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  1. So I was searching and came across the joker ones and they pretty much look the same. Mine have purple mouth, purple face and green skirt. The design on the face is what throws me off. Purpleish towards the middle of the zoa and then break up to a light purple with a line split down the middle.
  2. But if I google a name usually the same zoa pops up and similar morphs. I’d like to know if I was selling them though.
  3. Any idea which zoanthid this is?
  4. Lol I’ll be alive though looking crazy in a hazmat suit haha
  5. Thanks. I just have the two zoa frags that seem to be ok for now. I won’t be getting anymore coral until later on down the road. I also inscreased my flow in my tank to help get detritus and everything out the way and out of my tank. Helpfully everything goes smoothly in this tank.
  6. I already have clean up crew and corals in the tank. I just moved them from the old tank over to this one. I guess I’ll just cycle like normal and see how it goes.
  7. That makes sense. Is Dr Tim’s good? Feeding the pellets should be enough to feed the bacteria right?
  8. Now I just washed the rocks off with the hose outside. Did want to add pure ammonia since I have inverts in the tank. I’d feel bad even if one snail died. Lol. I’m trying to keep everything alive until I find fish really like.
  9. I have a new tank I’ve set up with new sand and rock I’ve washed from a old cycled tank to get any algae off it before transferring over to to this tank so I don’t know if there is still any bacteria left on it. I literally took it out my old tank, washed it with the water hose outside and let it sit outside for maybe 10-15 minutes then it went directly into my new tank. I used a lot of old water from previous tank tank with about 2 gallons of freshly made salt water. I do not have anymore fish since my last one died and just wanted to start over new because I was not happy with my last tank. I have a emerald crab, 1 Mexican turbo, 1 nassarius snail and a somatella snail for clean up crew and some zoas. Can I just feed pe mysis pellet food to help up keep the biological filtration? I know I can’t dose ammonia because of the inverts in my tank. I want to be patient before adding another fish and keep this tank cycled (with inverts in tank). Or do I have to get something like biospira? Will adding more biospira create a ammonia spike?
  10. Selling my Innocative Marine TI ATO controller and pump. Great ATO but I don’t need it anymore. Works great. Innovative Marine TI ATO controller and pump - $100 shipped.
  11. Been dealing with this brownish algae for a while now. Tank has been up and running for almost 3 months. I’ve used distilled water and water from LFS to do water changes. Lately I’ve done two 2-3 gallon water changes in about 4 days which has seem to help. The algae when it was bad was even sort of stringy like Cyanobacteria. I do not over feed, I have one possum wrasse in the tank and I’m pretty diligent with changing out the filter pad every few days. My tank is a Nuvo 10.
  12. How’s the flow in the tank?
  13. Aptasia x works great though. Haven’t had any problems with it. Although I hate that it’s yet another chemical that is in my tank.