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  1. Got this snail from my liverocks. Tank as been running for approximately 1.5 year (liverocks are from an older system). It does look like my Nassarius but it's also quite different. It's body is completely black with small white dots. It's shell pattern is also different. Plus, my Nassarius snails always come out when I feed the tank frozen food, but not this one. Ohh, and it's foot is much much smaller! As all my new fishes addition (all very small gobies sleeping in liverocks) have mysteriously desapeared, so everything I can't clearly identify is a suspect. (Last time I saw my super cute and tiny yellow clown goby, he was perching less than an inch away from where I found the snail...)
  2. I don't have a pistol shrimp at the moment, Randall's pistol are hard to find... I was planning on getting one later. Nothing in the back chambers. Moon lights is on all the time now, but I'll turn the light completely off and look at the tank with a red flashlight during the night... I think my amonia test is too old... I'll bring water to my lfs to check the values.
  3. I have a mesh lid sitting on the top on my tank. It's not perfect ad there is a small gap under it because of power cables of my 2 circulation pump. Haven't any fish outside the aquarium... But I do have a dog.
  4. About 2 months ago, I got a beautiful pair of highfin gobies. One went through the live rocks and desapeared that same night. The second was staying in a crevasse, somewhere I could see him. He stayed there for a week, until the moon light got dark, and desapeared. I waited for over a month before introducing that so cute little yellow clown goby. That sweet little fish was swimming everywhere around the tank first and second day and then desapeared during the night!!!! Bigger fishes are doing good, as usual. Inverts, shrimp, anemone, porcelain crab, corals, snails, are fine too (expect 2 nassarius snails that I found empty). Help me find out what's happening in my tank, please 😞
  5. @Rob22 I find brittle/serpent stars creepy 😅 haha. But the red serpent are still nice and I could consider that as an option. Would that star prey on small cave fishes like blenny, shrimp goby and jawfish?
  6. I'm already thinking of what I could get once I upgrade my tank.... and was looking at clams and starfish. Of course, in an ideal world, I would get both, but I know we dont live in a perfect world... That said, I'm thinking about a Nardoa starfish OR a crocea clam. I do know Nardoa eats clams, that's why I need to pick only one. What is your favorite addition between starfish and clam and why? Thanks 😄
  7. Thanks everybody, My lid is sitting on top of the tank... So there is a gap under it. But I haven't found any dried fish anywhere in my apartment either. I feed the clowns as usual, of course but pellet don't sink pretty well. I feed frozen mysis once or twice a week though and have plenty of live mysis and pods too. I hope it's enough for them to survive if they are still alive. I'm planning on getting a Randoll Shrimp, hoping it will make them show up. I'm still looking for one in stores. Let's continue to hope they are fine!
  8. Hello! Few weeks ago I added two small highfin gobies in my tank. Both went directly into to rockwork. After that, I only saw one of them popping it's head in between rocks for a week... And then, no more sign of life. I can't take the rocks out to find them. Do I have to consider them lost and dead or just living somewhere I can't ever see them both? It's a Fluval Evo with plenty of live rocks...
  9. Hmmm… yeah, this is more like a Microsoft Paint kind of brick. I'll probably make a media rack to hold floss, carbon and phosphate absorber and make replacement easier.
  10. What about this? Specore, I like the last one you posted, I'll see if I can fit everything in like this! 🙂
  11. Ok, I see what you mean! I didn't really think of it mainly because my water level is constant with the ATO. I could maybe put filtration media right under the skimmer and the heather next to it and have only 2 chamber that way!
  12. Thanks 🙂 But why only one wall? The first idea was to put the Tunze 9004 skimmer in the first chamber, heather in second, filtration media in 3rd, return pump and ATO in 4th. In the Evo, water comes from the bottom too..
  13. Hello reefers! I'm looking into upgrading my one year old Evo13.5 to a 40 gallons tank, even thought I said I would never need to go bigger.... Oh well. I would like to know what you think, and get some advices, concerning this project! My current plan is: - Seapora Crystal tank (30x18x18) - Eheim CompactON 3000 - Tunze 9004 - 2 AI Prime HD (And power heads and heater, of course) This is de current design I made for the back chamber:
  14. About 1 year. It was started with live rocks from an old system.
  15. For now, I have one AI Prime HD over an Evo13.5. I know adding a sebae anemone into it would probably be looking for trouble... Do you think it could work, when they are still small? haha I'm planning on upgrading to a 40-50 gallons in the future, but I don't know how far this future is because of some budget limitation. (Looked at what I would need to do it and I got a 1200$ minimum bill) I also know they won't host clowns. But hosting anemones get way to big.... that's why I'm looking into getting a H. crispa. They look nice and different from my Aurora! (Bubble tip looks beautiful too, but I'm pretty sure it would be a terrible idea to add one in my tank.. )
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