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  1. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    I replaced the pipe I had for my light rail with a clothes hanger you get from a retail store. I didn’t really like the old setup I had because cleaning the glass on both sides was difficult with the pipes in the way.
  2. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    I think that’s the one I was looking at. I like the fact that it stays small and I feel like the space I have in my tank would be sufficient for him to swim around. I do want maybe 3- 4 fish in the tank depending of how the tank comes along. I will slowly add fish though to see how my tank can keep up with any biological load changes.
  3. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    I think it’s just GHA. It grew a little more and started to look like strands of grass. My turbo snail has been mowing it down like crazy since I’ve got him. He is definitely earning his keep in my tank.
  4. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    I got some new corals to add to my tank since it seems to be cycled now. I don’t know what kind of zoas they are but they were $10 a frag. I also got a turbo snail and nassarius snail to help with algae control. Diatoms seems to to be going away now. Just need to do another water change and will see about adding fish soon. I’m just trying to figure out what fish I want to get though. I want something with personality but I don’t want something to that will limit what corals and fish I can put in my tank. I really like the Pygmy angelfish. But I heard it can eat at some corals. You think it might be safe?
  5. LogicalReefs

    Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Club

    Use 1/2 inch tubing. Also if the spin streams are clicking you can take them apart and make sure the little rod is seated correctly. Be careful when you put the spin stream together so that the rod doesn’t fall out it’s groove again.
  6. LogicalReefs

    Waterbox Nano Cube 7

    This is a really cool looking tank. Keep the updates coming!
  7. LogicalReefs

    What's your bta experience?

    I haven’t had the best experiences with them but most of the time it was my fault (new tank). How about a goni? Those are nice and I had a clownfish host one before. They also can’t walk around your tank lol.
  8. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    Here’s a close up. Don’t really look like that. They seem like the hair comes directly from the rock or algae.
  9. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    Had to glue all these opening closed to force water to only come from the surface skimmer. Should help now a lot with my surface film on my tank.
  10. LogicalReefs

    LogicalReefs Nuvo 20 Black

    So I’m guessing this isn’t diatoms. Any idea what the brown stuff could be? If you look closely you can see it’s kinda hairy too in the second picture.
  11. LogicalReefs

    Please grade these Davinci Clowns

    Use this formula to figure out what grade they are.
  12. LogicalReefs

    Would adding more bacteria cause a cycle?

    That is pretty much how I want my tank to look lol. Very natural and everything works together to form a life cycle.
  13. LogicalReefs

    Would adding more bacteria cause a cycle?

    I will try the brightwell aquatics bacteria. I knew there HAD to be a way to get those nitrates down. I also plan on getting macralgae for my display tank also so that should help with that.
  14. LogicalReefs

    Would adding more bacteria cause a cycle?

    Tank has been reading 20ppm nitrate for a while now even after a water change. Ammonia reads 0 and so does nitrite. Added some ROX carbon to see if that would help and nothing really.