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  1. RocketClownfish

    Which Kessil for Biocube 32

    If you go the Kessil route, take a look at those nanobox lights. I have the Kessil a160we on a Nuvo 20 and it works fine. But the money I had to spend on the mount and controller, I’d rather buy the nanobox lights if I had known about them at the time of purchase.
  2. RocketClownfish

    Vertex Rox 0.8 Carbon- Any good?

    So I went to a local fish store and asked if they carried BRS products cause I was looking for the BRS rox carbon. They didn’t carry any but they said they had something very similar. They showed me a bag of Vertex Rox carbon. I went ahead and bought that without really knowing the brand. Now I’m looking at reviews and can’t really find any. There are some 5 star reviews but very little. Anyone have any experience with this carbon?
  3. RocketClownfish

    Filter Media in Nuvo

    I own a Nuvo 10 and recently stopped using purigen and now only use filter floss. I do 3-4 gallon water changes every week. Everything looks happy in my tank.
  4. Thanks for the info. Makes a lot of sense.
  5. Why is this different than the other regular grated systems like the IM10. Or is this not suited for a tank like that? I would think if your AIO set up is similar to the IM AIO you wouldn’t have surface build up. And even if you did why would this make any difference? Honesty don’t know and would like to know more.
  6. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Been using this supplement for my tank for maybe less than two weeks. It’s been working great! I’ve noticed great coral growth in that time. I also used to run purigen in my tank but for some reason would always have algae build up on my glass everyday. So I decided to take out the purigen and just use filter floss and rely heavily on water changes. So far I haven’t had any out break of algae and things have never looked better. So I might run the tank like this for a while and see if there are any downsides to not running any type of filtration except for filter floss. (Also could be better water circulation in tank since upgrading wave maker)
  7. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    New anemone and pictures of coral growth! I don’t know why the acan looks deflated today but it usually is pretty inflated and happy.
  8. RocketClownfish

    Rathje70's 40G IM Nuvo - UPDATED PICTURES

    I’d feed garlic soaked frozen food to help with his immune system. I’ve also used the API stress coat also to help with slime coat around the fish. Now in theory if the ich can’t attach itself to the fish (slime coat) it can’t feed. So if you can use the garlic soaked frozen food and the stress coat and go the fallow period without ich on your fish you could get rid of the ich without a QT tank. That’s worked for me but I caught the ich like right at one or 2 white specs and did this immediately. Hopefully this can probably help your tank.
  9. I’m at 75% intensity on my Kessil a160we. Have zoas, yumas and acans. They love it. It’s a 40w light so I’m giving 30w of power at my peak hold times if the math can be done like that to figure out how much wattage your using based of percentage of intensity.
  10. RocketClownfish

    IM Lagoon EXT 25gal

    I’m calling the cops. You just stole my dream tank. Awesome rock scape! I wish I could buy a shrink ray and then shrink that so it fits in my IM10. Lol.
  11. RocketClownfish

    50 Breeder From Texas Holiday update

    Nice tank man! What fish stores do you go shop at in Houston? I usually just got to Ocean Life Aquariums and FJW. Some others here and there but those are my main spots to throw money at coral and fish haha.
  12. RocketClownfish

    Reefer 170 Lighting Help

    XR30 with diffuser is what I’d by if those were my choices. Nano box is very close right after. If you buy the XR30 I think you need to buy the reef link controller to set up specific settings.
  13. RocketClownfish

    Lighting for Fusion 10

    I have a Kessil a160we on my mine that I like. So naturally I’d recommend the Kessil a80. I’ve also heard this light is good. Check it out. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0727V8C5Q/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_21XwBb01887F4
  14. RocketClownfish

    Using Distilled water in water change

    Distilled should be fine. I actually did a water change today with distilled water.
  15. RocketClownfish

    Rathje70's 40G IM Nuvo - UPDATED PICTURES

    Sorry to hear man. Hope you can fight the ich and over come it. Tank looks nice!