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  1. Quick question for those keeping reefs sans fish, have you found pod populations left unchecked can harass your corals?
  2. How's it looking today?
  3. Thank you sir, will be following yours as well!
  4. I'm using the ABI 12w on a 5g and it's crazy strong. Posted PAR values here: And you can see my tank thread here to see if you like the look:
  5. In that pic, looks like your zoas and GSP are also closed up. Did the lights just turn on?
  6. I just fought (and think I won) a battle agains zoa eating nudis with flatworm exit. Three treatments over the corse of 4 weeks. According to what I read elsewhere, you're supposed to use 4-5x the dose needed for flatworms, which I did (20 drops in a 5 gallon tank). At first I thought it was just annoying the nudis as I saw them coming out of the zoas and hanging out, but then when I tried to pick them off with a tweezer I noticed they were disintegrating. I also saw spots of the bright zooxanthella around the tank. It seemed to mildly annoy the corals and other critters, but no obvious fatalities except for some non-bristle worms which were twitching and floating in the water column.
  7. Visited a local reefer last night, he was giving away free sour apple birds nest frags! Also picked up a chalice (cat's eyes?), and three zoas for a $35 haul. Will post a pic of my tank once the corals have settled in and opened up, but just wanted to share some picsI took of the seller's tanks. He's in Chinatown NYC, if anyone wants to swing by, he's got lost of awesome stuff for sale and amazing prices:
  8. Me too! There's something fun about seeing all the guts. Great job on the plumbing and keeping the wires well hidden.
  9. Love the open stand! Do you run a split lighting cycle? If so, is the light spill at night an issue?
  10. Your chalice count is topping four, perhaps they're having a turf war?