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  1. Thanks. I do dose at the surface so my best bet is to put it in the highest flow area in my tank. Im at aprox 70% saturation since my evap is very low and my tank is only 5 gallons aprox 400mL per day. As for my calcium levels are usaly at 520 but i dont test this often and just test alk which i keep at 9.(api tho) I dont test mag and just do weekly water changes for that. Think its worth picking up a mag test kit?
  2. So im getting calcium build up at the water line and im not very sure why. I started dosing kalk heavaly as my alk usage went up a lot. so im thinking it is persipatating in the water but it is only building up at/just below the waterline. Im gessing the calcium lvls are very high -im using reef crystals- so it could be because of the high calcium lvls + kalk? I know its not coraline or salt creep.
  3. Reef Nutrition Tigger-Pods Live Copepods can be orderd from canada corals this is whats in the one from canada copeodos : Tisbe copepods, Acartia, Parvocalanus, Pseudodiaptomus & Tigriopus (Tiger) L and S Type Rotifers Moina Salina
  4. Canada Copepods is good since it has a mix of diffrent types of pods. I used it however, not to cure dio. Isnt the low nitrate/phosphate lvls due to the increase in dio. For my pico nitates are 0/less than 10(api) because algea consumes it so fast
  5. To me it was a lot of people but it was also the first coral show i went to so i have nothing to compare it too. The great thing was there was frags for all price ranges and even large colonies for sale.
  6. I like 2. if you want a difference in height for 2 take the rock in the front and split it in half so it is lower than the rest
  7. i realized i cant prove much with these test however i have been dosing 4-5 drops per day with no negative effects. i have also noticed a lot of worm-like tube structers growing in my hob that were not there before- I always had a lot if pineapple sponges in the filter pre-viniger dosing
  8. pic 1 some type of ultra acan 2 hammer 3 monti digi 4 gorgonian alk usage has also gone way up. I haven't measured it but im using about 75% saturation for kalk and i removed my splash guard to increase evaporation also plan on increasing my cuc for algae
  9. Update I sold my sexy srimp since they were picking on corals. Lots of my corals are much more happy now. I also went to the niagra coral show in canada and picked up a few new frags. Pics comming soon and mabey youtube vid too.
  10. Its quite wide spread that brine shimp should not be a staple food in a fish diet since it has no nutrition but where did this idea come from. I see no reason why brine shrimp is worse than mysis shrimp. I feed about 75/25 brine to omega one pelts since brine was what my lfs caried. Any good reason to swich? Is mysis realy that much better,how?
  11. Kalk in hamsterbottle ato ftw. use it on my 5 gallon pico
  12. no idea but if i was to guess 1 looks like a sponge
  13. last pic looks like rock flower nem second last one looks like sebae nem what size is your tank cuz carpet nem get huge
  14. So my pom pom crab molted which i would assume is a good thing And my algea scrubber is finaly starting to work
  15. 1 no need to get a canister filter 2 15-20% water change aint gona cut it with that bioload All i think you need is a nother method of nutrent export such as skimmer or algea scruber and yes you can use more cuc.
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