think they do that much for the film algae though, that’s all about the flipper scraper.
  7. In another thread? Let me know where so I can go get ‘em there too haha. I don’t mind I’m just totally kidding around and obviously like to debate. Makes me sad Tasha got upset though... I hope it wasn’t something I said.
  8. I love that gofundme thread! Well... I pretty much took it over, and love it when you guys post on it too!!! Good times. I just started drinking but damn I mixed a strong one... I’ll be catching up fast!
  9. Well I just joined... only posted like 6 posts so far haha... don’t think I’ve made troll status yet. But I love to troll those meanies in the makeshift lounge haha. 😁
  10. Are you calling me an Instagram troll??? 😂
  11. Totally did. 😬😊 Well TBH I think I just popped it in and watched it for a minute...
  12. banasophia

    Saxplayer’s 16g LED Biocube

    Well if it was me I wouldn’t worry about it, I would just scrape the glass twice a day... look at Marc Levensen’s tanks from the link I posted... he has amazing tanks and I really look up to him... he said there may be times of the year that you need to clean the glass daily or even twice a day. Your tank looks great to me aside from the film algae on the glass so personally I wouldn’t worry about it. I notice that people mess up their tanks sometimes trying to correct minor problems, so I usually try to just roll with it when it’s something minor... but, that’s just my strategy.
  13. That thing was like $30-35/pound!!! I’m back in California now, so I get mine from my grandad’s butcher these days where it runs maybe $15/pound dry aged for three weeks, boned and tied, special order. Still pricey, but worth the splurge for our main family gathering of the year.
  14. Ah man well that was my thought on the prime rib idea too! I grew up having dry aged prime rib with Yorkshire pudding for Christmas at my grandparents’ place every year. The first year I tried to make it myself for my hubby’s side of the family while we were living in Baltimore, my grandad gave instructions on how to order it in advance from the butcher... I placed my order and went to pick up the roast a few weeks later, right before Christmas. The butcher brought it out and carefully placed it in my cart for me, commenting that he wished he was coming to my house for dinner. I thought that seemed a little weird, but that he was just making friendly butcher talk and so I chuckled and rolled off with my cart and my roast. Then, I looked down in the cart and saw the price on that thing: $385!!!!! That roast was specially prepared just for us, so I didn’t feel like I could just back out, but holy crap!!! I called the hubby to tell him and figure out what the heck to do about it. We decided we just needed to take a deep breath (and a second mortgage haha) and go with it, but lesson learned on asking for the price in advance going forward!!! That was the most expensive meal I ever cooked!!!