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  1. Sailingeric

    That feeling when...

    Some times it happens. I am going through that with a toadstool coral I got a month ago. It appears to be dying even though everything else in my tank is growing and healthy, even the more picky corals I have. Edit: I missed the part where it molted.... I had that with my shrimp the first time. ?
  2. Sailingeric

    Is my toadstool toast?

    Part of it has now disintegrated but the rest of it is still firm. Not sure if I should give it more time or not.
  3. I would check to see where your fish are native to and what the water temp is there. The YWG is native the Maldives and the water temp there is about 82-86 degrees. I think you are fine.
  4. Sailingeric

    Aquarium top off

    I have the Tunze 3155 for my 75 gallon tank. It has worked like a charm! A bigger tank you can get away with some evaporation and not really affect your salinity and you could just mark a line and fill it back every day but on a smaller tank I would be wary of having too much of a salinity swing.
  5. Sailingeric

    World’s Most Beautiful Saltwater Fish!

    It is ok but I think any one of these would beat it https://www.liveaquaria.com/category/25/butterflyfish?c=15+25&r=
  6. Sailingeric

    need something NEW

    Yellow clown goby. No my video but I have about the same experince
  7. Sailingeric

    Is my toadstool toast?

    That is what I am thinking. It is being a bee-och! I will wait it out. I got plenty of time ?
  8. Sailingeric

    Is my toadstool toast?

    Yeah it is another toadstool but I can move it and see if it perks up.
  9. Sailingeric

    Is my toadstool toast?

    I got this toadstool last Sunday, first day it was fine and ever since it has been doing this. All my other corals are doing fine and my water is good. Is it just adjusting to the new home?
  10. Sailingeric

    Valentini saddle puffer not eating

    Nevermind. He is back to his piggy self
  11. I have a valentini saddle puffer for about 5 months now. Great fish and very active but the last couple of days he has stopped eating. Still active but seems to have no interest in food even when I wave clam slices right in front of his face. I notices Saturday he looked a bit fatter than normal but the last couple of days back to normal shape, I did not see him puff but that might have been post puff bloat (?). Do they stop eating for a few days after they puff up?? Also I have noticed no aggression from the other fish in the tank so I think I can rule out he stressed and my water numbers are all good and all the other fish in my 75 gallon tank are active and eating so I can rule water problems. Any advice would be good but I am hoping I am stressing over nothing.
  12. Sailingeric

    Refugium Lighting: Feit Electric Grow Bulb

    I have a Phillips grow bulb and my chaeto has gone from about the size of a golf ball to now taking up about half of my 20 gallon long tank sump.
  13. Sailingeric

    What is this?

    Yep, front one is a mushroom. I started with 5 and now I have 7. ?
  14. Sailingeric

    Animals are fun :-)

    I have 3 crabs in my tank and sometimes I go days without seeing them and all of a sudden there they are. I have one who will hold his shell up, it looks like he is trying to do the Say Anything radio of his head thing.
  15. Sailingeric

    Quick question

    I have seen my shrimps molts floating around. I let it go and break down. Puts calcium back into the system.