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  1. RocketClownfish

    Using Distilled water in water change

    Distilled should be fine. I actually did a water change today with distilled water.
  2. RocketClownfish

    Rathje70's 40G IM Nuvo - Mixed Reef

    Sorry to hear man. Hope you can fight the ich and over come it. Tank looks nice!
  3. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

  4. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Yes the last one is a acan. It’s a red center with a outside blueish rim. It’s a great coral I really want to watch grow out.
  5. RocketClownfish

    FS - Never used Sicce 2.0 - $65

  6. RocketClownfish

    FS - Never used Sicce 2.0 - $65

  7. RocketClownfish

    Getting back in the game with a 40b build

    Awesome tank set up. If you want your clownfish to host your real anemone I’d buy a small floatable container with holes in it. Put your anemone in and your clownfish and hopefully they’ll host. Atleast they’ll get used to it. Maybe that might help with the host?
  8. RocketClownfish

    Should I replace a current led with a prime HD

    I had the MP10 with the Nuvo 10 and had to sell the MP10 since I couldn’t get a good flow pattern in it. The bad thjng about the MP10 I hated was the non directional head. I’d look into the Current wave pump. Those are nice and cost like $120 I think. Plus you can by another same power head for like $80. My lfs has them in their 400 gallon sps display tank. It’s the really big Current wave maker pumps though they have. Just thought I’d pass that along since I know I had some trouble with it.
  9. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Any idea how fast yumas grow? I bought this and it had a baby yuma on it but have not seen much growth. It was one of my first corals for this tank. Had it for maybe 3 months now.
  10. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Been some time to have my new corals from a few weeks ago acclimate and get used to my tank. Any idea what those zoas are? The design name. It’d be much appreciated.
  11. RocketClownfish

    22g long lighting

    Kessil - you can’t find these “blue” lighting anywhere else. Plus if you like the shimmer effect you’ll love those only down side is you’ll have to buy a spectral controller to set up timing for lights. Prime - much more control, WiFi capable and looks nicer (actual light housing). I think either one would work best for your tank. I’ve also heard someone use these HO T5 fixtures with ATI bulbs. You could look at that too. https://www.amazon.com/SunBlaster-Output-Fluorescent-Strip-2-Feet/dp/B00AKKULI6/ref=asc_df_B00AKKULI6/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=193142362025&hvpos=1o3&hvnetw=g&hvrand=10204157051410632062&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9027816&hvtargid=pla-311792259791&psc=1&th=1
  12. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Thanks. Yeah the tail spot blenny is really awesome. It’s quickly becoming my favorite overall fish. Just has way to much personality. I was think more zoas, rfas, and rics/yumas. I want something I can put in the sand too. Maybe some wall hammer or idk. Too many decisions and I’m having the itch to try some sps out but kind of want to keep the tank to softies and lps. But tanks on this forum will make that real hard to not scratch that sps itch. 😅 I actually had the tank up and running for maybe 2-3 months as a bare bottom tank. I got super bored of looking at at like that and maybe a month ago put sand in the tank. It looks SO much better IMO. Some of those bare bottom tanks out there looked so nice and I just couldn’t replicate that. So the tank as a whole has been up and running for maybe 4 months.
  13. RocketClownfish

    Little Ocean - IM 10

    Been awhile since I’ve updated the tank. My clownfish went and jumped out of the tank. Don’t know how. He must been a circus clownfish cause I had the tank lid on. I can never keep clownfish alive. They always die on me from jumping or something else. I’ve had a watchman goby “disappear” only to find out he was in my chamber in the AIO for a week or 2 and still be alive. But clownfish. Idk what I’m doing wrong lol. Looking at what other corals to add to this tank.
  14. RocketClownfish

    Sexy Cube or Less Sexy DIY 40 Breeder?

    Why not the Nuvo 40 black series? It’s rimless but it’s not low iron glass. Although I have a nuvo 20 black I can’t really tell the difference that much from my nuvo 20 and I have. For $210 and free shipping you can’t really beat that. https://www.marinedepot.com/Innovative_Marine_NUVO_Black_Nano_Cube_Aquariums_Tanks_10_19_Gallons-Innovative_Marine-0I05505-FIAQNCNTTN-vi.html If if you go 40 breeder petco has a $1 per gallon tank sale up to 29 gallons and their 40 gallon goes from $100 to $50 I believe. Might want to look into that also.
  15. RocketClownfish

    FS - Never used Sicce 2.0 - $65

    Oh I didn’t even check amazon. Went to just BRS and saw much higher price than $80. Thanks. Price reduced.