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  1. falcooo

    Falco's Reef: FTS Update

    Quick Update with a new FTS. I'm excited to see how the new birdsnest fills out the back corner. Between the birdsnests and monti caps, there's going to be a lot of regular fragging down the road. & one of the little homie...
  2. falcooo

    What would you do in my shoes

    Option 2. I have the same routine as you on my 10 gallon mixed reef, and all of my corals appear to be healthy. I use Reef Crystals however. Less room for error right now, you can always add the other options if need be down the road. But I'd say don't rock to boat too much if things are growing well.
  3. falcooo

    How to move RFA

    Direct a power head at it to annoy it. Also use a turkey baster and just keep blasting it until it lets go. That’s what I did, it took some time maybe 10 minutes of annoying it before i could move it. I then put it on its own little island rock to keep from happening again. good luck!
  4. Hopefully it grows well, and if it does you're welcome to some since you're local. Also, if you ever frag some of your corals keep me in mind! 👍
  5. falcooo

    Hanging rock from wall (floating rock)

    I purchased a magnetic frag rock for the back of my 10g from fragtasticreef.com and love it. But that was before NanoRox started making them. I’d go that route now. Word of caution though, be careful what you put on there in regard to shading corals below it in such a small tank. I have monti caps on mine and shading will become an issue sooner or later.
  6. falcooo

    Online Product

    BRS and Amazon are my two go-to sites for equipment and supplies. I usually just go with whichever site is cheaper even though the difference is usually minimal if at all.
  7. falcooo

    Hammer coral help.

    I have a euphyllia that was on the bottom center of my tank for about 6 months, I decided to move for aesthetic reasons and it got PISSED. It shrunk down and was losing polyps regularly. After a few weeks of that and thinking it might be a lost cause, I put it back to the bottom center and it was back to fully extended and healthy in a few days. I believe they take a little bit to readjust to the difference in light and flow of various locations. If it continues to suffer, maybe consider moving it back near it's original location if it was healthy there.
  8. Awesome. Thanks a lot for the answer!
  9. I purchased a Pom-Pom Crab earlier today, and the LFS threw in a small piece of macro that it was housed with. Anyone have an idea what type of macro this might be? And likely a silly question, but what should I do with it? I don't have a sump or fuge. Should I just toss it in the top chamber of my media basket so that it won't sink to the bottom and will still receive light, or if I placed it in the front of tank can I simply glue it down like a coral?
  10. falcooo

    Falco's Reef: FTS Update

    What's a Saturday without a trip to the LFS? Haha. I used the $60 Gift Card earlier today and got some new additions I'm pretty excited about.... Bag 1: Nerite Snail Bag 2: Jack-o-Lantern Lepto Bag 3: Skinny purple/blue-ish Birdsnest (it was a broken off piece below a giant colony they had, got it thrown in for $5) Bag 4: Pom-Pom Crab and a little piece of macro algae
  11. falcooo

    Should I frag this Monti Cap?

    Thanks! I went for it and it was super easy. Kinda sucks because the red one was in a perfect circle, but it had to be done...
  12. falcooo

    Should I frag this Monti Cap?

    Bump. Any thoughts? Today is tank maintenance day!
  13. falcooo

    Daniel's Fusion 10 -

    That Monti looks awesome. I'm sure it'll thrive in your tank, mine have been easy and fast growing. Where are you thinking about placing it in the tank?
  14. falcooo

    Should I frag this Monti Cap?

    I've got a magnetic rock ledge I currently have a red monti cap on top, and a green monti cap on the side. My ultimate goal is to add a purple cap onto the opposite side of the green and have all three growing together on the ledge. I realize because the tank is small I'll need to frag these regularly over time to prevent them from shading other corals. Do you think it is time to frag the red one, to allow more light onto the green for it to grow in?? I was thinking to use a razor blade and try to cut along the yellow line for a clean break. I've never fragged a monti cap before, so I appreciate any insight/advice.
  15. falcooo

    Falco's Reef: FTS Update

    A 3rd acan is a must for that right side to fill in with the others. Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. Anytime I can turn the hobby into an activity like that is great, ie. Reef-a-Palooza haha I'd like to fill in certain gaps of the rock work with something that isn't very aggressive to avoid any coral warfare, as well as something larger for the whole back right side where the leather is dying since I'll be moving that to try and nurse back to health.