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  1. Sorry I didn't respond sooner... Right now the white fuzz seems to be decreasing compared to what it used to look like. My pod populations have also exploded and i’m wondering if this has something to do with the decrease in fuzz. As of right now I do not have a thread of this of my own. I will make a thread and post it here in the near future. Right now I am extremely busy and barely have time to do anything for my tanks other than basic matenence.
  2. I was planning on a varied diet of hardshelled shrimp, squid, and going to see if it likes small grouper chunks... I will probably go with a blenmy or pygmy wrasse. We’ll see.
  3. they said I must change my order before 9am on 2/05
  4. they said due to the inconvenience of the fish I ordered going into back order i’m allowed to change my fish order if needed. Dang I really thought the Tanaka Wrasse are cool.
  5. They say they are refunding me the money for the fish and my order would close. I bought coral along with this fish to get free shipping. They already sent the coral so now if i just get the refund for money i’ll have to either pay shipping when I buy the puffer again or spend the amount of money with the puffer to qualify for free shipping. I just dont don’t know if I want a TSB... ya I definently wouldn’t have 4 fish in a 16 gallon.
  6. My pistol barely ever comes into eyesight except for a piece of food in his hole. He is also very feisty whenever my hand gets near him, i think he’ll be fine but he could possibly get eaten. I thought about a TSB but already have a yellow watchman. I have thought about a tanaka’s pygmy wrasse. what do y’all think?
  7. Before I had a maroon clown that was paired with my occelaris clown. They were extremely fun to watch and got along great. The goby mostly stays in his hole with his shrimp so doesn’t take up much room. I think there is plenty of space for another small fish.
  8. 12scanlon

    Which Fish?

    Recently I ordered a leopard toby puffer from live aquaria which supposedly went on back order. They are holding my order until 2/05 to see if they can fill it. Once it expires they will give me a refund. Anyway I am looking for a new fish to replace this order with so I don’t have to pay shipping again (went over the certain amount to get free shipping). I have a 16 gallon biocube with plenty of hiding space and rockwork. My current livestock is a pistol shrimp goby pair and a fancy clownfish which is not aggressive at all.
  9. I also have this in my 2 gallon tank which I do 100% water changes on every week. The rock i started with was dry so it can’t be leaching nutrients, and I only spot feed my pom pom crab a piece of mysis every 3-4 days. i’ve seen a couple people post about this in the past on various forums and no ones has been able to come up with a solid answer.
  10. that torch has crazy polyp extension... 🙄
  11. Thanks for the responses... forgot to update this. My pom pom crab is alive and well. There was no noticeable break in the molt that I could see so I was assuming the worst until saw him again. He seems a little bigger and his pom pom are quickly growing. I have been feeding him good😋.
  12. I hate vermetids... been trying to get rid of them since i started tarted my tank because they came in on the live rock. Right now my 30+ polyp zoa colony that started with 2 polyps is getting ready to bail because of these annoyances. In the next week or two my leopard toby puffer comes, and hopefully he will take care of them. It seems to me breaking them off with pliers helps them populate.
  13. This is the same for me with me and my torch. Its not quite as closed up as yours, but seems to be doing the least well out of all my corals. Everything else is growing like crazy except for my torch which is in lower lighting with indirect flow. Maybe I should move it into a little more lighting. IDK 😐 hopefully yours recovers.
  14. I just got home from my trip and saw my pom pom crab motionless... At first I thought OMG he’s dead, and on further inspection I can’t tell if it’s a molt or dead. I broke it open and found no meat, but it doesn’t seem the crab broke open it’s outer shell. It also doesn’t smell bad. Does anyone have a matter of fact way to tell if it’s a molt?
  15. My GSP started off vibrant green, they are now brownish. I also can’t seem to figure it out.
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