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  1. CSreefer

    Duncan coral brown slime?

    The Duncan might be releasing/regulating zozantheli
  2. CSreefer

    I'm probably the luckiest person alive right now..

    Cool story! Nice tank
  3. CSreefer


    The most advanced way of trying to get these guys to reproduce is mimicking moon cycles to get the coral to spawn. This has been sucsessfully done and recorded though it takes quite a bit of coding timing and monitoring
  4. CSreefer

    What is happening to my Favia?

    Test your water nitrates phosphates etc then try another water change post your results
  5. CSreefer

    SPS frag ID

    Seems like a chalice, Do you have better photos?
  6. CSreefer

    Boston Bean Fish?

    Tofu is a great name
  7. CSreefer

    Boston Bean Fish?

    There also known as cowfish and tend to grow quite large. They live in brackish water but can be acclimated to saltwater. DO NOT KEEP IN A SMALL TANK they will die.
  8. CSreefer

    All Zoa’s Tank what’s the best salt to use ?

    Pro mix is a great option due to its dosing of trace elements, but you could also just dose trace elements after you test your water
  9. Hey everyone! So I've decided to compile a list of very helpful videos for beginners. This will also involve channels as a whole and should cover a variety of topics!! You are welcome to link this to beginners as well as contribute your own thoughts and videos! Also try not to use many abbreviations since this is for MEGA BEGINNERS Make sure to like their videos FLAMING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED Part 1 Complete Builds THE Bulk Reef Supply 160 (BRS 160)This is all of the BRS 160 and it covers much of the fundamentals involved with this hobby. The Marine Depot Drop-Off Build (75 gallon) Mass Aquariums Nano (10g) Part 2 Coral and Anemone Galor (REQUIREMENTS) Tidal Gardens Part 3 Aquascaping Saltwater Scoop Primo Reef Acrylics Thats All For Now! I'll update this later, make sure to comment if you have additions!!
  10. CSreefer


    GSP on main is pretty risky, i would say put it on its own island but if you really are up to the scraping go right ahead
  11. Innovative marine 10 fusion is a great one. lighting: kessil a80 get an auto top off visit @Igreen‘s ultimate guide to nano fish follow abunch of the im10 builds on this forum after you think you are well versed visit a local fish stor or LFS If you have more questions. I would suggest for filtration, hob skimmer and refugium. Keep me posted!
  12. CSreefer


    What are your lighting capabilities
  13. CSreefer

    Zoanthid Snail

    Good luck! I hope your zoas pull through!
  14. CSreefer

    Zoanthid Snail

    ITs called a sundial snail and it’s a hitchhiker more info in this link http://www.coralrx.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=18&Itemid=16 good luck!!?
  15. CSreefer

    🐠🦐Stocking a 9 Gallon Drop-Off Tank 🦐🐠

    Sounds good! Does anyone know anything. About aggression with firefish the threads are vague