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  1. Greetings, I’m thinking of coming over to the salty side after almost a year of planted freshwater. I think a nano tank is the best place to start. I’ve been doing research for a good month or three now and wanted to get community feedback catered towards a medium-small reef tank. Current FW tanks: 40B community, 75g discus, 10g dwarf puffers, 5.5 molly fry tank Goals: Silence Medium cost (800-1200 all-in) Flame angelfish Minimal aesthetic Medium maintenance (few water changes) first few corals that aren’t too expensive (ha) Main influences: Sushi’s Cube ADA Nano reef Tank I impulse bought a tank because I think the dimensions will look nice for a lagoon-cube hybrid, and it fits in the corner of my office nicely. If it doesn’t work I can use it for FW. Deep Blue Professional Rimless 28g (20x20x16) (only $100 at LFS!). Other options that will get me low-iron/starphire glass, I don’t know how much it matters: Custom drill an IM25 or IM40 to work with a sump Order a SCA 40, 45, or 50 Ignore the cube aesthetic and go for Deep Blue Edge 57g rimless (through LFS) Go even bigger and use an aqueon 75g for a full-blown reef in the living room I have woodworking experience so I can build a stand to whatever dimensions I want. Stocking goals: -Fish- Saw a really nice flame angel at petco (10min away), I bet my LFS (45min away) can get a nicer one if suggested. Would make a good focal point. Haven’t put much thought into fish aside from that, gobies are cute, blennies sound suicidal, and peppermint shrimp ruin everything? -Corals- Zoas caught my eye, but still undecided One or two large branching SPS once established Ideally almost fully emulate the minimal Sushi tank I like so much. -Rocks- Get pre-seeded rock from LFS or do full cycle? (I’m impatient) Shallow sand bed (1-2”) Reef-weld epoxy to make a bridge? Sump: Custom sump or Eshopps CUBE Medium (18x18), inside of stand would be 18.5” wide and deep Eshopps eclipse S overflow with herbie, or modular marine 800gph with beananimal Return Pump: Sicce silent 1.0 or 1.5 (drilled with ½” LOC-LINE), varios-2 seems excessive Heater: 100 or 150W Neo-therm (65F-75F ambient) Set to 80? Nutrient export is where I’m really stuck, as it determines the sump design. Big fat chaeto ball (à la BRS ULM series) and nutrient dosing -Versus- Filter socks sound like a pain Skimmer seems effective but expensive GFO/Carbon reactor - easily fixes phosphate issues that plague newbies, starves SPS? Bi-weekly or monthly water changes (not fun, would need buckets) Misc Equipment Hanna Alk Checker, stable alk seems critical Undecided on additional test kits, worth it to get all Hanna? Wavemaker - Aqami KPS is apparently silent, but may be insufficient for SPS with this tank size? Jebaos are also good budget picks Lighting: Warmer-focused (60 blue 40 white) custom LED fixture with 32x3W LEDs, I’ll make a lighting thread during the arduous cycle. Is there anything I missed? The main things I'm trying to nail down are the sump design and nutrient export, along with fish stocking suggestions.