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  1. Thanks, cuc coming in February! I'm surprised how cheap cuc are from reef cleaners. Also the amount of snails the custom cleaner package recommended seemed a little much. But I don't know, really never dealt with a tank this size before
  2. Yeah, dark spots are everywhere now!
  3. So it's been a bit, but Im pretty sure I'm getting diatoms! I'm not entirely positive and it could be a discoloration though, what are your thoughts?
  4. Quick update, positive nitrate test, and everything seems to be on track for February stocking. Water is completely clear even strait on. I think coral wise, I'll start with a small gsp frag on the back to "test the water" no pun intended
  5. Alright! My light arrived today and it's all set up! Tweeking spectrum but overall it looks nice! Thanks for the helpful comments, heres a photo!
  6. Alright, shrimp has been out of the tanks since yesterday and the tank has almost immediately cleared up. Still a bit of turbidity if it's looked at length wise but that's about it. If all goes well, I'll start stocking in February
  7. Update, I attempted to make a custom media basket but failed on multiple fronts, I will try again later with acrylic. My water is cloudy even though it was clear earlier and my tank stinks. I'm guessing the water issues is due to the cycle, I'm taking the shrimp out tomorrow. Enjoy your new years celebration!
  8. Quick update, the water level was fixed. I moved around the rocks and leveled the desk then drained some water. The scape wasn't as cool as before but I'm okay with that. Also clown 79 what is the reasoning behind putting the heater in the media chamber? Here's a pic of the new scape;
  9. Thanks Clown 79, much appreciated, the water level is in order to fully submerge the aquascape, I'm curious about what you run in your media basket.
  10. Hello all! This is my Spec V, It will be a mixed reef in the future, and it is a very nice budget system. I added a shrimp for 3 days to start the cycle, (the shrimp is store bought and dead). Hardware Fluval Spec V Hydor 50w Heater Stock Filtration Stock Return Pump Hipargero Light Eventual Live Stock (Still Cycling) Thor/Sexy Shrimp Blood Red Cleaner Shrimp Eventual Corals (Still Cycling) Various Zoanthids and Palythoas Montipora Capricornis (Red) Green Star Polyp Cyphastrea Pics So Far! Water In System Water In System Clarified
  11. Hello, I am looking to purchase a Hipargero LED Light. Hit me up if you have anything, looking to get it for less then 60. Thank-You very much! Here is a link if you are not aware what the light is: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0727V8C5Q/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=A1MMQF53V4XMW6&psc=1
  12. The Duncan might be releasing/regulating zozantheli
  13. The most advanced way of trying to get these guys to reproduce is mimicking moon cycles to get the coral to spawn. This has been sucsessfully done and recorded though it takes quite a bit of coding timing and monitoring
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