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  1. Added in my dry rock today to the tank, but I left a few pounds of live rock that I’m taking out to cure the rock. With this method work to cure my dry rock? This is in a 10g
  2. sorry not live dry rock just dry rock. We want to replace our current live rock with dry rock we ordered but were wondering if that would mess up the cycling process.
  3. We ordered some rock online and have a temporary piece of live rock in the tank right now. Will it mess up the cycling process to take out the live rock currently in the tank and replace it with the live dry rock that we ordered,
  4. I have one on my cycling im 10g nuvo, works great. Not sure if it would fit then Fluval though
  5. If this helps at all I bought mj 606 pump for my Fluval v and it works great
  6. My acan frag has a little bump on its side? Is that a new head developing?
  7. I’m thinking the cycle started, tested the water ammonia and nitrate showed up. What’s next? Wait it out?
  8. Not sure about this frag, can someone help?
  9. Just added this Duncan. Hasn’t even been in there for an hour and is looking good. Any tips or advice?
  10. Everything’s looking better by the day
  11. Just upgraded to a new nuvofusion10. Got some 5lbs live rock and 10lbs live sand. Upgraded media basket with filter floss and chemi pure blue, using the colbalt 50w. Our light is the AI Prime Hd and a spin stream for better flow. Any comments, advices, or tips are welcome
  12. I feed each head brine once a day, think that’s enough? Also dose the tank with a very small amount of reef roids
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