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  1. banasophia

    Favorite Salt Mix?

    People often mention that about Red Sea Coral Pro, but the comparison tables I’ve seen showing parameters for several salt brands seem to indicate that alk is even higher with Reef Crystals... not sure if I’m missing something? What was your experience?
  2. banasophia

    Biocube 14 heat problems

    Haha my kid’s not too helpful either... hard enough to get her to do water changes on her own freshwater. 😉 Here’s a link to the info about the chiller... as chillers go it’s reasonable, but it’s still quite an expenditure. So far I feel like it was a good investment. I have seen someone post a pic of mounting a small fan aiming into the feeding window, they said it helped. Others have said they use something to prop the lid open a little bit. Both those methods seem like they could keep with allowing a bit of evaporative cooling. Then of course you’ll need to keep an eye on the tank and top it up with RODI/distilled. Also, here’s a picture of a fan that I thought might have some potential for our tank, though I never tried it:
  3. banasophia

    Krish's Nano Mixed Reef

    Well not sure about the diatom situation, but I do find everything seems to grow faster with the AI Prime, including algae.
  4. banasophia

    Krish's Nano Mixed Reef

    Nice! New lights doing their thing already!!!
  5. banasophia

    Krish's Nano Mixed Reef

    I’d like to give a big shout out to you, Krish, for helping me troubleshoot my pump issue this morning!!! Seems I must have lost one of the small pieces when cleaning my pump and putting it back together last night. Back up pump is now up and running, and replacement pump is on order from Amazon. Many thanks, Krish!!!
  6. banasophia

    Krish's Nano Mixed Reef

    Ah sorry I missed your post before. The woman from Coralife said people typically put the heater in chamber 1, but she did say that as long as you keep the water level consistently up in chamber 3 it should be fine. Looking nice, Krish!
  7. Thanks, I’ve been really happy with it so far... seems to be a good investment for a nano with a lid that can’t take advantage of evaporative cooling like a lidless tank can. Hopefully it will continue to work well. A couple of additional observations I wanted to add: I did blow a ton of dust out of the fan when I was just moving my tank out to get the pics I just posted; it would probably be a good idea to blow the dust out periodically. It seems like it could be a hazard to get long hair stuck in the fan when leaning over the tank, so exercise caution (I always have to remind my daughter) and consider using the optional wall mount bracket and mounting it so hair won’t hang down into it. It’s also an issue that the current location next to my tank is at risk for water spills during water changes. I currently just prop something over it (the box it came in) during water changes to protect it, but mounting it on the wall should take care of that issue as well. I do have the wall mounting bracket, I just haven’t gotten around to installing it yet. I was thinking I was going to take the chiller out after the summer, but decided to keep it going since my tank is fairly close to my fireplace. Made it through the summer, now I can’t wait for the winter and being able to enjoy both my tank and fireplace! I’ll never want to leave my cozy family room! I’ll post pics if/when I install it on the bracket on the wall.
  8. Here’s a picture... yellow is the stock pump, blue is the chiller pump, green is the end of the return hose from the chiller, red arrows are warmer water, white arrows are chilled water:
  9. banasophia

    Open to suggestions!

    I like the idea of acans... just started adding them myself and they grow well under my AI Prime and so pretty. I think an orange one would look extra nice in that spot too, but there are many colors to choose from. I also do like Ricordea Floridas, and have a little garden of them in two spots in my Biocube, but they are slow to fill in as others have mentioned. May grow faster under an AI Prime though. You can frag them, but I haven’t tried it. I’ve had a couple split, and I have what I think are a couple of tiny baby rics from spawning in the last 6 months.
  10. Thanks for checking in on this. I sent you a pm earlier, but thought it would be good to post here too for anyone else considering one. The chiller is still working great for me. BTW, it says it’s designed for tanks up to 30 gallons, for anyone else considering it with a bigger tank... it appears that the size of the tank determines the amount of cooling it can provide, so see their website for more details. I ordered the install kit with it... it had the tubing, the u tubes, clamps, and a pump, so it’s on a separate pump that I just tossed in the third chamber on top of my regular pump, but not attached in any way. It pulls the water out of the third chamber, cools it, and dumps it back into the third chamber. https://www.chillsolutions.com/products/csxc-1-install-kit They do not include the owner manual/instructions with the chiller, you have to find it on their website. Here’s what they say about it. (I wish they would at least include a little card that says that along with the chiller, prompting people to look for it... took me a minute to think of searching their site.) INSTRUCTION MANUAL In an effort to be more environmentally friendly we do not print or ship an instruction manual with the chiller. A link to download the manual can be found below, and we are always available to answer any questions you may have. Heres a video about it that shows the install kit that I used, but mentions you can also install it inline with your filter or sump. I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Here’s another pic of it in my tank:
  11. banasophia

    My first saltwater tank: 10G rimless "The Island"

    Yes, I really like this one too. I especially love that Tonga piece, it really stands out as a centerpiece of your scape so the ones that feature it are my faves. In fact the thing I don’t like as much about this scape is that much of the Tonga piece will be covered if you add sand, so I think I like some of the others with it higher up better.
  12. banasophia

    Official Mandarin and Dragonet Show off thread

    Hi Doug, I think Tisbe biminiensis (Tisbe) and Apocyclops panamensis (Apex) pods are generally thought to be better types because mandarins typically hunt for pods in the rockwork, though my Biota mandarin does eat from the surface as well so I also use Tigriopus californicus (Tigger) pods for him. I like the Reef Nutrition brand personally because I’m able to get them at my LFSs, but I’ve also had good experience ordering online as well.
  13. Those Stax look like they would be really fun to aquascape with... liking your ideas so far, and interested to see this tank in action.
  14. banasophia

    Krish's Nano Mixed Reef

    Really nice to see the transformation. Planning any new additions or changes In the near future, or just giving everything some time to grow and fill in?
  15. banasophia

    Firefish's 10G rimless "The Island"

    Wow. You have a good eye for aquascaping... they are all awesome! Have you decided on one yet? What an experience than must have been! Very cool that you were able to save the rock to create a really special reef tank!! I’ve snorkeled, but never done any scuba diving... would love to do that one day. I have to say that Lake Tanganyika had some great fish for eating... some of the best meals I’ve ever had. And I have a hilarious memory of eating the fish eyes there to impress my Peace Corps friends - never do that, very gross! though it didn’t seem unusual at the time since I routinely ate caterpillars and flying ants, and choked down bush rat a couple times haha. I also remember having my first fresh picked mango at the outdoor market in Mpulungu, right on the shore of the lake, so juicy and amazing... You probably have lots of good stories to tell as well. I never went in the water at Lake Tanganyika because the part of the lake I visited had huge crocodiles that actually killed some kids in the time I was living there... it was always rather terrifying to take the rickety little wooden boats to the lodge that we stayed at sometimes... we often had to bail out the water as we went. Usually we tried to avoid that by taking the dirt road instead... took longer, but seemed much, much safer. Here’s a picture I just dug up of my favorite mud hut on the road to the lake: