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  1. My 14 gallon Biocube had a leak. Luckily, I discovered a 16 gallon Biocube on Craig's List. I moved the content of my 14 gallon to the 16 gallon. Then, I purchased a 16 gallon inTank media basket, running my Kessil 12 hours a day at 8:00 am (0/10), 10:00 am (10/25), 12:00 pm (30/45) 2:00 pm (55/45), 4:00 pm (30/30) and 8:00 pm (0/0) at 85%. ALL IS WELL! (I plan to add a Duncan next.). HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  2. Sweet! You are my inspiration!
  3. I removed my hood three weeks ago, replacing lighting with the Kessil 160. My corals are booming! I have a 14 gallon Biocube.
  4. Thanks for the info. I wish you would have responded sooner. However, I am happy with the Kessil.
  5. I love my new lighting. After replacing my stock light with the Kessil 160 and custom bracket, I added a torch, blast, favia, acan, and a candy cane corals.
  6. Wow! You have a piece of the ocean within your walls!
  7. I want to thank Luckie1966 and Banasophie for their inspiration and motivation on my last post. My next project will be a custom ATO!
  8. I removed my Biocube’s hood, replacing stock lighting with the Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue, setting the acclimation: 14 days; starting intensity 20% (cf. above for schedule). My Biocube contains Kenya Trees, Zoanthids, Hammer, Favia, Blastomussa, Acan, and Candy Cane.
  9. On the 24th of November, I removed the Biocube’s hood, replacing stock lighting with a Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue. I set the acclimation: 14 days; starting intensity 20%. Here's the design for the Kessil's bracket:
  10. Luckie1966, what ATO do you recommend? Banasophia, I look at you Cube! WoW!!!!!
  11. Today, I removed the stock lid, replacing lighting with a Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue! I also purchased Kessil Spectral Controller.
  12. I started my 14 gallon Coralife BioCUBE on 26 Feb 18. I have two types of Frogspawn, a Kenya Tree with several frags, a Devil's Hand, and a colony of Zoanthids. I am thinking about adding one SPS. Has anyone removed their hood and replaced their lighting?