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  1. VictoryBell

    Small rescape advice required.

    Aesthetically, your scape us very pleasing to the eye.
  2. VictoryBell

    Tailspot Blenny being a bit of a bully-fish

    The two clowns were the first fish added, then I added the blenny and then the cardinal (I added him last because I read that they can be semi aggressive)
  3. VictoryBell

    Tailspot Blenny being a bit of a bully-fish

    No, I haven’t notice any damage to the clowns. I think he considers all of the tank “his home” so that’s why he nips. He never bothers the cardinalfish though (I think they are friends).
  4. I have a 25 gallon tank that houses two clownfish, a banggaii cardinal and a tailspot blenny. In the last few months, the Blenny has been bullying the clownfish. He doesn't violently attack them but nips at them a lot. I've tried to add more hidey holes for him in case he didn't have enough spots to hang out. I thought the barnacle I bought him would do the trick but he just took over that along with the rest of the rocks. (I put the barnacle on the opposite end of the tank away from the clowns) The clownfish always hang out on the back wall and don't really bother anything, but this Blenny insists on nipping at them. As far as I have observed, "Blenson", the blenny is the only one that shows any signs of nippiness. The clowns mind their own business and the cardinalfish is super chill. I've noticed that since this has started, the clowns haven't really been coming away from their corner even when I have food. (They used to go nuts when they saw their food.) Does anyone have any advice? I don't want him stressing out the clowns but I also like the little guy and don't want to have to give him up.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for the information. (Glad I didn't just run out and buy another light before asking.)
  6. VictoryBell

    Can you have a favorite snail?

    I have a favorite snail, my turbo snail we call "the cow" because he's always munching on algae. I find snails fascinating. (it's why I started a planted freshwater so I could raise ramshorn and mystery snails) Your snails shell is pretty!
  7. I was recently able to get my hands on some gorgeous red dragons breath and decided to put it in my display tank. My understanding is that since they are plants, they need a different spectrum than corals. I am using the current usa orbit marine ic to light my tank (with corals) at the moment. Would the members who are more experienced on macro algae suggest I get freshwater plant light to run for the macro algae or would it be ok to leave it under the current light?
  8. VictoryBell

    10 gallon fishes that don't jump

    I agree with everyone else, there doesn't seem to be an inhabitant that can't get out. I lost a clownfish due to jumping. I've seen both my clowns and banggai cardinal have close calls when I have the mesh lid off to do maintenance.
  9. He’s cute and has quite a personality. However, he’s territorial. He sometimes nips at the clownfish if they get too close to his little hole that he lives in. Never anything violent, he just warns them off. He’s never bothered coral or anything either.
  10. I didn't realize I forgot update on the two newest editions! (I got busy with work and I guess I forgot.) I've had these two guys for about a month now. I added a conch! He's the weirdest looking little guy. Added a Banggai Cardinal as my final fish. Despite Cardinals being known for just "sitting there", he's got a lot of personality. He's just not as boisterous as the clownfish.
  11. VictoryBell

    Tank turns 6 months today!

  12. My tank is over 5 months old woot! I started a new job recently . Because I'm not home much during the day now, I'm not messing around in the tank too much and this seems to be a good thing. My cyano seems to be pretty much gone and I noticed growth on some of my corals! I did have to take my Tuxedo Urchin back to the LFS though. My theory is there wasn't enough algae in the tank for him and he started eating the corals due to hunger. I didn't want to see the poor thing slowly starve. I've also taken to trying to capture my animals personalities in my spare time when I paint. (I paint all day for a living and I'm trying to find interesting subjects to paint in my spare time for more practice.) Here's a nervous Banggai Cardinal. ? annnnnd..... Full tank shot for July 2018. (The glass is a bit messy, I haven't had a chance to clean it this week. ><) ( I know, I have a lot of seashells. I added them for the Halloween Hermit Crab. I know which ones are his favorites now, so I'll be taking some out hehe.
  13. VictoryBell

    top or no top

    I went without a top on my tank for a few weeks when I first set it up. I woke up one morning to a dead clownfish on my floor. ? After that, I made a mesh lid. It's not as pretty but I realized these fishies are really loveable and decided not to chance it.
  14. My tuxedo urchin at my clove polyp frag >< He doesn't bother any of the other corals though, so I'm keeping him.
  15. Hey all, I'm hoping that you can help me solve a problem that has been driving me nuts since I hooked up my ATO. I bought the Tunze Nano ATO for my IM 25 lagoon. I hooked it up and everything seemed to be working fine for a few weeks. The top off level was perfect. About 3 weeks after I set up the ATO, I noticed that it started to overfill the back chamber slightly above the level I set. This has been happening on and off since. It's not a large amount but it's been bugging me. The setup: I have a 5 gallon jug of RODI water next to the tank on the floor with the pump in it. The water from the pump flows into the back middle chamber (since it's the only chamber where the water level changes on the IM Lagoon) I did read a thread about people thinking the IM media basket is interfering with the flow of the tank as the filter floss gets clogged. I removed the floss from the media basket (the only thing left in it is a bag of chemi pure) However, the same issue happened again after removing the floss. Does anyone have any experience with this or some advice on what might be going wrong?