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  1. Sailingeric

    Can you help read this test

    My ammonia testing looks like that too. You should be good.
  2. Sailingeric

    Tank background

    Did you mean ADD?? 😋
  3. Sailingeric

    Tank background

    I do have a rimmed tank but I use postboard. Cheap, easy, and can be removed or replaced of you want to change colors.
  4. Sailingeric

    Stock list in 15g cube

    I have a yellow and green clown goby. Great fish.. The yellow clown goby is active and always perched up somewhere looking around. The green goby likes to high with his head sticking out and will dart out and back when it is feeding time.
  5. Sailingeric

    FEIT LED Grow Light (from Costco)

    I have a Phillips screw in LED grow light I have for my chaeto and it is growing like crazy. You should do fine, might have to adjust the time on and off if you are not leaving on 24/7.
  6. Sailingeric

    Hunger strike help!

    Maybe your fish has been listening to Temple of the Dog too much.
  7. Sailingeric

    Worst cyano I've ever experenced, or is it?

    I have been battling it. I have done two rounds of Red Slime Remover and not lights and still have a little bit but I think it is on the down slide (I hope). My LFS checked my water and my alk was a little low so I have raised it up to 10 and will try to bump it up another point and the seems to have helped too.
  8. Sailingeric

    Hunger strike help!

    What kind of clown goby? I have a yellow and a green one. The yellow one is out and about a lot he gets in the mix when it is feeding time and my green one likes to hides so I blow food in his general direction and he darts out quickly and back into his stop. Try brine shimp. Mine have gotten where they will eat both brine and flakes.
  9. Sailingeric

    First Reef - 30 Gallon Long

  10. Sailingeric

    It all starts with a full shopping cart

    Not sure how far you are from Orlando area but here a few tanks to not break the budget so you can spend the money on more fun stuff to go in the tank. https://orlando.craigslist.org/for/d/29-gallon-aquarium-full-setup/6577298294.html https://orlando.craigslist.org/for/d/90-gallon-drilled-aquarium/6572509638.html https://orlando.craigslist.org/for/d/aquarium/6579139997.html https://orlando.craigslist.org/for/d/40-gallon-breeder-aquarium/6578075429.html This one is a good buy, wish it was closer to me. https://orlando.craigslist.org/for/d/aquarium-75-gal-pre-drilled/6576927488.html Some of them are not rimless but the little bit of rim on my tank is not a bother and people are more focused on the fish and coral than the tank it self.
  11. Sailingeric

    It all starts with a full shopping cart

    I did not see that it was an all in one. 👍
  12. Sailingeric

    It all starts with a full shopping cart

    If you are doing a cabinet why not do a sump below to avoid the hanging on back refugium. I have chaeto in my sump and it is growing like crazy using an LED grow light from Home Depot that cost less than $15. No need to go fancy there.
  13. Sailingeric

    It all starts with a full shopping cart

    Here is a local one in the Northwest. I have gotten all my coral, about half of my fish, and tank from it. http://www.pnwmas.org/ Hopefully there is something similar in south Florida
  14. Sailingeric

    It all starts with a full shopping cart

    $700 for tank and stand, I would search Craigslist or local fish forums for someone selling a tank. I got a 75 gallon tank and stand with a bunch of equipment for $150. The full bucket of Red Sea pro I got with my tank is over $70 retail alone. Hell, I have seen people on my local SW forum give away tanks as they are making room for something bigger or breaking down due to a move or getting out of the hobby.
  15. Sailingeric

    1st Saltwater, 1st Nano

    I cycled a 29 SW tank with a piece of shrimp. Put it in the tank and as it decomposes and as it rots ammonia is produced, then the bacteria turns it into nitrite and and nitrates. You want enough bacteria to be able to process the fish waste quickly so ammonia and nitrites don't build up. Starting with live sand and the purple rock is a good start. Once you add the food, such a piece of shrimp, start testing in a couple days until you get zero again. A smaller tank like yours should not take that long, a week or two. Also you may want to get salt so you can make your own salt water mix, it will be cheaper in the long run.