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  1. What to add first after cycling?

    It’s always interesting when people use different or non traditional ways of doing things.I would be interested in seeing a picture of your tank ,no doubt it would be inspiring to see what could be achieved! Thanks
  2. What to add first after cycling?

    Thanks benstatic This is actually a very clever approach to introduce cuc as you need them. Can you explain the macro algae and it’s purpose. Cheers
  3. What to add first after cycling?

    Clown 79 I’m liking the scarlets and ceriths so I will do my research,thanks. Fury reef do you feed them or just let them graze on algae ?
  4. What to add first after cycling?

    Ok that’s great thank you, so now I need you guys to be more specific like which snails do a better job than others or a list of the best cuc crew,best scavengers,algae eaters etc. and compatibility. Cheers
  5. What to add first after cycling?

    I took the other one off for access ! 60 litres = 16 gallons
  6. My 60L tank is nearing the end of it’s cycle and I would like some advice on the sequence at which I introduce the livestock including the coral, also, if you could choose 3 fish what would they be?