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  1. Thanks man, i was thinking it was a micromussa, but the "montipora" on the other hand...
  2. Hello guys! I just brought home two frags from a LFS, though they didnt know the name of the acan nor the exact montipora name. The latter is important, as i'd like to know how to expect the montipora to grow. I'll leave some pictures, thanks guys!
  3. Nice update! very strange though. So he never had any issues again? nor with the cuc?
  4. D'oh, read the whole thread and answered my question haha. Thanks! That upgrade though... What a dream of a tank! post pictures as soon as its set up! Will be looking forward to it. Cheers!
  5. Well, thanks a lot! I'll take your schedule as a base and work on mine. BTW how many coral moon box do you use for that tank?
  6. My aquarium is an AIO, so the filter is in the back of it. I think the return pump is 156 g/h. The tank is around 12 gal.
  7. Hello guys! Its been a while, time for an update maybe. All have been going well. added livestock. For corals I have green hammer, a pink tipped frogspawn, some plain green-yellowish palys, christmas favia and a kenia tree. For fish/inverts I'm housing a YWG, a hermit and an astrea snail. All look quite happy. For the filtration, i left the first chamber with some filter floss, middle chamber with the heater and a little bag of carbon, and third chamber return pump. Got rid of the hood and switched to a coral moon, that has worked out quite well. As for maintenance, the glass gets cleaned when I think its not looking good, maybe twice a week. rocks get turkeybasted before water changes, and also feed everyone before WC. Sand gets partially cleaned if needed be. Water changes happen every one or two weeks and I try to clean pretty well when i do them. I have been adding AF Pro Bio S every 2 days, a drop, as i had a little cyano from last weekend when someone (nobody confessed, but I guess who was the culprit) fed like crazy with coral food and fish food while I was away for the weekend. Bummer. Aside from that, the tank has been looking quite happy, things are growing. I don't test really often, only when something looks off, and I top off every day.Thinking of getting an aussie gold torch, as one of my lfs are bringing some next week. This picure is from a last week. I'll be posting more! hahaha. Cheers!
  8. Hello! Glad you got back into the hobby. I'm quite new, having set up my tank in april/may for the first time. But to keep it really simple, all filtration I have is just some filter floss that gets changed every 2-3 days, and a little carbon. This has worked wonders for me, I have a few corals, a yellow watchman goby, an astrea snail and a hermit, and the hermit has molted, the hammer is splitting and growing a new head (got it as a tiny frag), and all seems happy. Water changes every one (small) or two weeks (large). If it ain't broke, don't fix it! :) This said, i'm a TOTAL NEWB to this.
  9. Hello Paneubert! And thank you for the tip. I actually did rinse and clean it with water, and it did lose a lot of material, making it WAY more porous (as in the hermit has many many nooks and mini caves to hide in). It has been set up and running for a few months now, added some corals (branching hammer, kenya tree and some palys) but still no fish. I plan on adding a little bit more corals before adding one or two clowns (ideal would be orange and black, but maybe it wont be possible due to small aquarium). Cheers!
  10. Hey Guys! I have been cycling my tank for over a month, and now it seems to be ready, params are good and there is already a snail lurking around in there. I would like some help or ideas on coral placement, since i dont know ehere to place what yet. Some corals i'd like to have are hammer, LOVE acans, some different colored favites, maybe some montis. Like trumpets aswell, and i dont want to have zoas. Here is a picture, and thanks in advance guys!! (first one to go in im thinking will be the hammer frag).
  11. Great thanks guys! So would ghost feeding do the trick? or is it better to get like pure liquid ammonia?
  12. Hello guys! Just started to cycle a few days ago following the LFS's advice. Now im doubting a little bit. I have been doing microbacter 7 in the specified amount stated to start a new tank, but i don't know if i should add "another" (as i thought this was included in microbacter7) ammonia source? would ghost feeding flakes be okay? I have not been testing the water for ammonia/nitrite/nitrate, as both LFS i have around did not have them on stock. I tried searching for an answer but am still not 100% clear, so every help is appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Yes i understand this, and thought the Microbacter7 contained all the things necessary to start the cycle (including the ammonia source), and was told a the LFS that i should just add 2 ml (based on my tank size) everyday for two weeks, and it should be ready. (They didn't have test kits available, hope this week they will). So to stay clear, i should add an ammonia source AND dose the microbacter7? Would ghost feeding flakes do the trick? Problem is, here its not the same as Europe or Usa, so its harder to get things online, and if you ship them overseas sometimes its held up by customs or whatever. Sucks! There's a new good looking LFS and online shop that im looking forward to. I had filter wool but as i'm dosing microbacter, thought it might be better not to, so that none of the product gets lost in there. No idea if its good idea or not hahaha. Yes, washed it thoroughly (sp?) for a good few hours under tap water, then let it sun dry most of it. good to know on the lights. No light on at all? i just turned them on today to see how it looked (got them today), but do plan on leaving them mostly off. Looking forward to a frag swap meet coming up, hope to meet some local reefers too!
  14. Hey guys! Im thinking maybe its time for a little bit of an update. First of all, i removed the center baffles, and now I have 3 compartments, last one for the return pump. I also had the Retrofitted "DIY" led light in the hood, and I started to cycle a week ago. Have been dosing 2ml of microbacter7 daily for the past week and plan on doing so for the next week as well. No filtration media whatsoever, only heater and return pump. The issue I'm a little nervous is that none of my LFS had ammonia/nitrite/nitrate tests, so I haven't been able to test at all. Hopefully they will have in stock this week so i can get, and also there's another quality shop and online fish store that opens next week, so I'm looking forward to that as well. The lights have a circuit for day and a circuit for night. Pics are, DIY light, day circuit and night circuit. Any questions, comments or criticism are most welcome! Cheers and thanks for the help!
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