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  1. GSReef


    Thanks banasophia I’m glad you like it
  2. GSReef


    Thanks Christopher,the tank is entering it’s 9th month and demanding all my attention!
  3. GSReef

    14g nano almost 10 months old

    Don’t touch a thing yet! This is one beautiful tank.Well done ✅
  4. GSReef


    Love the mood of this tank!
  5. GSReef

    Towards Dusk...

    Now that’s a masterpiece well done 😀
  6. GSReef


    🙂Thanks Krish87 Lots of work to keep it looking that way constantly,but it’s rewarding Cheers
  7. GSReef

    What to add first after cycling?

    Finally after 5 months of setting up I have a fully running reef tank and I’m enjoying everything about it except for my yellow clown goby who decided to go missing after 2 days .I’ve looked in every crevice and he hasn’t been seen for over a week.Should I disrupt the tank to look or just let it be ???
  8. GSReef

    Thoughts on a gorgonian tank

    Hi I have one purple gorgonian in my tank and have come to realise that without decent flow he becomes all skin and bone and doesn’t extend his polyps.I would recommend good direct flow . Good luck
  9. GSReef

    What to add first after cycling?

    Hi Zeal0201 Chromis are a beautiful fish just be careful because as they get older they may tend to compete for dominance and can turn on each other.
  10. GSReef

    Suggestions on next coral

    I know it sounds boring but leave it bare as you need to have some room to grow, this space will fill out in no time .Too many tanks are packed in and choked and this creates issues later.Give the fish some space and maybe buy something else that your tank needs.Your tank looks great as it is. Cheers
  11. GSReef

    What to add first after cycling?

    https://reefbuilders.com/2017/02/22/the-most-expensive-yasha-gobies-in-the-world/ Check out the price of Yasha Gobies in Australia according to Reef Builders I’ll have to shop around !
  12. GSReef

    What to add first after cycling?

    Thanks ALB good read.
  13. GSReef

    What to add first after cycling?

    Tamberav This is actually a good choice all 3 would look great in my set up ,they would add some colour and movement. I hope they’re readily available?